M1 Finance Referral $100 Bonus: The Ultimate Guide

M1 Finance is a free mobile-first investing platform that allows users to invest in stocks, bonds, ETFs, and even cryptocurrencies.  The best part?  The M1 Finance referral bonus, in which any new members will receive $100 as a referral bonus if they sign-up using a referral link.

In this blog post, we've created the ultimate M1 Finance guide, so you start investing and receive the M1 Finance Referral Bonus.


What Is M1 Finance?

M1 Finance is a free mobile-first investing platform that allows users to invest in various investment accounts, including stocks, bonds, ETFs, and even cryptocurrencies. In addition, users can even open retirement accounts such as SEP IRAs or Roth IRAs, offering incredible tax benefits.

The M1 Finance application allows you to direct it to invest on your behalf, or you can pick your investments.

This makes it an incredible application if you want to pick some of your investments but want to leave the rest to professionals who have experience in this field.

Your investment portfolio is considered a pie, and each investment you make is considered a “slice” of the pie.  You can change the distribution of your pie and how much you want to give to each area, designating anywhere from 5% to 95% of your investment.

M1 Finance Referral My Portfolio

Once you've completed your investment, you'll fund your pie using the payment method of your choice and have your investments automatically funded.


Benefits Of Using M1 Finance

There are several incredible benefits to using M1 Finance, including:

  • No account minimums or management fees
  • Ability to invest in stocks, bonds, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies
  • Automated monthly investments
  • User-friendly mobile app with a pie charting system
  • Free to use and charges no fees
  • $100 Referral Bonus


Step By Step Guide To Receiving Your M1 Finance Referral Bonus

If you're looking for an incredible investment that is great for both beginners and advanced investors alike, M1 Finance is an excellent option.  You won't incur any fees when you open an account.  It also offers a stress-free way to contribute to your investments.

Even if you have no desire to invest, you could use the referral bonus to open an account.  After earning the bonus, you can take out your money.  You gain an extra $100 in your pocket.

If you're ready to get started, here are the steps you need to take to open your account and earn the M1 Referral Bonus.

  • Click The Referral Link To Start The Process

The first step is to click here to use our referral link to open your account.  It's essential that you use a referral link, or else you won't be eligible for the bonus.

Upon clicking the link, you'll need to enter an e-mail and password to sign up and create your account.

  • Verify Your Identity

Next, you'll need to identify who you are before creating an account.  First, check your e-mail for a link to confirm your account.

After clicking on this link, you'll be prompted to submit your phone number and receive a code through text or phone call.

M1 Finance Verify Identity

Submitting your six-digit code, fill out the basic profile information, including your legal name, home address, and employment information.

  • Select Your Account Type

After submitting your information, you'll need to choose between retirement or a taxable investing account.  You can choose individual investing, joint investing with a partner, retirement account, or trust account.

M1 Finance Select Account

If you're opening a taxable account, you'll need a minimum of $100 to fund your account, while a retirement account will need a minimum of $500 invested.

(Update: You need to deposit at least $5,000 within 30 calendar days of opening a new account to qualify for this $100 referral bonus)

  • Fund Your Account

Next, you'll need to deposit a minimum of $5,000 or more (depending on the investment account you choose) into your M1 Finance account.  You don't have to invest this money.  However, it is required to put the money into your account to receive the M1 Finance Referral.

If the cash sits in your account not invested, you can withdraw it once you've received your M1 Finance Referral.

  • Keep Funds In Your Account For A Minimum Of 30 Days

To be eligible for the M1 Finance Referral, you'll need to leave the amount of money you used to fund your account in the app for a minimum of 30 days.  You can either invest your money or let it sit in your account to withdraw later.

  • Receive Your M1 Referral Bonus

After the 30-day mark has passed, you'll automatically receive your M1 Finance Referral Bonus.  This is as long as you have left at least $5,000 in your account.

It's that easy to receive the $100 M1 Referral Bonus!

After this point, you can either invest your funds or send them back to your bank account.  The options are up to you!


How Can I Receive Additional M1 Finance Referral Bonuses?

If you're interested in receiving additional M1 Finance Referral Bonuses, share your referral link with friends or family.  This link can be accessed in the settings area of your account.

Whenever another person signs up using your link and makes their deposit, following the instructions listed above, you'll earn a minimum of $10 for the referral.  Of course, this amount can vary depending on the current promotions that are being offered.  This is subject to change at any time.

One great benefit is sending your referral link to as many friends and family members as you want to receive extra investment funds!


Starting Your Investment With M1 Finance

Once you've received your M1 Finance Referral bonus, you might wonder how to get started with your investments.  As mentioned, you can either select from expert-designed pies to create your investment or create your investments.

Once you've chosen the investments you're interested in, the funds will automatically be deducted from your payment method.

The different types of investment pies you can choose from include:

  • Basic Investing: With this option, you'll create a portfolio with specified investments and tolerance risk to match your goals.
  • Smart Investing: When choosing this investment pie, you'll receive expert opinions and options to ensure you choose the best investment strategy for your investment style.
  • Retirement Investing: If your retirement funds are your main goal, you can choose when you want to retire along with your goal funds and create an investment strategy that fits your needs.
  • Income Investing: If income returns and dividends are your main priority, this investment strategy makes the most sense.
  • Industry Investing: If you believe that specific industries will grow in profit or popularity, you can choose to invest in those industries directly. You can find everything from cars to crypto companies.
  • Hedge Fund Investing: If you're looking to replicate top hedge funds and successful investors, you can choose this investment strategy to copy exactly what they're doing with their funds.
  • Other: If you're looking for more investment strategies, you can find them by working with expert investors on the application to find the right portfolio and balance based on your individual needs. Regardless, there are plenty of options to ensure a well-rounded portfolio.


How Long Is The M1 Finance Referral Bonus Valid For?

The M1 Finance Referral Bonuses are currently valid as of January 2023.  However, since this bonus amount can frequently change (and this is the highest bonus value offered so far!), they will likely go back down to a lower rate.

This is one significant reason you should consider signing up now to take advantage of this special deal.


What Are The Terms Of The M1 Referral Program?

While most new users are eligible, ensuring you're qualified is essential.  Before signing up, ensure that you meet this criterion to guarantee your $100 referral bonus fee:

  • You must be a first-time user of M1 Finance opening an IRA or brokerage account.
  • Sign up for M1 Invest and deposit $5,000 within 30 calendar days of account opening.
  • This offer cannot be transferred or combined with any other promotions.
  • Only applicable to residents of the United States.



The M1 Finance Referral Bonus is a great way to get started with your investments, and it's simple to do!  All you need to do is sign up through our referral link and sign up for M1 Invest and deposit $5,000 within 30 calendar days of account opening.

You'll then be able to enjoy all of the benefits that M1 Finance has to offer.  This includes access to over 80,000 stocks and ETFs.  Plus, you can receive extra money in free funds when you refer friends and family members!