9 Legit Ways To Make Money On Snapchat: A Beginner’s Guide

Learn how easy it is to earn money from snapchat spotlight! 

If you are an avid social media user (or even if you aren't), there is a high probability you have heard about the phenomenon of Snapchat!

With over 306 million daily active users and a whopping revenue of $2.5 billion annually, Snapchat is the best way to send images and videos while simultaneously modifying face structure using the ‘lenses.’

However, did you know that you could get paid on Snapchat by just snapping at your friends?

If not, read along to find out how to make money on Snapchat in ways that feel more like play than work!

Can You Get Paid On Snapchat? 

It might not come as a surprise, but Snapchat, like many other social media platforms, offers its user the opportunity to earn money through it. However, not many people know how exactly it works.

You must be wondering how to monetize Snapchat. 

The first step to starting to earn is to create a Public Account. Now, the most crucial part is not to confuse ‘Public Account with ‘Going Public,’ which are two entirely different terminologies on Snapchat!

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make a Public Profile on Snapchat. Once you are done, you are now ready to make money Snapchat!

How to Maximize Your Earnings on Snapchat As A Business Owner

It might be apparent that the key factor to maximizing earnings is an active and keen audience. As a business owner, the main aim is to garner subscribers interested in your products and thus get paid on Snapchat hefty!

Take a look at how to make money from Snapchat spotlight and get the crowd speaking about your product!

1. Promote Your Own Products or Services

Whether you have a pre-existing business or a side business, the best way to get users hooked is by having your ads be as creative as possible. 

It is noted that humans have an attention span of 12 seconds. That is very little time to get ideas across! Therefore, the goal is to use the minimum time possible to attract maximum customers.

The platform itself provides the creator with multiple options to create their template and customize their content as to their preference. Or you could opt for external tools such as Canva for a better and more professional outcome.

How to earn on Snapchat depends on what measures you take. Smart promotion acts as pivotal for the growth of a business. Hence, creating content that tempts the viewers is of utmost importance.

2. Create Your Own Geofilter for Your Business

One of Snapchat's most enticing features is creating personalized Geofilters. Now, what is a geofilter, one might ask? Well, it involves what Snapchat does best – filter lenses, but leaves the creative control over to the user.

Opening a new location or holding an event for your business? Why not promote it further using a geofilter? 

How can you make money from Snapchat from this? Well, Snapchat's enormous user base might just be the push you need to get noticed! In this way, you could promote your company by making your filter with your trademark or logos available to your preferred regions.

The geofilters can be subcategorized into two: personal and business. This is a great feature to promote and garner more attention for your business.

3. Run Paid Snapchat Campaigns

If you are looking for methods of how can you make money on Snapchat while gaining a wider audience, campaign ads might be for you. Snapchat often is underestimated and gets overlooked when it comes to placing ads. 

However, the majority tends to its growing user base and potential to reel in the masses! Many may question if a paid campaign will be worth it, and the answer is a definite YES! But, like all platforms, each advertiser and product campaign is contrasting. 

According to reports, the average CPM for paid Snapchat ads is $2.95, compared to its competitors, Facebook and Instagram, which have an average CPM of $5.12 and $4.20 per paid ad.

So in regards to the price point, pretty convenient. The reach of the platform: Enough to attract thousands of potential customers!

4. Create Ads Via Story

Do you want to highlight new content or show your audience your latest products? Well, there is no better way to do that except by using the Story Ads feature on Snapchat!

These ads allow you to display 3 to 20 of your branded snaps on their Snapchat Discover section! This will enable users to look through your personalized ads with ease! 

Another unique tool that you can purchase is Snapchat Ads Manager. Not only is it one of the best solutions for “how to earn on Snapchat” but also a convenient feature that enables you to create, manage and organize your ads and campaigns. 

With the help of the Ad Manager, you can now handle all the essential transactions or enable other team members to access the account to keep an eye on the developments and oversee how much money from Snapchat is earned.

Moreover, you get access to Snap Pixel, which helps keep track of how well your product sells through the impact of your advertisement on Snapchat.

Ways to Make Money on Snapchat As An Influencer

5. Create Viral Content

Making money Snapchat gets relatively easy if you know how to go viral on Snapchat spotlight! So what is a viral video, you might wonder? 

Well, viral literally means spreading around like a virus! 

People like the particular content material, and before you know it, it's the talk of the town. Anything can go viral, be it an image or a short clip. The main aim is to make it memorable in all the right ways! 

Thus to start making money from Snapchat, you should know your target audience. The majority of Snapchat users are from ages 15 to 25. 

Users in this particular age group look for engaging content and may start a trend that is easy yet fun. Therefore getting the viewers hooked increases the chance of it being reshared, which could make your content go viral!

