12 Ways How You Can Listen To Music, Get Paid & Have Fun

earn for listening

 Unveiling platforms to earn money listening to music!

Times are hard, and everyone loves a little extra cash when prices are rising faster than our monthly salary. If you are a music lover, you are in luck. Did you know that you can now listen to music, get paid and have fun? You heard it right, you are able to make some extra income by indulging in your personal passion. There are quite a number of platforms that will allow you to get paid to listen to music. Are you ready to get started? Join us as we bring you through our 12 favorites alphabetically! 

How to Make Money Listening to Music

1. Cash4minutes

How to Earn: Listen to live radio stations | Rate: Around $0.08 per month | Payout: PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards | Available: Worldwide

This platform is a rage with many youths today. The reason is simple. You get to earn around $0.08 per minute just by listening to live radio stations, and the platform is available to anyone worldwide. To be onboard, you will need to register using a landline number, fill in your personal information, receive your login details via email, and you are ready to get started! 

The platform will send you regular emails requesting for you to perform simple tasks such as tuning into a particular radio channel. There may also be instances where you are made to listen or make calls as well. Once you have clocked sufficient funds in your account, you can redeem your earnings directly through PayPal or request Amazon gift cards within a few days. If you are into crypto, you will be thrilled to know that they have also recently introduced additional payment methods like Bitcoin and Litecoin.

2. Current Rewards

How to Earn: Listen to live radio stations | Rate: Up to $120 per year | Payout: PayPal | Available: Worldwide

If you are a lover of live radio, you need to download the Current Rewards app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. This platform allows you to access over 100,000 live radio stations from all over the world. Once installed, you can simply swipe up to tune into any radio station you desire and manage your personal preference by genres or music artists.

Here is how the earnings start. You will be awarded points for every month you spend listening to these radio stations. Redemption of your points can be made once you hit the 150 credit limit. You can withdraw your earnings conveniently through your PayPal account. Based on the website, you can make up to $120 in a year just by tuning in to your favorite stations through the app.   

3. Earnably

How to Earn: Watch Music Videos | Rate: Dependent on video | Payout: PayPal or Gift Cards | Availability: Worldwide

Earnably ranks high in our list because it sits amongst the top spots for some of the highest paying websites for you to get paid to listen to music. You get to watch new music videos, and your earnings are dependent on the rate for each video. Beyond that, you can also do surveys and watch paid ads to supplement your overall income. We also loved another rather passive way of earning, you can listen to online radios to bring in cash. 

Last but not least, if you love the platform enough, they also offer referral programs that do not pay an upfront referral fee but instead allow you to earn 10% of your referral’s earning lifetime! Think about how that can build your base for a steady stream of income down the road. How cool is that? 

4. FIX

How to Earn: Listen to new music | Rate: Dependent on music | Payout: PayPal| Availability: Worldwide

Yet another awesome app that allows you to make money listening to music, FIX is a must-download from Apple App Store and Google Play Store that provides you with the extra income you so desire.   

Once registered, you can access your favorite songs and music artists, share music-related news and even buy tickets to artists’ concerts! For every track that you listen to, you will receive cash rewards which you can redeem through your linked PayPal account. 

5. FusionCash

How to Earn: Listen to new music | Rate: Dependent on ads | Payout: PayPal | Availability: Only US

No matter if you just love to be amongst the first to listen to the latest tracks or simply want to get paid while listening to your favorite tunes, FusionCash is the place to be. Registering to get started is super easy, and you will also be able to enjoy a $5 welcome bonus. The only bad news is that the platform is only available for users who are residing in the United States. Too bad for the rest of us who are not. Once you are in, you will obtain direct access to all the music you adore on the user-friendly dashboard. To ensure that you are actively listening, the platform will prompt you with a captcha every few minutes.   

Beyond watching music videos, you can also opt to watch videos and do surveys for extra cash. Upon reaching the minimum payment threshold of USD$25, your accumulated funds can be withdrawn on the 20th of each month. 

6. HitPredictor

How to Earn: Listen to new music | Rate: $5 for 15 tracks| Payout: Amazon Gift Cards | Availability: Worldwide

For us personally, this is a really fun way to make money. We sort of become the experts when it comes to determining whether music can make it before it gets launched. The platform releases new tracks for you to listen to and give your personal feedback. There will be a wide variety of tracks available, ranging from renowned record labels to individual artists, and you will be rewarded handsomely for your important perspective on their music.   

While the rate is around $5 for 15 tracks, you will typically take around 30 minutes to get through these tracks. Besides giving comments on new songs and music, you can also rate new artists coming onboard the platform. How fun is that! You can imagine yourself as Simon Cowell, judging the potential of these newbies and get paid to listen to music! 

