The Ultimate Guide to Link Building Techniques the Right Way

Before talking about link building techniques, I have a personal story i would like to share it with you

Back In 2001, I joined a network marketing company with a multi level marketing

For those who don’t understand what is multi level

I will explain it briefly, it is earning commission percentages based on the level of your downlines

There are few affiliate links, if you click a link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you

For example, if you recruit someone directly under you

The network marketing company pays you back let’s say 25% commission on all sales

If this someone recruits another person you earn additional 15% up to few levels decided by the company

One day my best friend asked me to give presentation to someone he knew

I have to admit I met a guy with no flair

I was not making any money from this network marketing company

Then I discovered later that I accumulated $14k just from getting this person recruited

Anyway I shared this story as it reminds me with link building

When you get a link from a site that has good traffic, you definitely get a share of the pie

Link building techniques

Let me start by asking you

Why link building techniques are crucial for your blog?

Simple answer is using link building techniques help you get traffic from those visitors who visits other websites to click on the links there on these websites

Where they come and visit your blog

It has to be done correctly and not any kind of random links

At the same time, if a link is kind of never seen link like a profile link on high domain authority DA site – DA is explained below – it will help Google and search engines to consider ranking your website for some keywords

Bbuilding the right back links on relevant websites with high DA will help you

Both your ranking and getting visitors to your blogs from other websites

Link building techniques are tasks to start from day one

When building your blog even if you don’t have any published blog posts

I spent a year focused on writing ultimate guides and over killing any topic I was writing about

Link building was a deferred plan for me

Because I couldn’t focus on link building and writing my first bulk of thorough contents

What was the result after one year?

Unfortunately no single trace of Google in the first 100 positions

Not even showing up with my domain name if I write the domain words with spaces e.g. “Do Your Blog With Me”

That’s why I decided to switch my focus to 90% link building activities and 10% writing contents distributed between my blog and other blogs as guest posting

I also decided to write this post for myself first to come to it every now and then

Also for others to benefit from

So let me begin my link building guide with

1) What is link building

Link building is the art associated with hard effort from your side

Acquiring links from other websites, preferably relevant websites to link back to your blog or website

Google will start seeing your link building strategies and do two things for you

They start detecting these backlinks and so increasing your DA as known as Domain Authority

Then they start to rank some of your keywords

I believe getting them in the 100 positions I considered it a kind of ranking

Without link building all your hard effort of writing great contents stays in vain

Remember you are using this link building technique to get traffic

What if Google does not detect these backlinks and reassess your blog or website

You still get traffic from visitors clicking on any backlinks that leads to your homepage or other pages in your blog

2) What are the different types of links

Although there are different types of links

Inbound links is the primary factor for search engines to rank websites, this is what we should focus all of our energy

Outbound and internal links help also in an indirect way but not as inbound links

You will understand below just keep going on

Inbound links

Also known as backlinks, any link pointing to your website or blog

if I click on this link, it should take you to your website whatever if it is the parent domain or any sub pages

This means if your full website name is listed as text on any other websites

It is not counted as a link

Now there are 2 factors that can make any link a great link

First factor is the link attribute where we have 2 types

Do Follow link where any search engine indexing your page detects your links to other websites and follow them to your websites

No Follow link while it is counted as a link in search engines' eyes but Do Follow is better than the No Follow one

When you first start the backlinking process

It is very easy to do what is known in life as scratch my back and I will scratch yours and on internet it is similar you find someone with relevant website to link to you and you link to himfor straight forward link exchange similar to

Although you may have heard before that search engines don't count those links but this is a myth

I was able to move my DA from 2 to 6 just by exchanging links

Keep in mind when you exchange links

There will be always someone who is going to benefit more than the other one but how?

