Lyra Erso Quotes Rogue One Star Wars

Lyra Erso quotes Rogue One Star Wars

Lyra Erso Quotes Rogue One Star Wars

Lyra Erso is the mother of Rogue One's protagonist, Jyn Erso and husband to Galen.

Lyra is expected to feature in a flash back sequence which covers the reasons why the three of them are split up as a family.

Irish actress Valene Kane plays the role of Lyra. Her claim to fame prior to this part in Rogue One was a role on The Fall.

Lyra Erso quotes:

When Krennic has come for Galen, Lyra and both Galen know they need to protected their daughter. In making those preparations to hide Jyn, Lyra gives her daughter a necklace and says “Trust in the Force”.

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