There are, however, some dampeners to the platform. You need to be at least 13 years old to start an account. You will also be disappointed if you are looking for cold hard cash; their only payout option is Amazon gift cards.

7. MusicXray

How to Earn: Review new music | Rate: Around $0.05 per song| Payout: PayPal | Availability: Worldwide

Similar to HitPredictor, Music Xray allows you access to new aspiring artists and music composers. You get paid to listen to music and review them to help these creators get better at their craft. To get started, you will need to register for your free account and upload 5 tracks upfront for the platform to get a good understanding of your personal taste in song and music. 

Like a VIP, once there is a new song that matches your personal taste, you will receive the tracks in your email, and you will have to furnish a small review after listening to the music or song within the next 24 hours. Talk about a time crunch! For your work, you will enjoy a rate of around $0.05 per song. Earnings can be redeemed through your linked PayPal account. 

8. PlaylistPush

How to Earn: Review new music | Rate: Up to $12 per song| Payout: PayPal | Availability: Worldwide

Yet another platform where you get to make money listening to music, this platform actually allows you to make money from the playlist that you have on Apple Music or Spotify. Connecting music artists with playlist creators on different music platforms and apps, aspiring artists and music composers get to introduce their latest creations to playlist creators through this platform. 

You will get paid to listen to music by these singers and music composers to listen to their latest tracks for as high as $12 per song if you have a large following. If you love their tracks and wish to share them with more people, you can do them a favor by adding them to your playlist. There is. However, a tough element coming onboard this platform. You will need to be somewhat of a music influencer to be eligible. Yes, that is right. You must command a minimum of 400 followers on your Spotify or Apple Music playlist. A smaller base will see you start your earning from $1

9. RadioEarn

How to Earn: Listen to online radio | Rate: Dependent on ads | Payout: PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards or Wire Transfer | Availability: Worldwide

Radio lovers will have 2 new choices to make the extra bucks for our Platforms 9 & 10. Registration is absolutely free of charge, and you just need to input your credentials, create your profile and get started! Once approved, you simply need to tune in to a number of radio channels right from the platform’s dashboard. It is great to listen to music and get paid!

To reward you for your time, you will get to redeem Cash, Amazon Gift Cards, or wire transfers (for United States citizens only) once a month. How’s that for a music app that pays you? 

10. Radioloyalty

How to Earn: Listen to online radio | Rate: Dependent on ads | Payout: VISA Gift Vouchers| Availability: Worldwide

Just like RadioEarn, you are making money from listening to music on radio stations on their platform over the laptop or through their app. In the process of savoring music and songs, you will be greeted by regular ads, and this is where you receive your commission. To make sure that you are actively listening, you will need to enter a Captcha every 3 to 5 minutes. It is a fun way to get paid for listening to music apps. 

11. Research.fm

How to Earn: Listen to new music | Rate: Dependent on songs | Payout: PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards, Wire Transfers or Bitcoin | Availability: Worldwide

As its name suggests, the platform wants you to be onboard as part of its research for new tracks. You will get paid to listen to music and review them. The tough part, however, is getting onboard the platform. This elusive platform is by invitation only. You will need to request an invitation from existing members on the platform, and that may take a while. 

Once onboard, it is easy to get started on your earning journey. The platform has an easy-to-navigate section where you can access all new tracks and provide your ratings instantly for each individual track. It will be in a survey format where you need to make a selection of fields and provide short reviews for the songs and music you listen to. If you are always on the move, the platform also allows you to download their app from Google Playstore and Apple App Store and perform your ratings on the move. 

Your earnings can be redeemed through PayPal and direct wire transfers once you hit the minimum withdrawal limit of just $2. Hitting the limit should be a piece of cake, and you can choose Amazon Gift Cards or Bitcoin as well, should you fancy these alternatives. 

13. We Localize

How to Earn: Write the lyrics | Rate: $4 per lyrics | Payout: PayPal & Wire Transfer | Availability: United States Only

If you can do more than just listen to music, We Localize would love to pay you to write out the lyrics of your favorite songs as you earn for listening. It is definitely more of the more action-oriented platforms where you have to listen to the songs and focus on the lyrics rather than the usual song reviews. 

To get started, you will need to create a free account on the platform. You will be sent new tracks daily, which you need to transcribe to get $4 per song from the platform. While it is not as easy as just listening and reviewing the tracks, you do get a good steady stream of income if you can invest just a few minutes a day. 

Once you have clocked substantial earnings, you can extract them directly through PayPal and Wire Transfer. Unfortunately, this platform is only available for permanent United States citizens.  

There you have it! 12 of our favorite recommendations on how you can listen to music, get paid and have fun! While our list is not exhaustive, we hope we have given you a good starting point where you can now earn money listening to music by registering on these platforms and get on the programs. 

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