Land of the Lustrous Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Will there ever be Land of the Lustrous Season 2? Will we get to see a season renewal soon?

Land of the Lustrous, without a doubt, is one of the few 3D anime that has been praised by many people due to its outstanding qualities . Similar to Beastars, Land of the Lustrous follows an anthropomorphic theme as it revolves around the action, drama, fantasy, and mystery genres. The story takes place far ahead in the future, where crystalline organisms called Gems populate a world that has been struck by six meteors. There, Gems must protect themselves from their nemesis called Lunarians, a species who seek to harvest their bodies for decorations.

Land of the Lustrous began life as a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Haruko Ichikawa. It has been published by Kodansha in the Monthly Afternoon magazine since October 2012, with its individual chapters collected in eleven tankobon volumes as of July 2020. Not only in Japanese but the manga series Land of the Lustrous has also been published in English by Kodansha Comics USA since June 27, 2017.

The manga series Land of the Lustrous has achieved great success in the industry, as in 2015, it ranked tenth on the Kono Manga ga Sugoi! rankings in the male readers' category. Furthermore, it placed fifteenth in MyAnimeList in terms of rating in the manga category.

Land of the Lustrous Season 2 Renewal Status

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Later, the successful manga series was adapted into a 3D anime television series by Orange, the studio that is best known for its popular anime releases such as Beastars, Black Bullet, and Dimension W. It premiered on October 7, 2017, and ran for twelve episodes before concluding on December 23 of the same year. After the first season has met its conclusion, many fans are already craving a sequel to see the continuation of their beloved series. So, what is the renewal status of Land of the Lustrous Season 2?

As of now, neither the studio nor the author has said anything regarding a season renewal. Therefore, Land of the Lustrous Season 2 still remains a mystery at this point. Luckily, however, the show hasn't been canceled so there is still a chance of return.

Will Land of the Lustrous Season 2 be possible?

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Fortunately, Land of the Lustrous Season 2 would be highly likely. One of the main reasons is that the anime was fairly popular and has received a glaring number of praises from the fans. With that being said, the demand for Land of Lustrous Season 2 would be pretty high.

Furthermore, the manga got a decent amount of boost from the adaptation and has had solid sales since then (over 6k, probably exceeding the 7k mark). Not to mention, the manga has more than enough chapters for a season renewal, as the first season has only managed to adapt the first thirty out of ninety-six chapters of the manga. So in terms of source material, the studio could easily make one or more seasons to finish the anime.

Let us not forget that recently, other anime such as Classroom of the Elite, Full Metal Panic, Devil is a Part-Timer, Bleach, and Spice and Wolf got follow-up seasons years later when everyone thought it would never happen. With that in mind, Land of the Lustrous Season 2 would also have a chance. It's just a matter of when at this point. However, fans could expect a sequel announcement sometime in the future, probably after Orange is clear with Beastars Season 3 and the new Trigun project.

Land of the Lustrous Action

In the mysterious future, crystalline organisms called Gems inhabit a world that has been destroyed by six meteors. Each Gem is assigned a role in order to fight against the Lunarians, a species who attacks them in order to shatter their bodies and use them as decorations.

Phosphophyllite, also known as Phos, is a young and fragile Gem who dreams of helping their friends in the war effort. Instead, they are told to compile an encyclopedia because of their delicate condition. After begrudgingly embarking on this task, Phos meets Cinnabar, an intelligent gem who has been relegated to patrolling the isolated island at night because of the corrosive poison their body creates. After seeing how unhappy Cinnabar is, Phos decides to find a role that both of the rejected Gems can enjoy. Houseki no Kuni follows Phos' efforts to be useful and protect their fellow Gems.

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