55 LGBTQ Characters in Star Wars

Obi-Wan Kenobi Star Wars Prequels Phantom Menace Ewan McGregor

The Star Wars franchise has come a long way regarding LGBTQIA+ characters. What started as queer coding moved to actual meaningful representation on screen and in the pages of books and comics. As June is Pride Month, it’s a good time to look at many of the notable queer characters in the franchise.

This list won't have every character in the Star Wars franchise because it would be delightfully long, with over 100 entries. So apologies, as someone’s favorite will be left off. Here are 65 characters in Star Wars that are part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

1. Juhani

Juhani Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic
Image Credit Bioware.

Juhani is considered the first queer character in any Star Wars media, appearing in 2003’s Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic as a Jedi Guardian.

She is also one of the earliest examples of a positive portrayal of LGBTQIA+ characters in video games, laying the groundwork for other franchises like Dragon Age.

2. Sinjir Rath Velus

Sinjir Rath Velus Star Wars Aftermath
Image Credit Wookiepedia JMAS

Sinjir broke the mold as one of the first LGBTQIA+ characters under the Disney era, appearing in The Aftermath trilogy.

After the Battle of Endor, Sinjir defected from the Empire and eventually joined the Rebellion to clear out the Imperial remnants and helped with major victories like liberating Chewbacca’s homeworld Kashyyyk.

3. Orka and Flix

Orka and Flix Star Wars
Image Credit Lucasfilm.

The first on-screen queer couple of Star Wars goes to the animated series Star Wars Resistance with the lovable duo of Orka and Flix.

Running the Office of Acquisitions on the refueling station Colossus, the historic couple and their pet gorg, Bitey, have a lot of heart and many laughs together throughout the series.

4. Larma D’Acy and Wrobie Tyce

Larma D’Acy and Wrobie Tyce Star Wars Rise of Skywalker
Image Credit Lucasfilm.

Larma D’Acy and Wrobie Tyce hold the live-action title for the first on-screen queer couple. The Resistance commander and pilot shared a kiss after the defeat of Palpatine in The Rise of Skywalker.

5. Kantam Sy

Kantam Sy Star Wars High Republic
Image Credit IDW Publishing Marvel Comics.

The High Republic era introduced a whole slew of new queer characters for a new era. One fan-favorite is Kantam Sy. The non-binary Jedi was the padawan of Yoda.

Kantam's coming-of-age story in Midnight Horizon by Daniel José Older has been praised for its positive portrayal of a queer romance in the YA genre.

6. Vernestra Rwoh

Venestra Rwoh Star Wars The High Republic
Image Credit Disney Publishing.

Vernestra is a prodigy, becoming a Jedi Knight at the age of 15, and she took on her first padawan at 16. She is aromantic and asexual, and while she isn’t the first asexual character in the franchise, Vernestra is the first aromantic person.

7. Lula Talisola and Zeen Mrala

Lula Talisola and Zeen Mrala Star Wars The High Republic
Image Credit Marvel Comics.

Lula Talisola is the padawan of Kantam Sy. On a mission during the Great Disaster, she met Zeen Mrala, a Force-sensitive teenager who was too old to train in the Jedi. But Kantam took Zeen in to help her master some of her abilities.

Lula and Zeen fell in love over time, making Lula question her place in the Jedi Order.

8. Cohmac Vitus

Cohmac Vitus Star Wars The High Republic
Image Credit Marvel Comics.

A mystic and scholar who struggles with how the Jedi Order deals with attachments and emotions, Cohmac Vitus is a complicated character.

The demons of his past trauma haunt him, causing him to struggle as a Jedi and a master to his padawan, Reath Silas. The feelings reach a breaking point in Midnight Horizon.

9. Leox Gyasi

Leox Gyasi Star Wars The High Republic
Image credit Marvel Comics.

This Matthew McConaughey-inspired character is the spirited pilot of the ship The Vessel. Leox Gyasi is suave, bright, funny, full of heart, and will fight for his crew. He is asexual and proud of it.

10. Sylvestri Yarrow and Jordanna Sparkburn

Jordana Sparkburn Sylvestri Yarrow Concept art Star Wars The High Republic
Image Credit Disney Publishing.

