List of Instagram Follow for Follow Groups

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Follow-for-follow groups are communities of Instagram users who support each other through follow-for-follow.

They support each other and choose other Instagram users who match their interests so they can easily follow and engage with their goods.

It is mainly used as a hashtag, and these hashtags have become quite popular. They accompany posts that are uploaded on various social media platforms.

If you want to grow your number of followers and increase the level of engagement on your account, this will work massively.

However, most of these follow-for-follow groups are managed by bots or sometimes spammers, so if they interact with your account, they will follow you and increase your following but will not engage with your content.

When asked if it was an effective and suitable method to gain followers, people on forums like quora and social media communities said it was adequate but not as good if you cared for the quality of your audience.

Especially those with a social media presence purely for business and promotion.

There are other follow-for-follow groups managed by admins who have social media too, and the people who follow you are members of these groups who joined to add to their following just like you.

Active follow-for-follow groups used and mentioned in our article are on Facebook, Reddit, Discord, or Telegram.

The following is a list of these follow-for-follow groups that you can leverage to grow your Instagram account fast.

#1. Instagram Followers

Instagram followers are a follow-for-follow group on Facebook. If you are logged in on Facebook and active on Instagram, this is one of the most active follow-for-follow groups on Facebook.

This group accepts anyone and is easy to work with. To join, you must forward your Instagram link and a brief description of yourself.

Once you join, the gaining is fast, simple, and great.

 #2. Instagram Followers 2

A Facebook follow-for-follow group that operates the same as the first one. You will have to drop your link to the group for you to get likes and followers on your Instagram account and free promotion.

#3. Instagram Follow for Follow

This is yet another one of the most active follow-for-follow groups on Facebook. They operate the same as Instagram followers follow for following the group.

#4. Instagram follow4follow Back

It is a Facebook follow-for-follow group where everyone who is part of it follows everyone and gets a follow back.

It boosts your followers on Instagram and tiktok in no time. Instagram follow4follow back is a private group that has 14.3k followers.

#5. Get Instagram Followers

A private Instagram promotion group is also based on Facebook for gaining massive followers and increasing engagement on your social media account.

It strictly promotes Instagram posts and no other social media platform. With 69.7k members, you can be sure that it is pretty popular and legit.

#6. Instagram Engagement and Promotion

Promoting your social media page on this active Facebook follow-for-follow group gets a higher following and high engagement.

They do not allow links, so you must send your post with a description and username. Their 95.5k following is based on people who want to increase their followers and engagement, learn how to promote their accounts on social media, get free training and coaching on social media as a niche, and interact with popular social media influencers.

#7. Instagram (from 0-100k real followers)

This Facebook platform encourages its participants to network and supports fellow participants. It also encourages them to follow other Instagram users that conform to their interests for a follow back.

#8. Instagram, TWITTER, Pinterest, Etc. Worldwide Followers

This follow-for-follow group promotes your Instagram account and your Twitter, Wattpad, and Pinterest social accounts. It has 69.6k followers and allows only English users.

#9. Instagram Followers Real Users Worldwide

A Facebook follow-for-follow group that not only gets you the followers and engagement you so desire but also knowledge and tips on keeping an Instagram account growing and thriving.

#10. Instagram Active Followers and Likes Only

An active follow-for-follow and like-for-like group on Facebook with over 4000 active users. The strict guidelines make it safe and fun to be part of the group.

#11. Instagram F4f

You can join a follow-for-follow group on Discord to gain more followers. It has over 11.4k group members.

They have a custom promoter bot that gives shout-outs to the members every hour, a self-promotion feature for your Instagram, unlike some follow-for-follow groups.

It is a 24/7 free Instagram accounts shout-outs machine.

#12. Instagram Follow for Follow

An active follow-for-follow group server on Discord that will not only gain you followers but active ones too. It gets your followers and people to like your posts.

They also have unique rewards for people who invite many friends on their server while you boost your followers. It currently has 274 active members.

#13. Instagram

A Discord follow-for-follow server headlined by an advanced promoter bot. It brings you news related to Instagram and functions just for you according to the number of your followers. Currently, it has 1,956 members.

#14. Promote Yourself

It is a newer server on Discord than the rest, where you can self-promote your accounts on Instagram, YouTube, twitch, Spotify, and many more for more followers and boosted engagement.

#15. R/Followback

It is a platform on Reddit where you can post your professional and personal social media accounts to gain more followers with time while you also follow back. r/Followback has over 9k participants.

#16. R/Followforfollow

This is a follow-for-follow subreddit for posting the Instagram link of your account to get a massive following and add significantly to your usual likes on each post.

It is, however, not restricted to Instagram. Compared to the other Reddit follow-for-follow groups, it is the least active but has over 8k active participants.

#17. r/Instagram

A subreddit follow-for-follow platform with 224k members is used for expanding your follower base, finding new Instagram users, liking new content for a like, and following exciting accounts.

You can also ask questions about your Instagram account to get feedback, which adds to the group's other purpose: learning new tricks and tips on managing your account effectively.

#18. Instagram Mega Growth

Instagram mega growth is a Telegram follow-for-follow group that encourages you to engage with the duplicate accounts you are receiving from.

It has 446 members currently, and the numbers are still going up.

They have a bot that confirms if you have followed everyone and if you will unfollow later.

The same bot tracks your commitment and activity for rewards.

#19. Gain Real Likes and Followers

This is presumed to be an engagement group rather than a follow-for-follow group.

However, it helps boost your following and your account's engagement.

#20. Instagram DX10 Like Gruppe Likes Group DM Group Like Pod

It is likewise a Telegram-gaining group that has 784 members currently. Their requirements before you start earning are liking the past links posted before and following the group's admins.

 #21. Instagram Power Likes

This follow-for-follow group is hosted on Telegram and boosts your likes fast while you gain followers.

Once you join, you must drop your Instagram link in the group, and the group members will like your posts.


This belongs to the ‘followchain' website. Its guidelines are strict and committed to simplifying your growth and networking.

You will be required to forward your Instagram username to their website, follow other recommended Instagram users that fascinate you, then direct message them to confirm that you are not a bot or a spammer.

People only rely on these bots for a follow, but they do not follow back, so they do some verification.


Final Thoughts:

Expanding your following rapidly sounds exciting to people. Engage yourself with these follow-for-follow groups to learn how to do that.

Some will have guidelines you need to follow to be part of the community.

Once you join a follow-for-follow group, you will have to follow every group member unless you have started that you have a specific interest that makes you follow and not follow these accounts.

This is preferable since most members will follow you for the value you bring via your account, just like you did when choosing whom to follow. They remain committed followers and fans of your work and content and will most likely not unfollow you.

Either way, whomever you follow should follow you back immediately. The other restriction is that you are not to unfollow any of them later on, or you are removed from the group.

Not unless you have a very viable reason.

You can join more than one follow-for-follow group.

So I hope you found this list of Instagram follow-for-follow groups helpful.

Now I would like to hear from you.

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