Lynda Carter’s New Single Was Inspired by Diana Prince and Steve Trevor 

Lynda Carter is perhaps best known for her role as the eponymous heroine in the series Wonder Woman which premiered in 1975. In addition to bringing to life Diana Prince, Carter has also had a vibrant musical career—releasing six albums since 1798, with an upcoming release that has a very special source of inspiration. Diana Prince and Steve Trevor.

Wonder Woman
Courtesy of Warner Bros.

It is absolutely impossible for me to discuss Wonder Woman in an entirely unbiased fashion, much less write an article about Diana Prince and Steve Trevor without disclosing just how much these characters mean to me. I was first introduced to Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman at a young age, by a mother who once had a Wonder Woman-themed birthday cake in her early thirties. Years later, Patty Jenkins brought Wonder Woman to life with Gal Gadot and Chris Pine as Diana and Steve and I was hooked.

Now, that is far from the end of the story and anyone who knows me personally knows this story very well. In the summer of 2018, I was blessed—truly blessed—to work on Wonder Woman: 1984 for thirty-ish days (days tend to blur together on set). I genuinely thought that I would work one day and be done, but no. Day after day, my dreams came true.

I still remember that first day on set, walking between the exhibits at the Air & Space Museum in Washington, D.C., and looking up to see Diana Prince and Steve Trevor talking on the stairs. Little did I know, a few days later I would get to run past the pair of them thirty plus times (no exaggeration) as they shot that heart-wrenching goodbye kiss, amid the chaos on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Wonder Woman
Courtesy of Warner Bros.

I still, distinctly, remember one of the times I ran past the moment and was standing off-screen with the other background performers, watching it all unfold. The whispered words, the tears, and the kiss. I had watched the first Wonder Woman an embarrassing number of times, swooning over their star-crossed romance, and suddenly, amid the smoke machine and the intense summer heat, I found myself being part of a moment in the on-screen history of one of my favorite comic book relationships. I may consider BatCat (Batman and Catwoman) to be the best DC Comics relationships, but WonderTrev (Diana and Steve) are a close second.

Wonder Woman: 1984 for all of its faults and failures—and yes I am aware of them all—will always hold a very special place in my heart not only because I got to be part of scenes that centered around one of my favorite on-screen couples, but I got to share the entire experience with my mother, who first introduced me to Wonder Woman. We had bonded over the first Wonder Woman film and then, somehow, we were driving to set every morning, making the next film come alive in our own small ways.

Wonder Woman 1975
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Now, back to Lynda Carter and her upcoming single “Human and Divine.” During the DC FanDome event this weekend, Carter joined Patty Jenkins to reflect on Wonder Woman and the DC heroine’s upcoming 80th anniversary. She also teased that her new single had been influenced by Wonder Woman and today she confirmed that the new track was inspired by the story of Diana and Steve.

On Instagram, Carter wrote, “a great love story is one worth telling over and over again…” With the post, she shared a picture of herself as Diana opposite Lyle Waggoner as Steve Trevor, alongside a picture of Gal Gadot and Chris Pine from Wonder Woman: 1984. That sentiment is entirely true with Diana Prince and Steve Trevor—it is a love story that has been worth retelling on the pages of comic books, in animated series, live-action series, and of course in Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman films. There is something about their romance, and the way that it has always managed to defy that odds, that makes it both human and divine, just as the title suggests.

Lynda Carter
Courtesy of Lynda Carter's Facebook

Personally, I cannot wait to hear Lynda Carter’s new single. I have a tradition of making Spotify playlists for all of my favorite fictional relationships and I am thrilled to be able to add a song that was written specifically about Diana and Steve—by Diana Prince herself—to my WonderTrev mix.

“Human and Divine” is available for pre-save, ahead of its October 29th release. 

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