The 12 Life Lessons Younger Generations Can’t Handle

Whether they like it or not, today's teenagers need to learn some life lessons. A recent online discussion discusses what today's younger generation needs to know.

1. Realization of Self-Growth

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The older you get, the more you realize how dumb you were in the past. It's essential to take this knowledge and help yourself grow. 

2. The Older You Get, the Faster It Goes

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Also, as you get older, remember that time moves faster than you realize. As a famous high schooler once said, you could miss it if you don't stop and look around once in a while. 

3. Things Don't Happen Overnight

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It would be great if success happened overnight. But sadly, it doesn't, so make sure you plant the seeds for a fruitful harvest while young. 

4. Fighting Doesn't Make You Cool

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Adults fighting isn't cool; it's childish. Being the bigger person is important, and knowing when to walk away. Being ‘alpha' is dumb and not something you should revolve your life around. 

5. Being Controversial Doesn't Equal Interesting

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Some people are contrarians and controversial just for the fun of it. But that doesn't make you interesting. That makes you annoying. 

6. Just Because It's New to You, Doesn't Mean It's New

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Take advantage of the lessons from our ancestors. We may be discovering something for the first time, but chances are, someone else already discovered it. 

7. Putting Your Whole Self Online Is Dangerous

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Posting your home address online for the world to see is just asking for trouble. Nobody needs to know specific and personal information about you. It's just asking for trouble.  

8. You Will Be Old and Uncool One Day

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Like it or not, one day, people will view you as old and uncool. Just roll with the punches; it happens to everyone. 

9. Everything You Do as a Teen Will Be Cringe to Your Children

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You're not the only person who thinks the stuff you did as a teenager was cringe-worthy. Your children will feel that, too. But don't worry; their children will also consider what they did as kids are cringey. 

10. You Don't Feel Different as an Adult

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Everyone claims that your beliefs and values will change as you get older, but that's not always the case. So take pride in knowing your morals and don't change them to conform. 

11. Wear a Condom

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It's not just for birth control. Protect yourself against STDs!

12. Life Doesn't Have a System

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Life isn't afraid to leave you behind. So ensure you're prepared for anything, and even then, have a safety net. 

Source: Reddit