2025 Lexus Electrified Sport: The Nameless Supercar That’s Redefining Luxury

If you know Lexus, then you know luxury. And now, they’re electrifying their luxurious cars and creating a supercar, setting new standards for performance, dynamics, and driver engagement.

The new 2025 Lexus Electric Sport is part of Lexus’ step toward electrification and zero-emission vehicles. They introduced their first hybrid electric RX SUV in 2005 and have only gone up from there.

They have achieved over 2.3 million global hybrid sales, and over 90% of new Lexus cars sold in Europe are from their hybrid line. Needless to say, Lexus has already experienced unrivaled success in developing EV parts, from motors and batteries to power control units.

The Nameless Supercar’s Impressive Acceleration and Range

This electrified supercar is touted as the “spiritual successor” to the FLA, and we are hoping this car boasts an electric version of the iconic V-10 engine, whatever that may look like. So far, this car doesn't have a name. Lexus is just calling it the Electrified Sport. 

This car boasts an astonishing 0-60 time in the low two-second range, which beats out even the LFA. It’s also possible that this supercar will be equipped with a solid-state battery, giving it the potential of a 430-mile driving range, which is impressive. We don’t know what the exact horsepower will be, but we can guess that it will hit the 1,000 horsepower mark, which is up to par with electric performance.

A Simulated Manual Transmission?

Two things are sorely missed in an electric supercar—the smell of gasoline and the feel of manually shifting the gears. Lexus understands, and while they can’t solve the aroma issue, they have announced that they are exploring exactly how to simulate a manual transmission so you can still feel the jerk of power on the road, akin to traditional gear-shifting.

A Futuristic Design With Realistic Prospects

The final design could change since this car is still in the concept stage. But for now, the low-slung, futuristic bodywork is a sight to behold. This supercar will likely face fierce competition from renowned manufacturers like Lotus, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Aston Martin, so we can expect the price tag to be right up there with theirs.