25 Lowest Rated TV Show Episodes Of All Time

In the vast realm of television, not every episode can be a hit. Often, the series is good enough that you can overlook it, but it's still disappointing. Join us as we dive into these small-screen letdowns, exploring the lowest-rated episodes of all time that left viewers scratching their heads, cringing, or simply changing the channel.

1. Meet the Browns (S02E23: “Meet the Hubby”)

Meet the Browns (2008)
Image Credit: Georgia Media.

In “Meet the Hubby,” Edna enlists Brown to pose as her spouse when an old acquaintance arrives in town. Meanwhile, London secretly takes Brianna to a concert without Sasha's knowledge, sparking a rift between London and Sasha as tensions rise. As secrets unfold, the family must figure out how to keep things together and reconcile their differences. 

2. House of Payne (S06E22: “Moving Day”)

House of Payne
Image Credit: Tyler Perry Studios.

Poorly executed home repairs force Curtis, Ella, and Malik into a state of homelessness, leading them to seek refuge with Calvin and Miranda. However, this dynamic of everyone living together presents a new set of problems. In the meantime, Floyd's stunning daughter visits the barbershop, igniting a flurry of dramatic events in the salon.

3. Roseanne (S09E9: “Roseambo”)

Image Credit: Mohawk Productions.

“Roseambo” is a humorous spoof of “Under Siege 2: Dark Territory.” Roseanne encounters a faux First Lady, Hillary Clinton, after heroically thwarting women-hating terrorists on a train bound for Washington, D.C., alongside her family and Dr. Bakshmi. Notably, Steven Seagal makes a guest appearance in this episode.

4. SpongeBob SquarePants (S07E5: “Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful/A Pal for Gary”)

SpongeBob SquarePants (1999)
Image Credit: Nickelodeon Animation Studio.

Squidward gets into trouble and has to do community service as a consequence, so SpongeBob helps him clean up Bikini Bottom. Also, SpongeBob gets another pet to keep Gary company because he thinks he's lonely while he's away at work. However, the new pet is terrifying and not quite the pal he figured he'd be for Gary. 

5. Family Guy (S12E6: “Life of Brian”)

Family Guy (1999)
Image Credit: 20th Television Animation.

Brian and Stewie flee from a group after a time-travel mishap. Stewie accidentally alters history by giving this group the guns. They get help from an alternate timeline version of themselves to fix things when they use Stewie's time machine. 

Later, Brian is fatally injured in a car accident, and the family says goodbye. Stewie blames himself and tries to rebuild a time machine but can't. Brian is mourned, and a month later, the family adopts a new dog named Vinny, who ultimately earns their acceptance after proving his empathy.

6. X-Men: The Animated Series (S05E9: “Jubilee's Fairytale Theater”)

X-Men: The Animated Series
Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment Group.

In Xavier's Mansion, Jubilee takes children on a cave exploration while Professor X, Wolverine, and Gambit visit the President in Washington. A cave-in traps Jubilee and the kids underground. She sends an S.O.S signal to the X-Men and begins telling a story to the children. 

The tale involves a Prince, Princess Jean, and an evil sorcerer, Magnus the Magnificent. Jubilee and her ally, Logan, battle metal men and eventually confront Magnus. Xavier appears, guiding Jubilee's destiny. She helps Magnus unintentionally and defeats him. The X-Men rescue Jubilee and the children from the cave, and the Prince sends Jubilee to school.

7. The Simpsons (S23E22: “Lisa Goes Gaga”)

The Simpsons (1989)
Image Credit: 20th Television Animation.

Lisa's attempt to boost her popularity by self-promotion on the school blog leads to unexpected consequences. When the plan backfires, she's disappointed. In a twist, she ends up assisting Lady Gaga, discovering the value of authenticity and staying true to oneself in the process.

8. Spider-Man (S03E12: “Down to Earth”) 

Spider-Man (1967)
Image Credit: Marvel Comics Group.

The mysterious “Rabbit-Ear” Meteor, known for its antennae, has gripped the world's attention with its unexplained code. At the Daily Bugle, Jonah sees the opportunity for a circulation boost and sends Peter and reporter Osa Olsen to the North Pole, where the meteor has crash-landed. 

However, it's a recycled plot from “Neptune's Nose Cone,” with green tribesmen capturing the pilot and intending to sacrifice her to their volcano god. This time, Osa helps Spider-Man stop the meteor, which turns out to be an alien spaceship, and Peter returns empty-handed.

