Leverage: Redemption – Where is Nate?

Leverage: Redemption - Where is Nate?

Nate does not appear in Leverage: Redemption, because the character died about a year before the revival started.

Nate, who was the leading character in the original Leverage television show, is not featured in the new Leverage: Redemption show, because the actor who portrayed Nate on screen, Timothy Hutton, faced serious legal allegations.

These allegations ultimately prompted Electric Entertainment to kill off Nate’s character before the beginning of the revival.

Leverage: Redemption – Where is Nate?

If you were one of the fans of the show who tuned in expecting to see the full Leverage team back in action during the new Leverage: Redemption revival and were shocked to find Nathan Ford suddenly missing from the line-up, you would not be alone.

The reality is that Electric Entertainment decided to enter the production of Leverage: Redemption without Timothy Hutton, who portrayed Nate, because of the allegations that were made against him.

As for the character’s absence on screen, Sophie implies during the first episode of the revival that Nate died about a year before the start of the new show, as a result of a heart attack brought on by his heavy drinking and anger about losing his son in the original series.

In fact, Sophie being left all alone in the house that she shared with Nate is what ultimately sets up the entire premise for the revival.

What were the allegations against Timothy Hutton?

In 2020, before the first season of Leverage: Redemption went into production, Timothy Hutton was accused of raping a former child model and actress in 1983 when she was 14 and he was 22.

However, later in 2021, the Canadian prosecutors decided that they would not bring criminal charges against Hutton, and he was cleared of the criminal complaint which was filed against him.

The subsequent lawsuits between Timothy Hutton and Electric Entertainment

Though no charges were filed against Hutton in the original court case, a bitter battle ensued soon after between the actor and Electric Entertainment (the Leverage: Redemption production company).

Initially, Hutton filed a lawsuit against the production company claiming that his deal with them was breached, but Electric Entertainment then filed a countersuit stating that he had violated a moral clause in his contract.

Did all of the other main cast members reprise their roles in the revival series?

Hutton is the only main cast member from the original show who did not reprise his role in the revival show.

Gina Bellman (Sophie Devereaux), Christian Kane (Eliot Spencer), Beth Riesgraf (Parker), and Aldis Hodge (Alec Hardison) all make appearances in the first two seasons of Leverage: Redemption alongside Noah Wyle (Harry Wilson) who has replaced Hutton’s Nate.