Low Stress Jobs After Retirement – Top 20 Fun and Easy Jobs

Are there low stress jobs to pursue after retirement?

Yes, there are so many relaxed jobs that are available to work anytime.

Not only after retirement but as a part time too

These are kind of jobs that have no responsibilities and no pressure

Some of them you may not have heard about

I discussed earlier jobs that you can work alone

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low stress jobs after retirement

And in this post, I decided to talk about low stress jobs after retirement


Librarian is a cool no-brainer job

You just need to understand the library software and how to use it

All you have to do is to issue, collect, organize library resources

You would definitely enjoy this low stress job after your retirement as library is a quiet place to work in


Just practice using the reservation system to book for passing by guests

Most of the time guests book online so receptionist jobs became even easier than before

Other than that, expect calls from rooms asking for replacing missing items like asking for coffee pods, shampoo, extra towels..etc

You don't send missing items to rooms by yourself, you ask hotel servants to do that

Working as a receptionist is a low stress job especially if you work it after retirement

Shelf stocker

Shelf stocker refills shelves in shops nothing more than that

zero stress level job and no need to learn anything in this job

Parking attendant

Parking attendant takes care of parking facility by collecting payments

And making sure all vehicles are monitored for any theft condition

This job requires you to pick your location of where you want to work as a parking attendant

If you work in a 5 stars hotels or fancy restaurants it is going to be less stress job and high safety for you

Blogging itself is not a stressful job at all

Especially if you work it as a side hobby

What makes blogging challenging is to build a blog without any income to live with

It is wrong to start blogging hoping to make full time income

Where in fact it takes lot of time to master this blogging industry

What I wanted to say is that you decide your stress level


Flipping items is simply a technique of buying things cheap and selling them with higher prices

This flipping job is low stress job if you know your cheap sources

It doesn't require to work it full time unless you are making so much money out of it

that's why it is a perfect low stress job that you can do after retirement

Someone I know called Rob and his wife managed to put together a magnificent course on flipping business showing the way of making $100,000 a year

Real estate virtual assistant jobs

Another low stress job that requires no qualification

Go search all jobs seeking websites for “real estate virtual assistant”

You will find so many openings and expected pay between $20 and $25 an hour

Real estate virtual assistants

Drive Uber or Lyft

This job is very stressful if you are driving in a big crowded city

So it all depends on where you are driving Uber or Lyft

The good thing about this job is you decide when to work and when to take a break

If you don't want to work at the moment then turn off the driving app

Makeup artist

Do you enjoy doing makeup for your friends and family?

If so, then that's a good news as you can make money out of it

You can turn it to low stress job that you can work anytime even after retirement

What is really good about makeup artist job is that all your makeup visual work can be featured on your Instagram and Pinterest social media accounts

makeup artist is one of the low stress jobs after retirement

This means more visitors seeing your work and more people hiring you

Video games tester

I don't like video games the animation and action ones

The video games I like are more of puzzles and those that require brain solving skills

Anyway for any video game to be released it has to pass through lot of testing

That's why the demand on video games testers is high nowadays

video games tester is a job you work alone

Of course it is a low stressful jobs for all ages

Professional sleeper

You would be lucky if you catch a job asking to work as professional sleeper

The idea is that mattress companies every now and then hire sleeper to test their mattresses

In this job you just sleep for around 8 hours daily for a period of 3 to 6 months

professional sleeper works alone

Who would say no to this kind of sleeping job

Food taster

Food taster is one of the low stress jobs suitable for anybody especially after retirement

You expect to get paid between $30,000 to $60,000

One of the duty as a food taster is to go to restaurant order food and provide your feedback

food taster most of the time works alone in this job

Sanitation worker

Working as a sanitation worker you will be responsible for cleaning and emptying garbage bins

Making sure to replace the old plastic bags in bins with new ones

It is an easy job with no stress at all


Being a photographer is a hobby for many of us

But also it can be a low stress job especially after retirement

You can work as a freelancer photographer who uploads his work on visual media sites

Below are all the sites you can sell your photos to

Getty Images
Can Stock Photo
Adobe Stock

Walk dogs and pets

Walking dogs is one of the fun job for dog lovers

I can't imagine walking dog to be a stressful job especially for people in retirement

The good thing about walking dogs is that you can make $15 to $20 per dog an hour

You can walk with multiple dogs together

Dog owners interested in walking dogs post their requests on Rover, fetchpetcare and petsitters.org

House sitter less stress job for retirement

House sitter is a job I actually heard about it recently

Simply some house owners travel for busy a lot or for any other reasons leave their homes for long period of times

They need somebody a trusted person to take care of their homes while being away

I believe this is one of the low stress jobs especially after retirement

Do you like it? if so go ahead and sign up on TrustedHouseSitters


Being a mother is an amazing feeling for many women

They don't find any issues babysitting other kids

It all depends on how you perceive being around kids

Keep in mind, I am referring to babysitting kids at your home

You can babysit many kids as expected pay per hour is around $20 to $25

It is very lucrative business and low stress job for mothers who love kids

Use Care.com to advertise for your babysitting service

Finish small tasks around the house

If you know any skill fixing things in your house like plumbing, painting or whatever

You can turn your skill into income especially you don't have to advertise for yourself

Yes there are many websites like TaskRabbit to connect home owners with someone like you

That's not the only website but there are many as listed below


Finally, working in a low stressful jobs after you retire is not hard to find

You don't want staying at home to kill you

Just find something interested in the above jobs and go for it

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