6. Affiliate Marketing 

One of the best methods of how to get paid on Snapchat is via affiliate marketing, as you can bring in as many followers as you can to follow your Snapchat account. 

For reference, you could become an Amazon associate and promote products of your choice through Snapchat and earn a commission for the sales you initiate.

One of the most successful ways to garner attention to a product is by writing reviews. Used a product and liked it? Then promote it by giving your opinions on it by writing or even by making short videos.

Affiliate marketing is also one of the best work-from-home jobs you could do. Moreover, having a large pre-existing following will increase your chances of earning more money from Snapchat.

7. Paid Partnerships

It is easy making money on Snapchat if you know how to get more views on Snapchat. This, however, can be made possible by partnering with brands and other large companies. 

As an influencer, promoting products from brands to your followers on Snapchat benefits the company and increases your reach to people. This in turn, leads to more followers and views. 

Furthermore, you also receive additional payment for every purchase made due to your influence. As your popularity grows and you gain more followers leading to more brands and businesses wanting to partner with you 

8. Use Sponsored Lenses

Many influences making money on snapchat use sponsored lenses. For example, many large companies such as L’Oreal and Gucci create sponsored lenses to generate more sales as they are more memorable to viewers.

Influencers using these lenses are seen by their followers. Lenses that they use are meant to cater to a specific age group and gender. When the targeted audience uses the lens, the influencer is paid. 

The more the lens is used through you, the more you could get paid on snapchat! This is a great way to generate income while naturally increasing your reach and gaining more views and followers!

9. Go Premium!

Another effective way of making money on snapchat, is using Snapchat Premium. This allows you to make money from snapchat by having the option to lock the content. The content then can only be accessed by those who pay!

Having your account premium means you can charge a specific amount to followers willing to spend bucks to watch the hidden content. 

If you can get your audience intrigued enough to pay for your content, it is a fast and easy way to earn additional income! Followers who are keen on accessing the content can pay a subscription fee on a monthly or bi-weekly basis.

Here is a detailed guide on how to create your own Snapchat Premium Account.

How To Get More Views On Snapchat?

Now that you know how to make money from snapchat spotlight and all the ways to do that, you need to know how to get more views on snapchat!

The integral part of generating income from Snapchat relies on how many views you can get. Remember, the more views, the more you are likely to earn.

Fret not, as we tell you all the ways you can get your followers engaged and gain more views and followers!

1. Conduct Audience Research

Depending on the business you have or the type of content you post, the audience can vary from one to another. 

Seventy percent of the Snapchat users are “GenZ,” which ranges from 11 to 25 years old. Thus it is important to keep in mind the age group you aim to target. If you aim to garner the attention of the GenZ, there is nothing better than funny, creative, and interactive content.

However, if you plan to focus on the more mature audience, you might need to promote in a more laid back, sophisticated and simplistic manner. Thus, knowing your content and the audience is of utmost importance.

2. More Is Never Enough

Engagement is one of the crucial keys to getting more views. Posting more content will keep your followers anticipating more. Conversely, not posting enough will make your audience lose interest and decrease your chances of earning money from snapchat!

Posting daily is a great way to learn what your audience is more interested in wanting to see. It may be short clips, how-to videos, or simply just images!

3. Keeping Up With The Trends

Be it Keeping up with the Kardashians or keeping up with the latest trends. It doesn't hurt to be in the know! It is important as each week Snapchat shares its most popular topics.

Staying on the lookout for all the ongoing Snapchat trends, viral videos, and topics people are discussing is the key to making money on snapchat. See a challenge that matches your content or business? Then hop on and see your views go up significantly! 

4. Let The World Know!

To know and succeed in “how to make money from snapchat spotlight,” you must try as many plausible methods to garner attention to your Snapchat Profile. You can do it by posting about it on your other socials. 

It is seen that about twenty-five percent of new Snapchat followers are those who scan the SnapCode from other platforms! Thus, put your SnapCode on your other social media accounts or ask your friends and mutuals to help you by posting it on theirs.

5. Weekly Or Monthly Giveaways

An interactive profile is undoubtedly the way to get more views and followers. The best way to do that is by running contests. Involve the users by having them do little challenges, such as posting a picture, making little videos, or drawing something related to your business or profile!

The prospect of these challenges having a reward will keep your existing and new followers intrigued and hooked! This creative way surely will give a boost to your views!


Knowing how to earn money from Snapchat spotlight has its perks, be it for business promoting a business or as a side hustle!

The key to “how to make money on Snapchat” is understanding your target audience and finding the proper way to communicate with them through the platform. Don't shy away from trying new methods now and then to see what works.

So what is the delay for? Put everything you have learned into practice and find what way of earning thousands from Snapchat is best for your needs!