Life-Changing Magic: 14 Simple Items That Transform Your Daily Routine

Do you have a favorite item that is a game-changer for your life that you would recommend to others? Recently someone asked the internet, “What life-changing item can you buy for less than a hundred dollars?” Here are the top-voted answers.

1. Neti Pot

neti pot
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I know it looks weird, but people swear by it. Having a regular nasal rinse practice is good for your health. It helps with allergies and keeping viruses at bay. 

2. Instant Pot

Woman cutting vegetables for stewing in multi cooker - Healthy Instant Pot Recipes
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Ready to whip up a meal in a hot minute? Then have your Instant Pot come to the rescue. I love how you can set frozen meat in and have it ready in less than an hour. That's so convenient after working all day.

3. Rice Cooker

Rice and Beans
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“A rice cooker,” one person said. It's the best way to make rice. I agree.

4. Labeling Machine

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“Labeling machine. 10/10 will never forget the names of my plants again,” one commenter stated.

Another shared they “bought one a month ago and love it. I printed out tiny QR codes and put them on all my electronics with more information than could fit if I just printed that information directly onto the label.”

5. Bidet

White Ceramic toilet and white ceramic bidet
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“A bidet. It feels near impossible to go back to wiping the “regular way” after you get one, so beware,” one user warned.

“My spouse scoffed when I asked him to install one. For the first year even, he seemed unenthused. Now three years later, he describes using the bathroom without a bidet as uncivilized. It's just such an overall life upgrade,” a second person commented. 

6. Basic Tool Set

demolition project
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Another user suggested “A basic tool set. A little YouTube and Google research, $100 worth of tools, and you'd be amazed at the things you can fix on your car and around the house.”

“A cordless drill/driver. Probably the single most useful power tool you can have,” added another.

7. First Aid Kit

First aid kit
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“First aid kit. They are handy when you least want them to be,” one user expressed.

“Exactly, you never want to need it, but when you keep it handy, it turns from a minor inconvenience to have near you to a potential lifesaver,” another agreed.

8. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

interested person
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Another said, “If you have gas appliances get a multi-gas version and put it close by each. And replace at the indicated interval. We had one that expired and went crazy, scaring the bejesus out of me. The peace of mind they bring is so real.”

9. A Fire Extinguisher

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“I buy them for my friends and family as house-warming gifts. I'm sure it comes across as lame when I give it to them, but I show them how to use it and advise them to leave it in their kitchen somewhere easily accessible. I'm confident it'll help someone one day,” one commenter admitted. 

10. A Library Card

woman reading book
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“A library card. They are free if you live in the library's district,” one user noted.

Another added, “I'm a librarian. I can confirm all positive library-related things in this thread are true. And we can do much more—books, audiobooks, eBooks, telescopes, 3D printers, and Legos. We got you. SO MUCH FREE STREAMING! Not to mention unlimited access to scholarly journals if you know the right people.”

11. Blackout Curtains

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One stated, “Blackout curtains are a lifesaver for migraine and third-shift workers. “My husband is blackout blind and white noise obsessed. It makes me laugh to think of those initial weeks of dating when he politely spent the night without a complaint despite my wide-open blinds and silent room. Won't lie – I appreciate his dedication to the perfect sleep space now.”

12. Decent Dash Cam

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“A decent dash cam. I scoffed at the idea of a dashcam for years. Then, a friend told me to try it out, which helped me when I got in an accident a couple of years back,” one user admitted. “My auto insurance is $500/yr. So my dash cam is my ‘This wasn't my fault, and here is the recorded proof' insurance for $75 that lasts until it breaks. It could save you thousands or tens of thousands,” another shared.

13. A Good Pillow

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Several people agreed with this number one-voted response. One stated, “If you're a side sleeper, I cannot recommend Pillow Cube enough. The thought put into the design and concept is fantastic. I have lower back pain, and a good pillow solves about 75% of the problem.”

14. Electric Toothbrush

Woman with Toothbrush
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Dental checkups have never been so easy after investing in an electric toothbrush. Do yourself a favor and go get one – like now. Your future self and dentist will thank you.

Source: Reddit.