Love Tyrant Season 2: Renewal Status!

Love Tyrant season 2 will be coming back? Love Tyrant is one of the romantic comedy manga series that are also known as Renai Boukun. This manga series was later directed by Atsushi Nigorikawa and produced by Takaya Ibira, Hirohiko Kanbe, Hiroyuki Tanaka, Migaku Sugita, Yousuke Takabayashi, Sōji Miyagi, Shunsuke Matsumura into anime television.

The first season was released on 7 April 2017 and was last aired in June 2017 after 12 episodes. It’s been 5 years since the first season and fans are waiting for the next update of Love Tyrant Season 2. Love Tyrant received a positive response from everyone after the debut. Now, we're gonna collect some information for Love Tyrant Season 2.

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Love Tyrant Season 2
Love Tyrant Season 2: Renewal Status! 4

With the plot of cupid and her magical book. Guri, our cupid has the ordinary job as a love-maker to make people fall in love with each other. This magical book, or kiss note, can be so powerful that it makes anyone who has their name written together instantly fall in love if they kiss each other.

As the true meaning of cupid, Guri must build a love for people all over the world. But one day, Guri accidentally write down Seiji Aino names, a regular high schooler. Like any regular teenager, Seiji has a long crush on Akane Hiyama, the school's popular girl. The Note rules, if the boy that was written down doesn’t find his love or kiss anyone, the cupid a.k.a Guri, will die.

This rule can be pretty messed up right? Another problem can come from Akane that turns out to be obsessive and psychotic. Akane and Seiji, later on, were dating together, but another problem came from Guri. Our cupid was growing to feel towards her. Seiji is up for grabs with two beautiful but easily jealous girls, one is a popular girl, one of them is a cupid

Love Tyrant Season 2 Characters and Cast

Seijo AinoKenshoo Ono
GuriYoshino Aoyama
Akane HiyamaManami Numakura

Love Tyrant Season 2: Release Date

EMT Squared or EMT² (Assassins Pride & I'm Quitting Heroing) was the studio that produced the debut of Love Tyrant. In 2017, Love Tyrant gave great success to this studio. Love Tyrant is also one of the anime that have the highest-rated anime series. This was accomplished by love, appreciation, and support from fans all over the world.

But until today, fans are still waiting for the next update of Love Tyrant Season 2. EMT² never announced or gave us a hint of the fate in this anime series. Fans for now just need to wait for the official announcement. We don’t know anything yet, but as long as the makers have not canceled this anime, we can still hype or hope for Love Tyrant Season 2 or Renai Boukun.

Resource for Love Tyrant Season 2

The author serialized the manga series for seven years, from 2012 to 2019. After its edition, the series was obtained into 14 tankobon volumes. The debut season of Love Tyrant has only accepted half of these chapters. And that means the producers still have adequate source material to create another season of the anime. However, if the producers ever revive the anime, then it is likely that Renai Boukun Season 2 will be its final season.

Love Tyrant Season 2 2

The Return of Love Tyrant Season 2 

Even Love Tyrant Season 1 was one of the highest-rated anime of EMT² and get such positive feedback, but the fan’s satisfaction is still pretty average. In MyAnimeList, Love Tyrant only gets 6.95/10 which affected or became the main reason for the delayed Love Tyrant Season 2. Over the years, if the EMT² keeps postponing the release of Love Tyrant Season 2, fans' demand for the next update will be decreasing. But we need to give all the best support so Love Tyrant Season 2 will come back soon!