When you do link exchange someone would have a DA higher either you or your partner

I don't reject any links exchange even if I am having my DA higher than my partner who knows may be it will switch one day and he/she passes my DA

Outbound links

This is controversial discussion that the more you link to other websites the more search engines Google in particular starts to outrank your website

The right sentence is if you link to many spam or thin websites websites that don't have any content or full of gibberish contents

Now outbound links are really useful if you add links to complete your article or add a credit to your page like statistics site or Wikipedia

That's why I want you to be very careful when doing link exchange and make sure you exchange links with valuable websites that complete your portfolio

Internal links

I used to think that Internal links are useless but then I realized if you practice linking to your other pages within your blog, you will benefit from 2 things

First, you will help Google index all your pages even if Google is on top of that but linking old indexed page to a new one will help Google discovers it faster

Second, any visitors coming to your website you need to keep them longer by linking to relevant and similar topics to what they are reading

3) Are all links equal in value

I am referring here to the outbound links as it does not make sense to discuss inbound links here

Bottom line here not all links are equal

There is something Google invented long time ago called Page Rank as known as PR where every page on the internet gets a score from 0 to 100 based on how many pages linking to this particular page, hence the more votes the more your page will rise in PR what affects the PR score includes the following

Rules for link building techniques

  • Each PR value pointing to your page as if we have 2 similar pages on 2 different websites one of them has a PR of 50 pointing to it while the other page has a PR of 20 pointing to it, this means first page wins
  • Where the link pointing to your page is coming from, a link in the main content is better than a link on the side bar, header or footer, again a link on the first paragraph is better than in the middle or lower part of the content
  • Links with relevant anchor text has more value than vague links
  • Links from unique domains are better than the same amount of links from one or two domains e.g. 50 links from 50 domains are better than 50 links coming from 2 to 3 domains
  • Links from relevant pages is better than links from irrelevant pages e.g. a link from fitness site pointing to weight loss site is way better than a link from blogging site pointing to a weight loss site
  • Links from frequently updated pages are better than links coming from staled pages
  • Link coming from steady rate of growth page – meaning a page growing in number of links pointing to it is way better than a link coming from steady page
  • A Link from spam sites or low quality links is devalued in Google's eyes
  • Same thing if a page is pointing to a spam site will have less value than a page that does not
  • If a page is pointing to authoritative site it will have more value than similar page that does not
  • NoFollow links have less value than DoFollow ones

4) Link building strategy

Guest posts, Guest posts, Guest posts

I am not repeating the word guest posts by mistake, If I could stress 100th times of how important guest posts to get traffic to your blog

I would even say it is more important than Pinterest, because Pinterest is like a very beautiful stunning woman that decides to accompany you for few days so all doors will be opened to you

Guest posts are like your dad who encourages you to get a university degree

If you do so, you have a very high solid chance to succeed

In other word, guest posts is systematic gradual increase of your website traffic, the more you do guest posts the more your traffic will increase

First you get a link from a high DA site which is good for search engines rankings and second you get some of the traffic coming to this blog

Here are the best ways to find Guest posting opportunities

Search the internet for websites accepting Guest posts

Very easy step, let's say you want to find blogs to write guest posts for them on saving money niche

You open Google and replace keyword below with save money

keyword “submit a guest post” keyword “guest post” keyword “guest blogger” keyword “guest post by” keyword “accepting guest posts” keyword “guest post guidelines” keyword “writers needed” keyword “blog for us” keyword “write for us”

Lots of opportunities on Facebook groups dedicated to link building

Nothing is better than asking for guest posting on other members' blogs or even ask for links exchange, a direct link exchange like you link to my blog and I link to yours

I found these Facebook groups below to be top best for guest posting and links exchange

Backlink exchange group

Backlink Exchange Group

Backlink,Local citation, Guest post service

Backlinks and collaborations

Backlink/Article Writing/Guest Posting Services

Backlinks for Website Ranking

Bloggers Pinterest Pinning Party

Backlinks Provider

Caffeinated Blogger

Curated and Premium Backlinks

Dofollow Backlink Provider

Exchange Backlink 4 Backlink

Free Backlink Exchange Group

Guest Post – Free / Paid / Exchange Backlinks

Guest Post | Backlink Exchange | PBN | Web 2.0

Free Guest Postings & Backlinks

Guest Post All Niche | SEO | Backlink

Free Links Exchange, Guest Posts, Backlinks

Link Exchange – Guest Post Requests, Blogs, Backlinks, Share For Share

SEO Backlink Marketplace

Organic Website Traffic Exchange and Backlinks


Top Backlinks Website List

SEO, Guest Post, SEO Backlinks & PBN Marketplace

Ask politely to exchange links with other websites

Use the Facebook groups provided above

I say politely because I got some websites with higher DA to agree to link to my blog

Then I told them that I would really appreciate exchanging links and I am working on my blog to raise my DA