When the spunky pilot and the no-nonsense deputy with a lightning cat get together, sparks literally fly with this couple. Sylvestri and Jordanna’s relationship is rocky at times, but the two women fall back in love with each other throughout the novel Out of the Shadows.

11. Ty Yorrick

Ty Yorrick Star Wars The High Republic
Image Credit Marvel Comics.

Ty Yorrick was once a Jedi padawan. But after a tragedy, she left the Jedi Order to go out on her own as a saber for hire. She can be found throughout the High Republic Phase I books and comics, especially in her mini-series The Monster of Temple Peak.

12. Ceret and Terec

Ceret and Terec Star Wars The High Republic
Image Credit Marvel Comics.

The bond twins of the High Republic comics, Ceret and Terec, are trans non-binary. These Kotabi twins are also strong Jedi Knights who work to protect the galaxy. Their minds are connected, allowing them to communicate across long distances.

13. Alys ‘Crash' Ongwa

Alys “Crash” Ongwa Star Wars The High Republic
Image Credit Marvel Comics.

Crash Ongwa was a human female who ran a bodyguarding business, which included, at one point, the important task of protecting Chancellor Lina Soh. She had a past with the female Taymar singer, Svi'no Atchapat, and the young women would eventually begin to date.

14. Marlowe and Vellis San Tekka

Marlowe and Vellis San Tekka Star Wars
Image Credit Lucasfilm LTD.

Marlowe and Vellis were husbands, part of Marlowe's great family clan of hyperspace prospectors. They worked with the Jedi and the Republic after the Great Hyperspace Disaster to understand why the tragedy occurred.

15. Beesar Tal-Apurna

Beesar Tal-Apurna Star Wars The High Republic
Image Credit Marvel Comics.

Beesar’s story is one of tragedy as she looks to avenge her wife in Trail of Shadow. Seeking revenge against the Nihil raiders, Beesar aids the Jedi in their mission as a spy.

16. Sky Graf

Sky Graf Star Wars The High Republic
Image Credit Disney Lucasfilm Press.

As the scion of the Graf family, Sky was a non-binary pilot who helped their family and the Republic during the High Republic era. They were determined to be the first person to reach the mysterious Planet X, where horrific creatures called the Nameless lived.

17. Yana Ro

Yana Ro Star Wars The High Republic
Image Credit Marvel Comics.

Yana Ro was a member of the Path of the Open Hand, a cult that worshiped the Force but believed that it shouldn’t be wielded by anyone, which put them at odds with the Jedi. Along with her girlfriend, Kor Plouth, Yana helped “liberate” Force artifacts around the galaxy for the Path.

18. Axel Greylark

Axel Greylark Star Wars The High Republic
Image Credit Lucasfilm Publishing.

As the son of the Republic’s Supreme Chancellor, Axel is a larger-than-life figure in the High Republic era. Despite his grandiose personality, Axel was a good politician, and he and Jedi Knight Gella Nattai helped negotiate a peace treaty between two planets at war.

19. Nash Durango’s two moms

Nash Durango’s two moms Star Wars Young Jedi Adventurers
Image Credit Disney.

Nash Durango was a pilot and racer in the series Young Jedi Adventures. In the episode “Nash’s Race Day,” her mom, Kryys, and her wife attend the festivities to watch and cheer on Nash as she battles against her rival, Raena Zess.

20. Cytharat

Cytharat Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic
Image Credit Electronic Arts.

The Old Republic: Rise of the Hutt Cartel introduced Cytharat, a pureblood Sith character. He became the first male same-sex romance option in the game series, as only male characters can pursue him.

21. Lemda Avesta

Lemda Avesta Star Wars The Old Republic
Image Credit Electronic Arts.

As a prodigy getting her doctorate at 16, Lemda is a geophysicist in The Old Republic: Rise of the Hutt Cartel game. Like other characters in the games’ franchises, she is portrayed as bisexual as she can be romanced by anyone, regardless of the player’s character’s gender.

22. Theron Shan

Theron Shan Star Wars The Old Republic
Image Credit Electronic Arts.