9. True Blood (S07E10: “Thank You”)

True Blood (2008)
Image Credit: HBO Entertainment.

Sookie contemplates two different futures, one with Bill and one without him. Eric and Pam venture into a new business venture while Sarah grapples with the fallout of her choices. Sam embraces his fresh start, and Andy stumbles upon an unexpected inheritance.

10. Two and a Half Men (S09E2: “People Who Love Peepholes”)

Two and a Half Men (2003)
Image Credit: Warner Bros. Television.

Walden, now owning the beach house and with Berta back, seeks Alan's assistance to reconcile with his estranged wife, Bridget. Alan, feeling unwelcome at his mother's, persuades Walden to let him move in with Jake. Despite the apprehension, Alan accompanies Walden on a risky mission to Bridget's mansion, where she reveals she gave Walden numerous chances to mature over 15 years but saw no change.

11. How I Met Your Mother (S09E14: “Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment in Slapmarra”)

How I Met Your Mother (2005)
Image Credit: 20th Century Fox Television.

Marshall shares his epic journey with the gang, recounting how he embarked on a quest to attain the three mighty virtues of speed, strength, and accuracy. His ultimate goal: mastering the legendary “Slap of a Million Exploding Suns.” This story sets the stage for the impending showdown as he prepares to unleash this powerful slap upon Barney, with the gang eagerly awaiting the outcome.

12. House of Cards (S06E8: “Chapter 73”)

House of Cards (2013)
Image Credit: Trigger Street Productions.

Claire embarks on a mission to tarnish Frank's legacy, while Doug strategically taunts her by unveiling excerpts from Frank's private diary. Meanwhile, tensions escalate within the Shepherd family, leading to a significant rift that threatens to impact their influence and power. As she fights to maintain her grip on power, Claire faces off against formidable foes within and outside the government.

13. Dexter (S08E12: “Remember the Monsters?”)

Dexter (2006)
Image Credit: John Goldwyn Productions.

In the series finale, Dexter and his son Harrison attempt to flee to Argentina with Hannah to escape private detective Jacob Elway. Dexter stages a security threat at the airport, stranding them in Miami due to a hurricane. Debra, shot by Oliver Saxon, undergoes surgery but suffers a stroke, leaving her in a vegetative state. Dexter confronts Saxon, kills him, and secretly disposes of Debra's body at sea. He fakes his death in a boat accident, leaving everyone to believe he's dead, while he starts a new life in Oregon. 

14. Riverdale: (S04E17: “Chapter Seventy-Four: Wicked Little Town”)

Riverdale (American TV series)
Image Credit: Warner Bros. Television Studios.

In Riverdale, mysterious videotapes of residents' houses continue to surface. The school's Variety Show approaches, with Kevin wanting to perform from Hedwig and the Angry Inch, but Principal Honey deems it inappropriate. Archie forms “The Archies” band with Jughead, Betty, and Veronica. Cheryl and Toni's plan to sway Honey's decision backfires, leading him to cancel the show entirely. Meanwhile, tensions rise among friends as secrets unravel and shocking footage on the videotapes intensifies.

15. The Walking Dead (S04E14: “The Grove”)

The Walking Dead (2010)
Image Credit: Skybound Entertainment.

As they travel to Terminus, Tyreese, Carol, and sisters Lizzie and Mika face challenges with Lizzie's inability to comprehend the danger posed by walkers. After a disturbing incident where Lizzie kills her sister, Mika, Carol is forced to put down Lizzie. Carol admits to Tyreese that she killed Karen and David to prevent an infection. Tyreese forgives her, and they continue toward Terminus with baby Judith.

16. The Big Bang Theory (S09E17: “The Celebration Experimentation”)

The Big Bang Theory (2007)
Image Credit: Chuck Lorre Productions.

Amy plans a surprise birthday party for Sheldon, despite his past aversion to them. Learning about Sheldon's childhood disappointments, his friends aim to make it memorable, including a Batman appearance by Adam West. Despite Sheldon's specific birthday wishes, like a three-layer chocolate cake with strawberry frosting, he must confront his past to appreciate the effort his friends put into making his day special.

17. The X-Files (S07E13: “First Person Shooter”)

The X-Files
Image Credit: 20th Century Fox Television.

