How to Make an Inexpensive Large Art Frame

large art frame diy

This DIY post is inspired by the blog, All Sorts of Pretty, that did the original large frame DIY .

Yesterday we talked all about how to make large art prints for your home for very little money, and today we're going to talk about how to hang those bad boys up!

It's tempting to want to tape the prints up or to nail them straight into the wall but this is a very easy and inexpensive way to give a little more of a finished look to your prints and overall space.

How to Make an Inexpensive, Large Art Frame…

You'll need:

  • Thin strips of trim wood for the top and bottom of each print (I got mine from Home Depot and it was .84¢ a foot)
  • Paint or wood stain
  • Tape (masking or packing)
  • Twine
  • Glue gun

How to:

1. Cut your trim to size

I cut my trim right at the little sawing station there in Home Depot. I made the trim the same size as the top of the print so 36 inches wide. Since I wanted to have a piece of trim at the top and at the bottom to weigh the print down I got 6 pieces of trim for my 3 prints.

2. Paint your trim

We had  leftover wall paint so I used that rather than buying new paint. Try to use what you already own so you're not buying something new for a small project. I opted to use a roller so I could paint the trim quickly. I ended up going over it twice for good coverage.

large art frame diy

large art frame diy

3. Adhere the twine to the trim

I didn't want a lot of string above the print so I cut the twine to about 36 1/2″. Use a glue gun to stick the twine to the back of the trim. If your trim is the same size as your print you'll want to make sure the string is on the upper half of the trim so that it leaves enough room for you to tape your print to the trim.

large art fram diy 1

large art frame diy

4. Tape the top of your print to the trim

large art frame diy

5. Tape the bottom of the print to the trim (not pictured)

That's it! An easy, inexpensive art frame for just a couple of bucks – approximately $3.

I like that these frames can be used for any size of art depending on how long or short you cut your trim. There are so many possibilities!

Other inexpensive ways to hang art:

  • Hang the art from binder clips or bulldog clips.
  • Use small magnets. You just put four nails into the wall where the four corners of the poster would be and then stick the poster/art to the nails with small magnets. It looks really nice and seamless and as if it is floating off the wall a little.

What are your favorite ways to hang art without using a traditional frame?