She Sold Off Her Former Friends Stuff, Now Her Ex-Friend Wants to Sue

A friendship between two people is such a beautiful bond, which is why it can be very painful to both parties when fallout occurs. Sometimes, a fallout with a friend doesn't mean the end of the friendship. Just like lovers, they may break up and get back together. But sometimes, an offense could be the final blow.

Handling friendship fallouts, though, isn't something that gets talked about much. It's why one woman turned to social media for advice on how to navigate the breakup. 

The Garage

She and her friend had a falling out. The details of the breakup weren't shared, but it wasn't so bad that they weren't on speaking terms. At least, not at first. So when her ex-friend asked if she could temporarily store some things in OP's garage during a move, OP had no problem. 

But months went by. OP tried calling and texting her friend, but any attempt to contact her was ignored. Finally fed up, OP decided to turn the abandoned goods into extra cash — without getting their owner's permission, or letting her know her plans. 

OP believes any money made from selling the stuff is justified payment for being a storage locker for so long. 


Despite ignoring OP's attempt to contact her, OP's former friend found out about the yard sale. When she went to confront OP, she told her that this was theft and that she'd sue OP for what she did. 

Still, OP doesn't feel she did anything wrong. Now she's turning to social media for help. 

Yes, She Had No Right To Do That

The majority thinks that OP messed up. She didn't have any right to sell her friend's properties without her permission. Others leaned toward OP on the matter.

She also got a piece of advice from u/impostershop to get ready in case she sued her for what she did:

“…You were within your legal rights to sell it after a reasonable time and notice it’s abandoned property. Document your communication for when she sues, she will lose.”

A different person insisted that she should have informed her friend before doing what she did:

“YTA. You should have notified her (via certified mail, preferably from a lawyer), that you were selling her stuff within a certain time frame. Your friend is right, even though she was being an AH by ignoring you.

Although most people think so, do you think she was wrong to act the way she did?

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