25 Lowest Rated TV Shows According to IMDb

TV shows have brought stories, characters, and entertainment to our screens for decades. But not all of them thrill us. Below, we present 25 TV shows with the worst ratings on IMDb.

1. Secret Talents of The Stars (2008)

Secret Talents of the Stars TV Show (2008)
Image Credit: CBS.

This show’s talent was undeniably promising, and viewers couldn’t wait to see their favorite stars. But the outcome was pretty disappointing. First, fans felt like the directors didn’t pick the right cast. The acting wasn’t entertaining enough to engage viewers, meaning it was bound to fail from the start. We get it; a film doesn’t need A-list actors to be great, but Secret Talents of the Stars didn’t serve any remarkable performance.

2. My Mother The Car (1965–1966)

My Mother the Car TV Show (1965)
Image Credit: NBC.

My Mother the Car suffered from a lack of compelling storytelling and failure to connect with audiences. While the concept may have sounded whimsical on paper, the execution left much to be desired. The show’s writing often relied on tired and predictable humor, especially on the gimmick of a talking car for laughs. The characters lacked depth and development, which made it difficult for viewers to invest in their stories. This led to its swift cancellation after just one season.

3. The Jerry Springer Show (1991–2018)

The Jerry Springer Show TV Show(1991)
Image Credit: Multimedia Entertainment.

In its early days, cinephiles looked forward to The Jerry Springer Show. The old-time fans complained that the show lost its originality and started to create content that lacked substance and promoted controversy. Somehow, the show ran for decades even though the ratings show fans weren’t pleased with what they saw.

4. Heil Honey, I’m Home! (1990)

Heil Honey I'm Home! (1990) TV Show
Image Credit: British Satellite Broadcasting.

Some fans say that they could tell this show was doomed from its pilot episode. The premise alone is a stretch. They must’ve been trying to romanticize Hitler. Why else would they depict him and his wife, Eva Braun, as a suburban couple living next door to another Jewish couple? It’s crazy that anyone gave the script a go-ahead. It must’ve been a cringe-worthy attempt at dark humor.

5. The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer (1998)

The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer
Image Credit: United Paramount Network (UPN).

This show was meant to be a satire on racial relations and politics. But it could have been executed better. The series focused on an African-American butler serving in the White House during the Lincoln administration. Movie lovers and critics didn’t fancy the tasteless and insensitive portrayal of slavery and black history.

6. Santa Inc. (2021)

Santa Inc. TV Show (2021)
Image Credit: HBO Max.

When movie fans heard they were getting a comedy series about Santa Claus and his ambitious elf assistant trying to modernize Christmas, they expected something rich. How disappointed they were. The story was all over the place, and the humor seemed forced. People who typically like edgy comedy agree that Santa Inc. was pointless and offensive. The rating says it all.

7. Homeboys in Outer Space (1996–1997)

Homeboys in Outer Space TV Show
Image Credit: Buena Vista Television, United Paramount Network (UPN)

This show has one of IMDb’s lowest TV ratings, and for good reason. The script was uninspired, weak, and predictable. And the only source of “humor” was tired stereotypes and cheap gags. Fans felt Tiberius and Morris Clay lacked depth and killed the show’s appeal.

8. Turn-On (1969)

Turn-on TV Show
Image Credit: George Schlatter-Ed Friendly Productions.

Turn-On was canceled after only one episode because of a terrible reception. It was meant to capitalize on the success of Laugh-In and Monty Python’s Flying Circus by using fast-paced humor. But crude and tasteless jokes ruined it for the audience. Sadly, it couldn’t replicate the charm that made its predecessors famous.

9. Cavemen (2007)

Cavemen TV Show (2007)
Image Credit: ABC Studios.

A score of 4.0/10 suggests a lack of engaging storytelling, poor character development, or perhaps a misguided execution of the show’s concept. TV shows must strike a balance between an intriguing plot line, well-developed characters, and skilled direction to keep viewers invested and entertained. Unfortunately, this appears to have missed the mark on these fundamental aspects.

10. Velma (2023)

Velma TV Show(2023)
Image Credit: Warner Bros.

Many fans had high hopes for a show that centered on Velma Dinkley, one of the beloved characters from Scooby-Doo. But it seems like this spin-off missed the mark by a long shot. First, the writing and storytelling in Velma were just plain weak. It felt like they tried to modernize the character and the concept, but it ended up feeling forced and out of touch with what made Scooby-Doo so enjoyable in the first place.

11. Supertrain (1979)

Supertrain TV Show
Image Credit: NBC.

This ill-fated attempt at combining drama, adventure, and science fiction resulted in a mash-up that couldn’t keep viewers glued. Why? Because episodes appeared rushed and inconsistent. If a group of random people on a futuristic train must resolve personal problems before their stop, there’s no reason the storyline shouldn’t be rich.

12. The Chevy Chase Show (1993)

The Chevy Chase Show (1993)
Image Credit: 20th Century Fox Television.

When Chevy Chase’s transition from film to talk show, nobody expected something unoriginal. Chase’s attempt at late-night humor was more awkward than genuine comedy. A live talk show just wasn’t his strong suit.

