Lamborghini Unveils First-Ever All-Electric Model and The Photos Are Stunning

Lamborghini has been synonymous with luxury, power, and speed for decades. Their high-performance sports cars are known for their roaring V12 engines, but the Italian automakers have just released photos of their first-ever all-electric supercar concept. The vehicle was initially unveiled at Monterey Car Week, and now they’re giving us a closer glimpse into their brilliance.

Lamborghini Stepping Into The Future

Lamborghini has already been on the news for their plug-in hybrids like the Revuelto, their SUV option, the Urus, but this Lanzador is their first attempt at a fully electric design. This EV is scheduled for release in 2028, and that’s not soon enough for car enthusiasts.

We don’t know many details or specs for this beauty, but Lambo’s head of design, Mitja Borkert, described it as having “new proportions” that could potentially create a new automotive segment. That seems vague to me, but it still excites me to see what they have coming.

The Concept's Controversial Design

A lot of fans are scrutinizing the design, saying that it’s “an unusual shape.” And while that’s true, I imagine those who designed the first Ford Roadster would say the same about all the cars on the road today. Unusual doesn’t have to be wrong; who knows what the future will hold for automotive design?

The Lanzador resembles a tall coupe that tries to combine a crossover SUV’s comfort with the driving power of a sporty GT. And surprisingly, this ride comes with 2 + 2 seating, which is foreign to Lamborghini’s classic design.

We do know one important number: horsepower. This supercar clocks in at 1,341 hp and boasts an insane peak power of one megawatt.

Is the 2028 release date a problem? Maybe. But I don't think people are quite ready to fully invest in EV options yet, so it makes sense. A car of this class won’t be widely attractive until five years from now, anyway. Besides, Lamborghini has a track record of excellence, so I think we can probably trust them on this one.