Theron was the son of a Jedi and a military commander. He trained part of the Jedi Order until it was discovered he wasn’t Force-sensitive. Afterward, he joined the Republic Strategic Information Service as a field agent. In The Old Republic games, he can be romanced by either male or female characters.

23. Lana Beniko

Lana Beniko Star Wars The Old Republic
Image Credit Electronic Arts.

Lana was a human Sith woman who lived during the Galactic War, where she worked secretly against the Order of Revan. In the Star Wars: The Old Republic franchise, Lana is bisexual and can be romanced by either male or female characters.

24. Koth Vortena

Koth Vortena Star Wars The Old Republic
Image Credit Electronic Arts.

Koth was a Zakuulan male who defected from the military when he refused to kill civilians. He joined Outlander's Alliance as a pilot, hoping to bring peace to his homeworld. In The Old Republic games, he can be romanced by male or female characters.

25. Nadia Grell

Nadia Grell Star Wars The Old Republic
Image Credit Electronic Arts.

Nadia was a Jedi padawan who rose to the rank of Jedi Knight before taking on the mantle of the senator of Sarkhai. In the updated versions of The Old Republic games, she can be romanced by a player’s character regardless of gender.

26. Kira Carsen

Kira Carsen Star Wars The Old Republic
Image Credit Electronic Arts.

Kira is a Jedi Knight in Star Wars: The Old Republic games that lived during the Jedi and Sith Cold War. With the updated versions of the games, players can romance her, regardless of their character’s gender.

27. Scourge

Scourge Star Wars The Old Republic
Image Credit Electronic Arts.

Scourge is a pureblood male Sith who can be romanced by male or female characters in the updated Star Wars: The Old Republic franchise versions. Scourge couldn’t be with a Jedi character initially, but this was later changed during the Onslaught expansion.

28. Sabé

Sabé Star Wars The Phantom Menace
Image Credit Lucasfilm.

Sabé is the loyal handmaiden and bodyguard to Padmé Amidala, often taking her place as the body double for the queen. She was incredibly devoted to Padmé, becoming obsessed with revenge to find answers to Pamdé’s death.

This path led her to team up with Darth Vader, unbeknownst to Sabé that he was Padmé’s secret husband, Anakin Skywalker.

29. Saché and Yané

Saché and Yané Star Wars The Phantom Menace
Image Credit Lucasfilm.

Saché and Yané met and served as handmaidens and bodyguards for Padmé Amidala when she was the queen of Naboo. They fell in love and eventually married. The couple was fiercely loyal to Padmé even after her death. They joined Sabé in her search for answers about who killed Padmé.

30. Obi-Wan Kenobi

Obi-Wan Kenobi Star Wars Prequels Phantom Menace Ewan McGregor
Image Credit Lucasfilm.

While his relationship with Duchess Satine of Mandalore is well known from The Clone Wars, the novel Padawan by Kiersten White confirmed Obi-Wan Kenobi as a queer man. He's also attracted to men, though he seems to lean toward being aromantic or demisexual in the same passage.

31. Lando Calrissian

Lando Calrissian Star Wars Solo Donald Glover
Image Credit Lucasfilm.

Scoundrel, smuggler, entrepreneur, Rebellion general, and more, Lando is the first of several Original Trilogy characters on this list. Solo: A Star Wars Story writer Jon Kasdan confirmed that he was pansexual, which has been explored more since the film's release.

32. Doctor Chelli Aphra

Doctor Chelli Aphra Darth Vader Star Wars
Image Credit Marvel Comics.

Aphra has become one of the most prominent queer characters in the franchise. She is an archaeologist who is sometimes a hero, sometimes a villain, and always a bit of a mess. Aphra is a character whom people can expect the unexpected as her books are always a heck of a ride.

33. Domina Tagge

Domina Tagge Star Wars Doctor Aphra
Image Credit Marvel Comics.

As the head of one of the wealthiest families in the galaxy, Domina is a force to be reckoned with. Force-sensitive and possessing a Machiavellian moral code, she is a dangerous person who could be either a valued ally or a terrible enemy.

34. Lapin Tagge

Lapin Tagge
Image Credit: Wookieepedia, Marvel Comics.

