Lady Heads Home, Leaves Drunk Friend Alone in Unfamiliar City

Friendships are sometimes rocky. There are moments when it seems like things aren't going as planned. It's worse when it feels like the friend you used to know has evolved into a stranger.

Recently, a lady online, whom we’ll call OP, had two of her best friends come around to visit her. All was going well until there was a weird switch, and one of her friends started acting strange.

The Visit

OP's best friends, Sam and Marcy, visited her for the first time. Other than short visits at mutual friends' weddings, this was their first time together in a few years.

OP had to go to work, so Sam and Marcy hung out during the day, but she joined them later in the evening. They all had tickets to see a show, so OP went straight from work while Sam and Marcy went from the bar.

The show lasted more than an hour, and they had no food or drink for the entire show. Sam and Marcy also didn't seem drunk to her at the time.

When the show was over, Marcy wanted to know if OP would tag along with her to a bar with one of her friends from school. OP didn't know this person, plus she was hungry and exhausted. Who wants to go drinking after a long show? Especially with someone else you don’t even know.

Post Show Dinner

OP told Marcy and Sam that she just wanted to get food and gas and go back home because she was exhausted – she had worked all day. They seemed to like her plan, so they went to a grocery store.

OP and Sam got something to eat for dinner, while Marcy just picked out some snacks. But when they were leaving the store, Marcy commented weirdly about how she was fine without having dinner.

What’s weird about it, you may ask? It was more the way she said it than what she said. Marcy made the comment walking behind them, staring into her phone.

It doesn’t take an Einstein to know that something was wrong.

OP noticed the mood swing. When they got close to the car, Marcy said she wanted to get something to eat for dinner, and she started walking away, still looking into her phone.

Wasn’t this the same person who said she didn’t want dinner?

Alone Time

OP was worried about leaving Marcy alone in a foreign city, but it seemed as though Marcy wanted the alone time. She didn't seem drunk to OP, so she let her be.

Imagine the confusion she must've felt when a few minutes after OP and Sam got home, she received an angry text from Marcy's husband. He was asking why she left his drunk wife at night with a dying phone. Apparently, according to the text, Marcy was hanging in the lobby.

I wonder if Marcy told her husband the whole story or drunkenly left out some parts.

She found her in the lobby, playing with her phone. Then she asked about dinner and where she went. When OP found out that she didn't go anywhere, just wandered the streets before taking an Uber back, she asked Marcy why she didn't call her back to pick her up.

Marcy gave the excuse of a low battery and mentioned that she was too angry to talk.

If you’re wondering if you missed a huge chunk of this story, you didn’t. What was she angry about?

OP informed Marcy’s husband that she was safe in her room, but she has some unsettled thoughts about the matter. Was she wrong for leaving her friend to some time alone?

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Other people have weighed in on the case, and they don’t find OP guilty at all.

One person said, “Marcy is a grown woman who can take care of herself. She didn't look drunk, and as long as you weren't in an unsafe neighborhood, you did nothing wrong.”

They ended by pointing out how she lied and was manipulative to her:

“She told you she was going to get lunch, and then left, she knew perfectly well that you were planning to leave. Also, lying to her husband to get you in trouble. She sounds so manipulative.”

u/IchfindkeinenNamen supports the claim that Marcy is a liar and a manipulator.

“NTA. Why are you friends with her? She sounds like a liar and apparently likes to manipulate people. If her husband is fine with that, that is his thing, but you should just get away from that.”

In The End

It seems Marcy is wrong here. Not only did she lie, but she also tried to paint her friend in a bad light. That sounds different from something a good friend would do. However, only OP can decide what to do next.

What would you do if you were in her situation?

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