13. Pink Lady (1980)

Pink Lady TV Show(1980)
Image Credit: Sid & Marty Krofft Productions.

This short-lived variety show, featuring the Japanese pop duo Pink Lady, is an example of a concept that looked good on paper but failed to translate into an entertaining experience. The Pink Lady duo struggled to find their footing in the American market, and their language barrier impeded their ability to connect with the audience.

14. The Hasselhoffs (2010)

The Hasselhoffs TV Show (2010)
Image Credit: Fremantle.

The series followed the lives of David Hasselhoff and his family. It attempted to capture the same success and charm as other reality shows centered on celebrity families. However, it fell short in multiple aspects. It lacked compelling storytelling, meaningful character development, and genuine entertainment value. It relied on the fame and popularity of David Hasselhoff rather than offering a well-crafted and engaging narrative.

15. Emily’s Reasons Why Not (2006)

Emily's Reasons Why Not TV Show
Image Credit: Sony Pictures Television.

This show was working with a vision, but some factors stopped it from being realized. One such factor may have been timing. In 2006, successful comedy series were everywhere. The show needed fresh material and a little something extra to hold viewers.

16. The View (1997)

The View TV Show(1997)
Image Credit: Fred Lee/American Broadcasting Companies.

Most viewers say they tuned in out of curiosity, hoping for something insightful. But instead of thoughtful analysis and differing perspectives, they got an unhealthy dose of bickering and grandstanding. The show focused more on echoing previously-held opinions instead of engaging viewers with meaningful dialogue.

17. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo (2012–2014)

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo TV Show(2012)
Image Credit: Authentic Entertainment.

This reality TV series followed the daily routine of Alana Thompson (Honey Boo Boo) and her family. Reality TV is a guilty pleasure for many, but this show needed to tone things down slightly. Viewers felt the show was exploitative and aimed to capture the family in a less-than-flattering light.

18. The Tony Danza Show (1997–1998)

The Tony Danza Show (1997)
Image Credit: NBC.

Hosted by the beloved actor Tony Danza, this talk show failed to captivate audiences and struggled to find footing during its brief run. The low IMDb rating suggests the series left much to be desired regarding content, presentation, and overall appeal.

19. Final Draft (2022)

Final Draft TV Show(2022)
Image Credit: Pratyush Sharma Productions.

It’s hard to tell what really went wrong with Final Draft. Was it the writing, the acting, or both? Some say the plot was poor, while others say the dialogue was weak. One thing is sure: fans couldn’t find much to keep their interest.

20. The Paul Reiser Show (2011)

The Paul Reiser Show TV Show (2011)
Image Credit: Michael Yarish/NBC Universal.

Sometimes, our expectations set us up for disappointment. This show is an excellent example of that situation. This show couldn’t meet the standard of Paul Reiser’s previous successful sitcom, Mad About You. Fans were hyped about Reiser’s return to television after a long hiatus. All it took was something mediocre or slightly better to kill the vibe.

21. Girls Will Be Girls (2004)

Girls Will Be Girls TV Show (2003)
Image Credit: IFC Films.

Most movie freaks would watch a story about three aging actresses desperately trying to make a comeback. So, this show’s problem wasn’t its story but its execution. Fans criticized its poor writing, amateurish acting, and lousy comedic timing. There are even reviews that describe it as cringeworthy and painfully unfunny. It’s a shame because a concept like that didn’t live up to its potential.

22. The Magic Hour (1998)

The Magic Hour TV Show(1998)
Image Credit: Magic Johnson Entertainment.

The Magic Hour is a late-night talk show hosted by former basketball player Earvin “Magic” Johnson. The meager rating of the show portrayed the consensus that the show failed to resonate with viewers. Despite Magic Johnson’s fame and charisma, the show struggled to find its footing and faced numerous challenges. It received criticism for its lackluster production value, awkward interviews, and weak comedic segments.

23. Cop Rock (1990)

Cop Rock TV Show (1990)
Image Credit: 20th Century Fox Television.

Cop Rock is an ambitious television series that combines the genres of police procedural drama and musical theater. The show’s low rating came from incorporating song and dance numbers into a serious police drama. While this experimental approach may have intrigued some, it failed to captivate a wider audience. The combination of gritty crime stories and musical performances was jarring for many viewers, leading to a disconnect and confusion in tone.

24. Baywatch Nights (1995–1997) 

Baywatch Nights TV Show(1995)
Image Credit: Syndication.

While Baywatch, the original series, was a hit among audiences with its mix of sun, sand, and lifeguard heroics, Baywatch Nights veered off into a different and ill-fated direction. The decision to transform the show into a crime-solving drama with a supernatural twist was questionable and generally unappreciated.

25. A Little Late With Lilly Singh (2019–2021)

A Little Late with Lilly Singh TV Show (2019)
Image Credit: Universal Television.

There was a lot of anticipation and excitement surrounding Lilly Singh, who had gained a massive following on YouTube. Many were curious how she would transition from the online world to late-night television. Unfortunately, the show didn’t quite meet many viewers’ expectations.

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