10 Thrilling Korean Drama Series You Don’t Want To Miss

After Netflix's incredible success with the release of the Korean drama Squid Game in 2021, Americans are seeking out more Korean TV than ever before. From Dr. Brain (2021-) to Defendant (2017), these K-dramas will keep you on the edge of your seat.

1. Extraordinary Attorney Woo (2022-)

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Park Eun-bin
Image Credit: ENA.
When a young prodigious autistic lawyer graduates from the best law school in Korea, she gets a job at an elite law firm. But challenges arise when her coworkers don't understand her creative thinking and direct communication style.

2. Sweet Home (2020-)

Sweet Home Park Gyuyoung
Image Credit: Netflix.
After a reclusive high school student's entire family dies in a tragic car accident, he moves into his own apartment just as a strange outbreak starts turning humans into violent monsters. Can the student survive and save the rest of humanity?

3. All of Us Are Dead (2022-)

All of Us Are Dead Park Ji-hu, Kim Ju-a
Image Credit: Netflix.
This high-school zombie drama follows the outbreak of a zombie apocalypse that begins inside a science classroom in a Korean high school. The remaining students must keep the zombies at bay as they barricade themselves inside a classroom.

4. Squid Game (2021-)

Squid Game Lee Jung-jae, Oh Yeong-su, Park Hae-soo
Image Credit: Netflix.
When a man with a severe gambling problem learns that his ex-wife and daughter are moving to the U.S., he enters a mysterious underground game of life or death to win a massive cash prize to pay his debts and gain custody of his child. But as the games unfold, the participants realize they will only end with one man left standing.

5. Hellbound (2021-)

Hellbound Yoo Ah-in
Image Credit: Netflix.
A growing religious cult takes advantage of a new phenomenon in this thrilling sci-fi drama. People worldwide inexplicably begin to receive condemnations from a mysterious spirit who bounds them for hell, giving them the date and time of their death. When the time comes, terrible demon monsters emerge from thin air and beat their victims to death.

6. Healer (2014-2015)

Healer Ji Chang-Wook
Image Credit: KBS2.
A delivery courier with a secret criminal enterprise attends to the needs of his wealthy clients with the help of a talented hacker. But his world turns upside down when he takes a job to protect a journalist from a potential assassination.

7. Dr. Brain (2021-)

Dr. Brain
Image Credit: Apple TV+.
Dr. Brain follows an intelligent neurologist whose family suddenly and mysteriously dies. To crack the case, the neurologist uses his skills to search the memories of the dead to find potential clues to uncover the truth behind what happened to his beloved family.

8. The Veil (2021)

The Veil
Image Credit: MBC TV.
This spy thriller follows the National Intelligence Service's (NIS) most talented agent as he embarks on a mission to uncover the corruption hiding within the organization. His journey begins when he returns to the NIS after a year to find betrayal waiting around every corner.

9. Tunnel (2017)

Tunnel Bae Doona
Image Credit: OCN.
In pursuit of a terrifying serial killer, one detective chases the killer through a dark tunnel and finds himself trapped 30 years in the future, in the year 2017. He soon discovers that the serial killer is active in this timeline, causing him to work with detectives from the future to track him down.

10. Defendant (2017)

Defendant Ji Sung
Image Credit: SBS TV.
Defendant is about a prosecutor known for winning every case who wakes up on death row with no memory of how he got there. As he tries to convince the authorities of his innocence, he must first investigate what happened to clear his name.
What other K-dramas keep you captivated?
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