Love Triangle: Teenager Must Choose Between Leaving Her Boyfriend or Dating Him and His Mom

Sure, some men are close to their mothers. But people from the outside may not understand that extra special kind of relationship this story is about. We’re talking about “mama’s boys.”

The teenager in this story, whom we’ll call OP, is in a relationship with a mama's boy, and she can't take it anymore. Now, she wants to know if she’s wrong for considering ending the relationship.

The Mama's Boy

OP started dating her boyfriend when she was 16. For the story's sake, let’s ignore the fact that she was too young to be dating anyone seriously.

Initially, she thought he adored his mom so much, and it was cute. It’s not often you see guys who share a special bond with their moms; on rare occasions, it looks cute! Especially to someone like OP, whose family members don’t share that bond.

Her boyfriend's mom was a stay-at-home mom, so she did everything for her kids. She seemed cool and didn't have an issue with both dating.

Well, the cool mom vibe soon faded. Every adult knows a teenager needs their privacy. No one wants to know what they do behind closed doors. Let alone two teenagers. Even though they are young and require adult supervision, they still need privacy.

His mom doesn’t know this. So, she barges in on them whenever she likes. OP doesn’t like it, but she tries not to make a big deal about it because they are at the boyfriend’s house.

Falling Out of Love

Fast forward a year into the relationship, and OP is fed up with her boyfriend insisting on his mom's opinion with everything he does.

The camel's back broke when OP’s family planned a summer trip to the Philippines. When OP spoke to his mom about it, she said they (meaning her son, of course) shouldn't go. And he didn't.

Then she realized she was in a relationship with a twenty-year-old who was okay with being a mama's boy.

Now, OP feels stuck. She doesn't know if she should mention it because she's scared it might lead to a breakup, but she can't continue dating him and his mom. So, she needs to know if it would be wrong of her to end the relationship.

Let It Go

OP isn’t wrong, according to everyone’s opinion online. But she also needs to decide to let this one go. She’s still young, and neither seems emotionally or otherwise prepared to be in a relationship.

u/YourLittleRuth said, “You're 17. There are better options out there for you. This one's already taken, by his mom. NTA.”

u/BigBayesian shared a couple of ideas on how she could end the relationship.

“NTA. You’re young, and likely new to serious adult relationships. You and M sound like a bad fit — even if you two manage to move out (he doesn’t really want to, does he?), he’s going to expect that you’ll do all the things for him, his mum does. Or rather, he won’t expect that he has to do them now.

I think you can say, ‘Look, your mum’s too intense for me,’ and try to move on and live your life. If you’re still pining after him in a few years (you won’t be) look him up.”

u/OKDanemama points out the best thing she can do: Run away from the shackles of being in a relationship with a mama's boy.

“Leave him now. The longer you wait, the harder it becomes. Also, the longer you wait, the more likely it is to be ugly because your resentment over his mother will grow.

If you stay with him, she will want to control every bit of your life. If you moved in together, she would walk into your bedroom, and she would insist on having keys to your house. That is the life that you would be looking forward to having.

NTA. Break up with him now. The sooner, the better. Make a clean break, and just be honest. It's the kindest you can do for both of you.”


People have given their take, and OP should run for her life. However, as a young girl, she’s sure to find love again. As for her boyfriend and his mom, they can enjoy their relationship.

What's your take on mama's boys? Would you stay in a relationship with one?

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