Koi to Uso Season 2: Will It Come Back Soon?

Koi to Uso Season 2 will be one of the most awaited anime to come to our screen. Koi to Uso or also known as Love and Lies gave us a major cliffhanger in the first season and fans are eager to get the conclusion. Fans are hoping the second season will give them relief after not getting closure of a story.

Koi to Uso is one of the Japanese dramatic love story anime series. This anime is actually an anime adaptation of the romance manga of the same name that was produced in 2014 written by Musawo Tsumugi and is still ongoing now. Later in July 2017, Liden Films decided to make Koi to Uso into an anime series directed by Seiki Takuno. In September 2017, the series ended with 12 episodes. With the short and fast pace, fans are now wondering if there is any chance for Koi to Uso Season 2.

Koi to Uso Season 1: Plotline

Koi to Uso Season 2

Back in the day, parents independently determined the fate of children, finding work for them and even arranging their personal lives. The opinion of the children sometimes did not interest anyone, because adults know better what unreasonable children want. Parents of the future bride and groom themselves found the right party, talked about the wedding, and took an active part in the ceremony. Surprisingly, the divorce proceedings in those days were surprisingly few.

So, following that mindset, the Japanese government decided to fully take control of the creation of married couples and pass a new law to increase the birth rate. Children who have turned 16 years old are assigned by the government to a partner based on a compatibility calculation, in order to increase the country's birth rate. Those who do not marry their assigned partner suffer severe penalties. Our protagonist, Yukari Nejima dreams about love and has a longtime crush. 

He finally confesses his love to schoolmate and long-time crush Misaki Takasaki and discovers she has liked him back. However, when he turns 16, he is assigned another girl, Ririna Sanada. Ririna is not that thrilled about being assigned and is very willing to let Yukari freely relate with Misaki so she can learn what being in love is really like. The story follows the adventures of the teens as they try to relate to one another while keeping up appearances with the government.

Koi to Uso Season 2: Renewal Status

Koi to Uso Season 2

Liden Films is a studio that produced Koi to Uso. With the positive response and a great rating, we are hoping there are Koi to Uso Season 2. However, most of the fans criticized the major cliffhanger ending at the end of season 1. But despite all of that, the story can bring a true teenager romance fantasy into an anime story. But sadly we still can’t confirm yet if there is a sequel for Koi to Uso.

Koi to Uso is one of the fast-paced series compared to the manga. Even though the manga already published 10 volumes, the first season alone, the anime already contains 5 volumes. With the fact Koi to Uso only has 12 episodes and OVA, the storyline itself actually skipped some semi-important acne from the manga. It’s now up to Liden Films whether they will make the next series soon or it will be canceled. 

Koi to Uso Season 2: Release Date

Koi to Uso Season 2

Fans have been waiting for 5 years for Koi to Uso Season 2 to come to the screen and Liden Films has not made any official announcement yet. Before, we know the studio does not have enough source material to make Koi to Uso Season 2, but now they already have it on their hands. With the high demand from fans for the conclusion of the anime, we hope the studio will release Koi to Uso Season 2.