Part of the powerful Tagge family, Lapin is the aide and secretary to their cousin Domina. They didn’t mind serving “in Domina’s shadow,” and Lapin would get their hands dirty to protect their family and those that worked under them.

35. Losha Tarkon and T'onga

Losha Tarkon and T'onga Star Wars
Image Credit Marvel Comics.

Bounty hunters that slay together stay together. Losha and T’onga are wives who had retired from the business. But after the death of T’onga’s twin brother, T’onga seeks revenge, pulling the wives out of their peaceful farming life and back into the galaxy as they get together a bounty hunter crew once again.

36. Magna Tolvan

Magna Tolvan Star Wars
Image Credit Marvel Comics.

One of Aphra's on-and-off-again lovers, Magna was a successful Imperial Captain-Inspector until Aphra crashed into her life. Throughout their adventures, Magna eventually defected from the Empire to become the Strike Team Misericorde leader and part of Sana Starros’ crew.

37. Sana Starros

Sana Starros Star Wars
Image Credit Marvel Comics.

Meeting Chelli Aphra at university, Sana started a romantic relationship with her and went so far as to blackmail their teacher to help Aphra. But after Aphra suddenly broke up with her, Sana was a person who could hold a heck of a grudge for decades.

She fought for the Rebellion and became a smuggler, at one point claiming to be the wife of Han Solo.

38. Detta Yao

Detta Yao Star Wars
Image Credit Marvel Comics.

This archaeology graduate student was determined to write her doctorate thesis paper on the cursed Rings of Vaale. So, Detta hired Doctor Aphra to form a team and find the artifacts for her. Detta didn’t know that the powerful Tagge Family also sought the Rings.

39. Eustacia Okka

Eustacia Okka Star Wars
Image Credit Marvel Comics.

As a former classmate and ex-girlfriend of Aphra’s, Eustacia was recruited to help find the Rings of Vaale, artifacts she spent her career studying. The disgraced professor joined Aphra’s crew to help find the artifacts.

40. Kho Phon Farrus

Kho Phon Farrus Star Wars
Image Credit Marvel Comics.

Kho was an archaeologist who was another person that Aphra crossed. Because of this, they claimed to be Aphra’s sworn arch-nemesis. Kho loved studying Dark Side artifacts, specifically those from the cult of the Ascendant.

41. Just Lucky and Ariole Yu

Just Lucky and Ariole Yu Star Wars
Image Credit Marvel Comics.

With Just Lucky as an assassin and smuggler and Ariole as a crime organization's lieutenant, the on and off again boyfriends lived exciting lives. They have worked for and against Doctor Aphra and the House of Tagge several times.

42. Cinta Kaz and Vel Sartha

Cinta Kaz and Vel Sartha Andor Verada Sethu Fate Marsay
Image Credit Lucasfilm.

Vel and Cinta were introduced in Andor as part of the Aldhani heist team. Despite being the cousin of Senator Mon Mothma, Vel struggled with the burden of leadership, often relying on the support of her partner. Cinta always put the fight first, causing friction between the two women.

43. The Ronin

The Ronin Star Wars Visions
Image Credit Lucasfilm.

While not part of the canon, Star Wars: Visions is one of the most innovative projects out of the Disney era. The first short is “The Duel,” which features the main character Ronin as he battles with a Sith Lord named Kouru to protect a city from her bandits.

The novel Ronin by Emma Mieko Candon confirmed that he was pansexual.

44. Kouru

Kouru Star Wars Visions
Image Credit Lucasfilm.

Kouru was the Sith bandit leader Ronin faced in Star Wars: Visions “The Duel.” While she led the mercenaries, she found no honor in their methods. In the novel Ronin, Kouru becomes enamored with a witch, confirming that she was attracted to women.

45. Yrica Quell

Yrica Quell Star Wars Alphabet Squadron
Image Credit Marvel Comics.

At first, Yrica was a Tie Fighter pilot for the Empire. But after participating in Operation: Cinder, she formally defected from the Imperial remnant and sought a new life. She became an X-wing pilot for the Rebellion and the leader of the Alphabet Squadron, where Yrica struggled to gain the trust of her crew.

