Living In A Tent To Save Money – Find Out How To Do That Starting Today?

Is living in a tent to save money a crazy idea?

May be it is crazy for those who adapts well to modern life

But there are people who don't care and tired of daily life routine

They decided to live in a tent not only to save money as the main reason

But living off the grid tent is a way to retain healthy mind and body

Earlier I discussed living in a mobile home as an alternative way to regular home

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living in a tent to save money

And in this post I am discussing living in a tent as a way to save money and many more

Is living in a tent something real?

Yes living of the grid tent is real and some people choose to live this life

It is a primitive life unplugged from any sort of modern life

You won't get mails, you can't watch TV or have an internet access

I think those who decide to live of the grid have gut and will power

At the same time, they have courage to ignore society's stereotype against them

Why people decide to live in a tent?

It is hard to get into the mind of those who decide to live in a tent

Yes, living in a tent to save money is one valid reason

You will cut around 30% of your rent or mortgage

Plus cutting all utilities like electricity and water

Those who live of the grid tents stay in groups as they need bathroom with shower

Usually they have a van nearby furnished with shower stalls

You put your name on a waiting list for your turn to take a shower

Anyway beside saving money there are other reasons like

  • Simple life as you stay away from the stress you experience in the city
  • Exposure to nature by living in an open green land space
  • Less commitment to the land as you can move anywhere
  • Accepting new challenge and try new things
  • Less pollution you are exposed to

How much living in a tent will save money for you?

Living in a tent is a proven way to save lot of money

You cut at least 30% of your rent and mortgage

No bills at all like electricity, water, internet and AC

I think you need to keep your cell phone on

No maintenance or repairs for your home

How to choose the right tent to live permanently?

There are certain requirements you have to choose in any tent like

1- Your tent has to protect you from rain so it should be made of nylon or canvases

2- Look for large tent like 20 by 10 feet which is enough for 12 to sleep inside and can fit 4 queen air beds

3- Durability as you need a sturdy tent that can stand rains, sun or snow

What are the things to consider before living in a tent?

There are few things to consider before you live in a tent like

1- Make sure you park your tent in a camping area with no rental fees

2- The land where you base your tent should be flat and smooth

3- You should consider keeping your belongings to the bare minimum

What are the benefits of living in a tent?

There are direct benefits of living in a tent like

Decreased expenses

Your expenses will be decreased drastically as living in a tent you will save money by cutting your rent or mortgage

Almost no utility bills and no appliances to use at all

Enjoying nature

It is proven by studies that living in nature enhances your mood and relaxes your mind

Healthy living

Living off grid has great impact on your health as you get rid of high end products and all appliances that are under suspicious to cause health issues like microwave

Completely portable

Being able to live anywhere as you start to decrease your belongs and packing up to move to another place does not become a real issue

Become Eco friendly

You will start to be less polluting to earth as you decrease the amount of carbon dioxide you contribute to the planet

Challenge yourself

It is a challenging experience as you practice lighting fire and cooking healthy food

Pros and cons of living in a tent

Living in a tent as a way to save money beside having its pros, it has its cons too

Starting with pros of living outdoor

Starting with pros definitely I have to admit you will get rid of 70% of your expenses

You'll begin to live a basic and healthy life and that's good to feel you are an adaptable person

Your mind will start to focus on things you would never do like reading and solving sudoku

Also getting the feeling of being portable and not attached to certain place

And getting back your mind to enjoy the nature like twitters of birds and chirping of crickets

For the cons, there are so many things that can hold you back

But it all depends on your personality

Cons of living outdoor

Missing electricity is not an easy thing for anyone

If you think about all the appliances and devices using electricity

It is more than you think, for example you won't be able to use your laptop

Even if it is running on lithium battery, it needs to be charged

Also missing all types of coffee machines that operate with electricity

I will speak about myself, I cannot get rid of my espresso machine

Getting disconnected from the internet is very tough

Even if you decide to use your mobile data plan

You have to be very conservative as you don't want to drain your phone

You should consider safety reasons when living outdoor

Accidents happen, you have to be ready with first-aid kits and survival gear on hand

You have to be tough to resist the bad weather

It may be fun if you start living in a tent during spring

But what about winter weather especially if it is snowing or during thunderstorms

Sanitation issues and their impact on your life

By living in a tent, you are exposing yourself to lack of modern sanitation devices

For example, you have no access to toilet and you have to make sure to dispose your waste in a proper area to avoid insects nearby your tent

Also the idea of getting your shower in a limited schedule is something you should think about

Especially if you like to take shower daily that may not be possible in a tent

Facing dangers of wild animals

If you see dears and bunnies that are not an issue at all

Expect to see from time to time few wild animals like racoons, snakes or maybe bears

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