Fictional Favorites, Real-Life Nightmares: 15 Characters You’d Dread Meeting”

Everyone has fictional characters they empathize with, root for, and love! Watching them on screen fills the heart with joy and satisfaction. However, bring them to real life, and they might not be so appealing anymore! Let’s test the limits of fiction by looking at 15 lovable characters that forum members would avoid in reality.

1. Mr. Bean Spills the Beans

Mr. Bean Rowan Atkinson Tiger Aspects Production
Photo Credit: PolyGram Filmed Entertainment.

As much as we thank Mr. Bean for the childhood memories he blessed us with, it is no surprise that he’ll be a weirdo in real life. Just imagine you are casually driving your blue Reliant, only for it to be flipped over by some silly person in a brown suit. Though, as most forum members admit, you can’t blame the guy for being an alien.

2. Jack Sparrow: Set Sail for Chaos

Pirates of the Caribbean, Johnny Depp
Image Credit: Buena Vista Pictures.

There’s something charismatic about this character that makes him popular among many. However, knowing someone as unpredictable and unreliable as him would be challenging. Throw in his drinking habits, and you have yourself one big mess!

3. Tony Stark: Eat the Rich?

Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr,
Image Credit: Marvel.

Who doesn’t love Iron Man? With his breathtaking powered armor suit, brilliant sense of humor, and high intelligence, he is quite a popular character in the Marvel world.

However multiple members articulate that his significant ego and impulsive behavior would not be appreciated in real life, mainly because he’s a billionaire.

4. Severing Ties With Snape

Alan Rickman, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows
Image Credit: Warner Bros.

Severus Snape may have a fantastic back story, but as a user points out, his tendency to bully a child due to his failed love life is not impressive. But hey, at least he could be the broody, mysterious uncle at family dinner parties.

5. Han Solo: Financial Fiasco

Star Wars, Harrison Ford, Lucasfilm Ltd
Image Credit: Lucasfilm Ltd.

One says he would be a horrible friend to have. Not paying you back on time, if at all? Sounds flaky!

6. Emily Cooper: The Rigid Tourist

Emily in Paris, Lilly Collins
Image Credit: Netflix.

Watching her adapt to life in Paris with extravagant dresses and luxurious events makes one addicted to the show. However, one mentions that someone like Emily, who constantly critiques Parisian culture and tries to enforce her own on others, would not be likable in reality.

7. Jean-Ralphio: Chaotic Comedy

Parks and Recreation, Ben Schwartz,
Image Credit: NBC.

While he is fun to watch on screen for his entrepreneurial spirit and outgoing personality, many believe his irresponsible behavior and self-absorbed tendencies would be exhausting.

8. Harvey Specter: Suits and Sarcasm

Suits, Gabriel Macht,
Image Credit: Universal Content Productions.

While a charming and intellectual lawyer with a strong wit, Harvey would be a pain to know, many say. His arrogance, dismissive behavior, and rigorous work ethic would make establishing a genuine relationship with him difficult.

9. Greg House: Saving Lives at a Cost

House, Hugh Laurie, Heel Toe Films
Image Credit: NBC Universal.

House succeeds in almost all his cases by callously doing whatever he wants. However, being bombarded with constant insults and sarcasm and having your trust broken multiple times doesn’t sound pleasant.

10. Harley Quinn: A Roller-Coaster Ride

Birds of Prey, Margot Robbie
Image Credit: DC Studios.

Many users agree that knowing her in real life would be like being on edge constantly. Her tendency to switch her mood from playful to violent within the blink of an eye would be confusing and scary for many.

11. Sherlock Holmes: Insufferable Know-It-All

Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock Holmes
Image Credit: BBC One.

He is undoubtedly insightful and brilliant, but his dismissing and condescending demeanor would make you feel useless and foolish. Being real-life friends would require a thick skin and a lot of patience!

12. Walter White: Arrogant Teacher

Breaking Bad (2008)
Image Credit: Ursula Coyote,Sony Pictures Television.

A lot of fans of Breaking Bad are cringing at the idea of spending any time with Walter White. He is pretty arrogant and selfish throughout the show, even though he doesn't really start off that way. As the show goes on, it only seems like he gets worse and worse.

13. Shawn Spencer: Poorly Timed Jokes

Psych, James Roday Rodriguez, J.J.
Image Credit: Sedelmaier Productions, Inc.

Knowing him would be an ongoing test of your sanity and patience. With his lying and manipulative tendencies, many say one would have difficulty trusting him. Not to mention, his hyperactive energy and joke-cracking at the most inappropriate times for seeking attention would make you not stand him for more than a few hours.

14. Michael Scott: Not The Best Boss

The Office (2005)
Image Credit: Universal Media Studios.

While watching Steve Carell play the hilarious Micahel Scott is really fun when it's fictional, but if he was your actual boss, there is no way ant work would get done and the work environment would be pretty toxic as well. We're fine watching him on TV only.

15. Tony Soprano: A Terrifying Mobster

The Sopranos (1999)
Image Credit: HBO Entertainment.

Spending time with any bigshot Mafia member is probably terrifying, but knowing Tony Soprano in real life would be awful. It's best to just watch his life from afar.

Source: Reddit.