46. Chass na Chadic

Chass na ChadicStar Wars Alphabet Squadron
Image Credit Penguin Random House.

Chass struggled with her identity throughout her life thanks to living under the xenophobic views of the Empire. She idolized her heroes, which included Rogue One’s Jyn Erso. She was inspired to join the Rebellion and eventually became the B-wing pilot for Alphabet Squadron.

47. Wyl Lark

Wyl Lark Star Wars Alphabet Squadron
Image Credit Penguin Random House.

Known for his kindness, Wyl was a talented A-wing pilot for Alphabet Squadron. His empathy made him struggle during the war he fought, and he was often homesick, recording messages for those on his planet.

48. Amilyn Holdo

Amilyn Holdo Star Wars The Last Jedi Laura Dern
Image Credit Lucasfilm.

Amilyn was one of Leia Organa’s longtime friends and confidants throughout their lives. Over the decades, the politician and unorthodox military commander was part of the Rebellion and the Resistance.

She gave her life in The Last Jedi to protect the Resistance in a move that would become known as “The Holdo Maneuver.”

49. Vi Moradi

Vi Moradi Star Wars Galaxy's Edge
Image Credit James Bareham Polygon.

If you have ever been to Galaxy’s Edge, there’s a chance you have run into Vi Moradi. She’s one of the characters in the Disney park that fans can meet. The novel Galaxy Edge: Black Spire delves into the Resistance spy’s story and her asexuality.

50. Keo Venzee

Keo Venzee Star Wars Squadrons
Image Credit Motive Studio.

Keo was a non-binary Force-sensitive person from Mirial. They were trained to use their abilities customary to their home world, not as a Jedi. Their abilities made them a skilled racer before they joined the Rebellion. Keo was a vital member of the Vanguard Squadron, working under the leadership of Hera Syndulla.

51. Varko Grey

Varko Grey Star Wars Squadrons
Image Credit Motive Studio.

While he didn’t always agree with the Empire’s ways, Varko was a Tie Fighter pilot who cherished his comrades' sacrifice. He was the squadron leader of the Titan Squadron, where he fought against the Rebellion. His husband, Emory, constantly fretted about his safety.

52. Merrin

Merrin Star Wars Jedi Survivor
Image Credit Respawn Entertainment.

Merrin is a Nightsister who joined the crew of the Stinger Mantis in the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order game. She became close with the Jedi Cal Kestis, who helped her work through the massacre of her people.

She was pansexual, attracted to all beings, and would often have flings if the Mantis was docked for an extended time on a planet.

53. Rae Sloane

Rae Sloane Star Wars Squadrons
Image Credit Lucasfilm.

Rae Sloane is one of the most essential book characters in the franchise. While loyal to the Empire, she didn’t always agree with their methods, like enslaving aliens. She showed some morality, like granting her enemies medical attention when captured.

After the fall of the Empire, the Grand Admiral took the remnants of the Empire to the Unknown Regions to rebuild, and she would shape what would eventually become the First Order.

54. Grand Moff Tarkin

Grand Moff Tarkin Star Wars original trilogy Peter Cushing
Image Credit Lucasfilm.

The confirmation of Tarkin’s queerness was a journey. In the short story “Of MSE-6 and Men” in From a Certain Point of View, a repair droid witnesses an affair between stormtrooper TK-421 and the high-ranking officer in charge of the Death Star. With the context clues, fans sleuthed out it was Tarkin.

For the following months, there was back and forth on Wookieepedia and with fans about whether or not this was true. The debate settled when the head of Lucasfilm Story Group, Pablo Hidalgo, and author Glen Weldon confirmed that TK-421’s partner was Grand Moff Tarkin.

55. Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker Star Wars original trilogy Mark Hamill
Image Credit Lucasfilm.

Luke Skywalker is a character that needs no introduction in Star Wars. In interviews, Mark Hamill stated that if fans wish for Luke to be queer, then the character is queer.

But what does the canon say? The books and comics have showcased that Luke has been attracted to both women and men, though there is some speculation that he may be on the asexual spectrum, too, as he never acts on the attractions.

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