Budget Learning at Home for Kids – 50+ ideas

All over the world, schools are closing.

The Corona Virus will keep kids at home for the foreseeable future.

So what do you do with the kids all day? How do you keep them learning through isolation or social distancing measures?

As a primary school teacher by trade, I have some ideas for you. As always, get in touch if you need to ask questions or chat.  

1. Set them a timetable for learning. 

This doesn't need to be done with military precision, but it will help you cover all the basics of the teaching they would do in school. It will also help your child feel like they have some control over their life. A timetable will let them know what they are doing and when, even fun time, so they feel more secure.

This timetable should have spaces for reading, Maths, English, and an exciting topic or Science.


I have set my class (10-year-olds) home learning. 

Every day they are asked to: 

  • read for 30 minutes + (a mixture of fiction and non-fiction books to keep building vocabulary) 
  •  Maths skills 
  •  English – practice spelling from Year 5/6 spelling list. 
  •  Science – Draw a diagram of how gravity works. Why does a book stay on a table? 

It is designed to last only some days, but you can do this kind of activity in bitesize chunks.

I love this example from digitalmums.com

Need a structure for home schooling. This timetable has loads of ideas!

2. Check the school's website.

Many schools have been preparing ‘work at home packs' for children during the Coronavirus shutdown. This could be a folder with printed items, or it could be online.

Check your child's bag and the school website.

This should give you the majority of the things you need. If you are finding you are running out of things, check out my list of places you can access resources.

3. Talk the timetable through every day.

This approach works superbly well in the classroom because the children know what they will do before they do it. Also, it gives you something to mention if your child starts playing on the PlayStation when they are supposed to be doing school work.

Talk about how much work they do and then when they can relax.

4. Check out the year group's key learning.

You can find what your child needs to know for each year group in the curriculum section on most school websites. 

If you are struggling to find a guide, search key learning in, e.g., Writing Year 5, and you should find the page on a school's website.

Sometimes these can be a bit wordy or in teacher speak.

 Feel free to mail me and say like, what does this even mean, Helen? 

I can cut through that and help you with some specific ideas. 

5. Make it practical and fun if possible. 

Here are some ideas so you can be creative and make it as much fun as possible. Some famous websites are opening up their resources for free for at least a month, so check these out. These have been shared by my colleagues or things I have seen online.

 Twinkl Go through the link here to access the whole site. This brilliant resource is organized into year groups, so it is pretty easy to navigate.

Twinkl has some great ideas for surviving the second UK lockdown for parents, teachers, and children. I'm so excited to be featured!

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At Home Learning Ideas

Early Reading and Phonics

  1. Andy's Activities – Facebook. Andy is brilliant. He shares stories for young children.
  2. Wee Bookworms – storytime 11:30 am BST.
  3. Phonics Play – I've used these interactive games with children and they love them. It is now available for everyone who has a phone and tablet.
  4. Letters and Sounds – downloadable, easy to follow practice activities for phonics.
  5. Cbeebies Alphablocks
  6. Teach Your Monster To Read – free website, paid app.
  7. Oxford Owl Reading

Other Early Years Ideas

  1. 15 Apps for Early Years – Learn at Home 


  1. David Walliams is releasing an audio story every day. It could be time for you and your child to relax, have a cuppa, whilst your child is still listening to a story. The win is that listening to stories read by fluent readers is a big part of every year group's learning at school anyway. So put your feet up and enjoy! David Walliams elevenses
  2. Topmarks 
  3. Spelling Shed
  4. Literacy Shed
  5. Nessy
  6. The Reading Realm
  7. Emile-education
  8. The Book Whisperer  
  9. Oxford Owls Reading 
  10. Wordhippo


  1. TTRS – Times Table Rock Stars 
  2. Prodigy Maths (app  is free)
  3. White Rose Maths 
  4. Topmarks Maths – Hit the Button Game
  5. Isee Maths 
  6. Maths Shed
  7. Numbots
  8. Emile-education
  9. Master the Curriculum

Other Subjects and Fun!

  1. Get kids drawing the fun way with Steve from Harptoons – every day. (2pm EST, 6pm UK, 7pm Europe, 5am Australia)
  2. Cronshaw Farm in Rossendale Lancashire is sharing regular learning sessions about life on a farm and the animals. Their first lesson is online Tuesday 24th 9:45 am UK time.
  3. ICT games for English and Maths.
  4. Explorify for Science.
  5. Cosmic Yoga on youtube – videos to keep them active.
  6. Oti Muse from the Greatest Dancer is running a fun latin and ballroom kids dance class every day from 11:30 am – 12pm.
  7. PE with Joe – Joe is running free daily workouts at 9am everyday. It's over on his youtube channel
  8. Bee Bot App for computing (Free) ages 5-7
  9. Code.org – ages 5-11 – superb site where kids can learn computer coding via fun projects.
  10. BBC supermovers – this fab site covers loads of topics and does it through active learning – really makes learning fun.
  11. Smiling Mind – short audio sessions to help with mindfulness.
  12. Topmarks
  13. Robinhood Mat Learning Projects
  14. Socrative
  15. Picture-news
  16. TPET
  17. Pobble
  18. Home Learning Bookle
  19. 2Simple (Purple Mash)
  20. Classroomsecrets – free  home learning packs
  21. Kids.classroomsecrets.co.uk
  22. Make a Fairy garden, dinosaur world or troll land
  23. Grab these Lego challenges from thatbricklife.com. They will give your child a challenge and help their learning and motor skills. It can be used as a play-treat between more serious learning tasks.
Need to keep the kids learning? This 30 days of lego challege will break up the serious learning tasks!
Need more Lego ideas? These fab challenges from thatbricklife are brilliant for a break from serious studies!
Is your child a scout? These lego challengeswill make learning fun. From thatbricklife.com

There are other amazing articles on this site.


24. Chatterpack has produced a page of inspirational resources to dig into. They include virtual tours of zoos, animal cams, and famous places. 

       Pick and choose. There are ideas for kids and adults. Their aim is to help us keep busy and active. 

       Chatterpack resource page

Good luck and remember – you are the best educators out there. xx Stay safe.