I state this fact to them who knows maybe one day my DA can pass their websites

Search for broken links for blogs you follow

First you cannot do it manually, there is an extension called Check My Links on Chrome browser

Go to Google and type “Check my links chrome browser” then go ahead and add it to your Chrome

Link building strategies by using check my link extension in chrome browser
The Ultimate Guide to Link Building Techniques the Right Way 7

After you find a missing link check to see if you can find a replacement on your site to compensate the broken link for the blog you follow

Then email the blog owner and let him/her know about what you discovered on his/her blog

There is no guarantee that you can get your suggested link added so I don't invest time writing this missing component if it is missing, I can find any other broken links on his/her blog and if I can only find one link to point to my blog, may be I can get a link back to my blog

Use your infographics passion to get backlinks to your blog

The good thing about this trick is that there are so many blogs with ultimate guide that it would make them better if you create infographics to illustrate the steps listed there

You can try multiple sites with similar contents and see if you have a chance of any blogger who can use your infographics which you created

All they need to do are just a backlinks giving you credits to your website

It would be better to have your infographics hosted on your web hosting and they link back to your infographics because you don't even ask for the credit if they link to you then a backlink to your blog is counted

Write missing content for bloggers if not for them then It is on your blog

This link building technique method only works out if you are in the mind set of building backlinks

first I will explain it, you visit a blog and read a blog post where you easily spot out something that would make it perfect if it gets added to it

For example, you read the ultimate guide to affiliate marketing you notice that this content is missing best ways to find affiliate marketing programs to join

You can start writing it for your blog and offer it to this earlier blog owner, make it a thorough guide that he/she cannot resist but to add it

If not, search for all affiliate marketing articles on other blogs and do the same thing

Remember you have a new content on your blog, you can use this method as a way to find content to write on your blog

Spy on your competitors

This is a very systematic and traditional link building techniques

Where I find this one to be the most effective method

Because if you search a blog similar to yours

You can find a lot of guest post opportunities you are not aware of

You can find a high DA websites accepting guest posts whom are not picky so you can add them to your list

If you think it is a lot of work, think about it the other way around

You can spend 5 to 10 hours on each guest post only to find that it is rejected

Why don't you examine the quality of your competitors' blogs guest posts

See if you can work on these high DA sites to submit easy guest posts that get accepted

I find a cheap tool called Keysearch it uses Moz in its backend

Write a round posts or testimonials

Once in a life time on your blog

It doesn't hurt if you write a long round post for all bloggers in your niche and mention their names and write a detailed descriptions about them

Reach out to them on social media

I prefer Twitter, don't expect to link back to you but at least they can tweet your post to their followers

HARO – Help A Reporter Out

This is a website called, I had to list it as a unique way to get backlinks if you manage to do it on time and by following HARO guideline accurately

HARO is an online service for Journalists to collect feedback from bloggers or public

You can sign up for free and you will receive 3 emails per day at 5:35 AM, 12:35 PM and 5:35 PM in EST time from Monday to Friday

You get 3 long emails daily categorized under Biotech and Healthcare, Business and Finance, Education, Entertainment and Media, High Tech, Lifestyle and General

Below is a sample of 3 of the above categories to show you how they look like in emails

HARO - Biotech and Healthcare
HARO - Business and Finance
HARO - Education

All the above are the list of all requirements from Journalists or bloggers who are looking to feature a round ups

I believe when you click on any of the hyperlinks above, it should take you to the requirements but for some reasons it doesn't work from Gmail on cell phone

Below is a sample of one of the requirements, you have to check what suits you and look for the due date so you don't submit late

HARO Requirements

Donate to get a link

This is one of the best link building techniques that turned out to be a very well known method

It is my fault that I did not know about it

You can start with the below searches on Google

You can easily find other blogs compiling a list of charitable websites that provide a Do Follow links to your blog for reasonable donations

  • “Donation list” + “contributors”
  • “Contributors page” + “Donate”
  • “donate to us”
  • “donate to this site”

Final thoughts on link building process

You want traffic like 500 to 1,000 or more visitors a day, it comes with an effort

You have to keep the link building techniques as an ongoing process

Don't think that right great content is enough to get visitors to your website

If you don't reach out to those type of visitors on social media and to target SEO by using low competitive keywords on search engines then unfortunately your blog will stay buried on internet

If you like it please share it with your friends by clicking on the social media icons to the left or mobile

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