Leonardo DiCaprio: Hollywood’s A-list Predator?

Look out, Dateline. Leonardo DiCaprio is currently battling accusations of predatory behavior that have been ignited due to a specific tweet posted over the weekend.

A few days ago, DiCaprio was spotted attending an event while sitting next to 19-year-old Israeli model Eden Polani, fueling rumors that the two are romantically linked. The internet has been quick to point out that DiCaprio is no stranger to dating women many decades younger than himself, as just a few months ago he was linked to 23 year-old Victoria Lamas.

The tweet in question, posted by user fayemikah, made a strong statement about the Hollywood star's reputation: “At this point I can’t even join in on the jokes anymore, if Leonardo DiCaprio is approaching 50 and dating a teenager, then he is an actual sexual predator let’s be clear.”

The Twitter user went on to back up her claims with additional tweets, saying that, “the power dynamic of his age, his wealth, and his fame over a 19 year old girl is actually repulsive” and “people saying ‘she’s an adult so it doesn’t matter' are really telling on themselves. I’m 24 and I wouldn’t even date a 19 year old, what exactly does he have in common with someone under 20 besides a creepy interest in her appearance?”

Social media was quick to support Faye in her claims, although many rushed to DiCaprio's defense.

Many Agree, DiCaprio is a Total Creep

There are a lot of Twitter users who can't fathom having similar interests to someone that is half their age. User thatbstrdkurtis says “19 year olds are the most different people on the planet.”

Other users say that it is possible to be exploited as an adult — it is not a scenario that happens only to young people. This particular user has gone back into her dating history with older men and admits it now feels “gross and predatory.”

In the dating world there are many faux pas to avoid and rules to follow. One of these is the “half age plus 7” rule that this user brings up:

This user goes for DiCaprio's jugular, saying “like businesses who pay minimum wage, you know if it was legal they'd go lower.”

Others Rush to Defend The Hollywood A-Lister

Not everybody has been quick to crucify DiCaprio. In fact, he has nearly as many supporters as detractors. User benryanwriter warns against “lowering the bar for what constitutes predation.”

This user thinks that it's nobody's business but Leonardo DiCaprio's what he does with somebody who is old enough to join the military and go to war:

Many people believe that the author of the original tweets isn't staying in her lane. This user reminds her that the Hollywood star doesn't care what she thinks:

Anybody who is legally an adult should be beholden to the same rules. “You can't have it both ways,” says user Jambury2:

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