She Refused To Help Husband’s Pregnant Ex-Mistress, Now Her In-Laws Are Mad

The beginning of every relationship is mostly always sunshine and roses. Two people in love who can't survive a day without each other and know they are perfect together. However, time passes, and they may come to realize that they are not so perfect for each other after all. Suddenly, they look forward to time apart, leading to eventual separation.

Breakups can be very tough, especially when you've invested so much into a relationship or person. What do you do with the life you've both created together? How do you try not to mess up your solo journey to healing and self-recovery?

One is most likely to put oneself first when making these decisions, and one should. In this story, a third party came into play, and OP did what anyone would do. She put herself first and avoided matters that didn't concern her.

Breaking Up

Yes, breakups happen. But they don't just happen. It's very rare for two people who are madly in love with each other to wake up and decide they want nothing more to do with each other. There are reasons behind separations, and one of the oldest and most popular of them is cheating.

Well, OP's husband cheated on her, and that's the reason they are getting a divorce. But it's not that simple. They have young children, and you know it gets more complicated when there are children involved. So, they try to see each other twice a week.

Bun in The Oven

He completely cut off his mistress when she learned about the affair. But again, that hasn't panned out well because she is pregnant. And since he had cut her off, she came to OP's home to ask her to tell him about the pregnancy. Isn't that wild?

She asked her multiple times to tell her soon-to-be ex-husband. She even returned when the baby was born to ask that OP reach out to him because she was struggling with expenses.

Caring for a newborn is one of the most expensive things ever. Everything tends to burn a hole in the parents' pockets, be it paying for their food, medical bills to basic needs. OP has kids of her own, so I'm sure she understands. Knowing what she was going through, she could have done the lady a favor, don't you think?

Involving The In-laws

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and a woman with little means to care for her baby is at the edge of desperation. Somehow, she found a way to contact OP's father-in-law, who then told her ex. The baby mama also ensured OP's in-laws knew she had been begging her to contact her husband.

Now, her in-laws, who have been kind and loving to her since the infidelity, are upset with her for not saying anything. Her ex also asked why she never said anything about it but she ignored him. She doesn't care if he's upset. But she cares about his family, who have been nothing but wonderful to her.

Did she screw up by not saying anything about the pregnancy?

No, It Was Not Her Problem

Most people think OP did nothing wrong. After all, it was not her responsibility to help the woman that helped tear down her marriage. It would take a high level of selflessness for any woman in that situation to want to help the pregnant mistress.

Only a few people think she should have helped her out, at least for the baby's sake.

Someone shared their opinion:


I understand this is hard for you and your kid, and she was wrong to put this responsibility on you. But the new kid has absolutely no fault in this, and in the end, it’s your kid's half-sibling, so out of respect for your kid and their future relationship, you should.”

u/kamillaenci can't get over the fact that it's the same woman her husband cheated with.

“NTA. You have no obligation toward the people who humiliated and lied to you. Yes, the baby suffered some collateral damage, but they should have thought of that before they decided to have an affair and an unprotected one behind your back.”

The majority of people think that OP is innocent in this story. I agree with the consensus. Do you?

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