The Lone Gunmen seek Mulder and Scully's help with a murder investigation in a video game company. A virtual reality game called Maitreya has turned deadly, causing real deaths among players. To uncover the truth, Mulder and Scully immerse themselves in the game, risking their lives to track down and halt the elusive killer at the heart of this virtual nightmare.

18. Grey's Anatomy (S11E21: “How To Save a Life”)

Grey's Anatomy (2005)
Image Credit: Shondaland.

Derek rushes to catch a flight but loses contact with Meredith. He witnesses a car accident, rescues survivors, and administers first aid. Derek's car is later T-boned by a truck, and he's taken to a crowded hospital. Conscious during treatment, he worries about medical decisions. Meredith is informed and arrives at the hospital. She reviews Derek's chart and decides to end life support. Derek flatlines as Meredith says goodbye.

19. Game of Thrones (S08E5: “The Bells”)

Game of Thrones (2011)
Image Credit: Bighead Littlehead.

Jon remains loyal to Daenerys, refusing the throne. Varys' plot is exposed, leading to his execution. Jaime is released to persuade Cersei to surrender. Drogon eliminates the Iron Fleet, allowing Daenerys's forces to enter the city. Despite the city's surrender signal, Daenerys destroys it. The allied army follows her lead, causing destruction. Jaime kills Euron but is mortally wounded. Arya saves herself as Cersei and Jaime die in the Red Keep's collapse. Jon orders a retreat as the capital falls.

20. The Twilight Zone (S05E27: “Sounds and Silences”)

The Twilight Zone (1959)
Image Credit: CBS Productions.

Roswell G. Flemington, a passionate lover of all things nautical, has an unusual fixation on loudness. He habitually bellows orders at his employees and cranks up his phonograph records, especially favoring the thunderous roar of jets taking off from the USS Hornet. His obsession costs him his marriage. Little does he know, he's in for a bizarre twist when he enters the Twilight Zone.

21. Game of Thrones (S08E6: “The Iron Throne”)

Game of Thrones (2011)
Image Credit: Startling Television.

Following the battle, Daenerys orders the Unsullied to execute captured soldiers, vowing to eliminate Cersei's supporters. Tyrion finds Jaime and Cersei dead in the ruins. Daenerys declares her intention to liberate the world and names Grey Worm as commander. Tyrion denounces her and resigns as Hand, imprisoned for treason. Arya and Tyrion warn Jon about Daenerys' threat. Jon confronts her and kills her as she refuses to relent. Bran becomes king, Sansa gains Northern independence, and Jon rejoins the Wildlings.

22. American Dad! (S10E14: “American Fung”)

American Dad! (2005)
Image Credit: 20th Television Animation.

Stan's boss, Avery Bullock, sends him on a mission to China to retrieve a formula for a bioweapon. While in China, Stan ends up causing damage to a village and decides to make amends by helping the villagers. However, he soon realizes that the Chinese government is corrupt and mistreats its citizens. As the episode progresses, Stan becomes disillusioned with the Chinese government and decides to take action. He joins a group of rebels and becomes a symbol of resistance against the oppressive regime.

23. Fear the Walking Dead (S07E15: “Amina”)

Fear the Walking Dead
Image Credit: Valhalla Entertainment.

Alicia's prolonged hallucinations dominated this episode, where she repeatedly passed out, only to awaken in new surroundings, dispatch walkers, and relive the cycle. Fear The Walking Dead's reliance on this hallucination theme had become tiresome. However, the show still hinged on Alicia saving one more person during all the fallout as the survivors try to escape the area. 

24. Bloodline (S03E09: “Part 32”)

Bloodline (2015)
Image Credit: Sony Pictures Television.

The Rayburns continue to grapple with their dark secrets. Kevin seeks redemption but faces an uncertain future, while John finds himself disoriented and entangled in a murder investigation. Meg's political ambitions threaten to expose the family's hidden crimes. As the tension mounts, the Rayburns' past sins come back to haunt them, pushing them to the brink.

25. Star Trek: The Next Generation (S02E22: “Shades of Gray”)

Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987)
Image Credit: Paramount Domestic Television.

Riker's return from an away mission in “Star Trek: The Next Generation” sees him infected with alien microbes, rendering him comatose. Dr. Pulaski faces a dilemma: killing the microbes would likely kill Riker, too. Racing against time, she triggers his neural impulses, prompting Riker to reflect on past Enterprise experiences. The revelation that negative emotions can vanquish the invaders offers hope for his recovery.