10 Lady Gaga Quotes That Remind Us We Were All Born Superstars

Lady Gaga’s known for her outsider personality, constant reinvention, and strong connection to her fans, known as “Little Monsters.” She’s a fashion icon. She’s a strong advocate for mental health and LGBTQ rights, becoming the first openly queer artist to sing the National Anthem at a Presidental Inauguration. Her awards are too many to mention: MTV Video Music Awards, Grammys, and more. It’s no secret she’s one of the best-selling musical artists of all time.

And more than that: she’s an inspiration. Maybe that’s why we all love Lady Gaga so much. She brings out our best. She pushes us to be more. Perhaps more than anyone since David Bowie, her songs ask us to reach beyond ourselves to achieve our dreams and reach for our true goals.

\\”You Have To Be Unique, and Different, and Shine in Your Own Way.\\”

We are all unique snowflakes, with unique dreams and unique talents. We need to act like it. No one in current pop culture’s done that more effectively than Lady Gaga. She’s reinvented herself again and again, refusing to conform to popular standards of what the world expects from musicians. By being her authentic self, she’s become one of the most successful artists ever.

We can follow her example and let our own lights shine. Only when we do so can we become the people we were meant to be.

\\”Sometimes in Life You Don't Always Feel Like a Winner, but That Doesn't Mean You're Not a Winner, You Want To Be Like Yourself.\\”

We might not always be on top. But the world doesn’t have to love us. We have to stay true to our authentic selves. Everyone might not love us. But they’re not important. We’re important. Our own self-love comes before everything, especially love from other people.

What creates a winner? Self-love, not popularity. Only when we accept ourselves as who we are can we evolve as people.

\\”at the End of the Day, You Won't Be Happy Until You Love Yourself.\\”

Lady Gaga’s big on self-love. You can’t find your own destiny in life until you accept who you are and embrace your whole self. Do you want to be happy? Don’t chase someone else’s dream. Chase your own. Figure out who you are and what you want from life.

Don’t be afraid of your dark places. Embrace them. Accept them as part of what makes you yourself. If you want true happiness, you have to look within, search your soul, find enough courage to love who you are and let your light shine.

\\”It Doesn't Matter Who You Are, or Where You Come From, or How Much Money You've Got in Your Pocket. You Have Your Own Destiny and Your Own Life Ahead of You.\\”

You are in control of your own life, no matter where you come from or what you’ve been through. You shape your own future, and you can go anywhere. Maybe you’ve been through darkness. Maybe you come from nowhere. Maybe you’re frightened or beaten down.

But you can pick yourself up. You can start over. You control who you are and who you want to become. Wake up to a new day, create the self you want to become, and live it. You can surprise yourself.

\\”It's Cooler To Be Strong.\\”

Downplaying yourself, your talents, or your abilities doesn’t serve anyone, especially yourself. Be loud and proud and embrace who you are. You hold authentic strength: let the world hear you roar! Lady Gaga refuses to back down or back out. She shows everyone her true self, no matter how much it may scare her.

Don’t let the world intimidate you. Intimidate the world instead.

\\”Never Be Afraid To Dream.\\”

Dreams make us who we are. Never be afraid to aim for the stars, no matter how high they seem. We’re not afraid of being powerless. We fear that we’re more powerful than we can ever imagine. Lady Gaga shows us that.

Embrace your wildest dreams and never let go. Maybe you’ll find them. But you’ll know you tried your hardest, and it’s the journey, not the end, that matters the most. Don’t be frightened to take those hardest first steps to become who you’re meant to be.

\\”I Allow Myself To Fail. I Allow Myself to Break. I’m Not Afraid of My Flaws.\\”

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and find that strength you’ve got inside. Being strong is cool. George Herbert said that “Living well is the best revenge.” If the world’s hurt you, go out and show the world you’re stronger than that. Take the risk that might break you, and if it does — start over again.

\\”You Are a Legend. Your Self-invention Matters. You Are the Artist of Your Own Life.\\”

David Bowie couldn’t have said it better. You create yourself. You create your destiny. You can make yourself who you want to be: do you want to be small, or do you want to be a legend? Do you want to be a mouse, or do you want to be a lion?

You can choose. You can live large and chase your dreams. Lady Gaga could have stayed a New York girl. Bowie could have stayed a boring Brixton boy. They didn’t. They refused. They remade themselves again and again in the images they invented.

You can do the same. Believe it hard enough, and it will come true.

\\”Fight and Push Harder for What You Believe In, You’d Be Surprised, You Are Much Stronger Than You Think.\\”

Don’t ever give up your ideals. Fight as hard as you can, for as long as you can, and remember that you can do more than you’d ever imagined. Refuse to compromise. And it will be hard, and sometimes it will hurt.

But you’ll always know you did the right thing, and that’s what matters. You’re strong, and you’re brave. You can do it.

\\”It's Always Wrong To Hate but It's Never Wrong To Love.\\”

No matter how dark it may seem, love always wins.

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