Who Would Win In a Fight: Mace Windu or Master Yoda?

The Jedi Order had two very powerful masters prior to and during the Clone Wars: Yoda and Mace Windu. If the two had ever fought, who would have emerged victorious?

Yoda masters all the forms, while Mace Windu only masters one. Yoda is much faster, more experienced, and more powerful than Mace Windu. A fight between the two might be interesting, but Yoda will sweep the floor in only 20-30 seconds.

Mace Windu would probably last long for a decent amount of time, but Yoda is a grandmaster while Mace is only a master. They may be at the same level regarding lightsaber skills, but he still lacks the power to defeat Yoda.

Now, we will tackle how this one has become so debatable all over the internet and show them their real potential as masters and grandmasters.

Who Would Win In a Duel?

Mace Windu Star Wars
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Yoda will prevail if the contest is decided on the Force of knowledge and pure willpower alone. Yoda is the only Jedi in Star Wars knowledgeable about every facet of the Force. That essentially explains why Sidious was unable to execute him.

Mace Windu would prevail in a duel involving a lightsaber fight. You must understand that thanks to his Vaapad technique, which he could master without succumbing to the evil side of the Force, Mace Windu has long been recognized by the Jedi Council as the best swordsman among all Jedi.

Yoda would easily prevail in a fight involving only the Force and a lightsaber. Because of his prosperity for manipulating the Force and his skill with the lightsaber, Yoda is too powerful. Mace will fight against him, but Yoda will win because of his extensive knowledge of the Force.

Who Is More Powerful: Yoda or Mace Windu?

Mace Windu Star Wars
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Yoda is more powerful since Yoda prevailed in his confrontation with Sidious. He was so skilled with the lightsaber that he even defeated Sidious.

In the meantime, for Mace to defeat Sidious in their combat, he had to lean slightly toward the darkness. Yoda, on the other hand, remained light. It demonstrates that Yoda is far stronger than Mace and even Sidious.

Is Mace Windu a Better Fighter Than Yoda?

Frank Oz as Yoda in Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005)
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In Revenge of the Sith, fans of Mace point to his use of the Shatterpoint technique and his victory over Darth Sidious, showing his perfect dominance in the power of all the characters. Mace eventually defeats Sidious after a long battle, but Anakin disarms him since he needs the Sith to be alive.

However, Yoda, forced to retire in a subsequent confrontation against the Sith, seems to have performed considerably worse against Sidious than Mace, who unfortunately dies.

Why Was Mace Windu Such a Good Fighter?

Mace Windu Star Wars
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The main focus of Mace's priority is after he decides to follow the path of the Jedi Guardian, which he trains primarily devoted to becoming an expert with the lightsaber.

His command over the shape he gave himself, Vaapad, was evidence of his commitment to the light. He was renowned for his ability to withstand the dark side's allures, using his inner darkness to enable him to serve the light side of the Force through his strikes.

Windu was reputed to be extremely skilled at using Force to increase the powers of his body, and as a result, he could leap to incredible heights and across great distances.

Is Yoda the Most Powerful Jedi in Star Wars?

Yoda and Palpatine in ROTS
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Yoda was the most powerful warrior of the Republic, while Mace was a close second in saber proficiency. But according to Legends, the most powerful who ever existed in Star Wars is Luke Skywalker, the most powerful Jedi surpassing Yoda.

But we probably never even seen Yoda at his peak, but he has the advantage over Windu thanks to his famous Force prowess, unmatched wisdom, and arguably supreme blade work. He is nearly 800 years old, so picture him at 500!

Is Mace Windu a Better Duelist Than Yoda?

Mace Windu Star Wars

Many people thought Mace Windu was the greater lightsaber duelist because of his proficiency with Vaapad and the ease with which he defeated dark side adversaries. Yoda, though, once defeated Windu in a duel.

Yoda is the superior duelist when it comes to sparring. However, Mace Windu was more suited to combat the Sith, given his fighting style.

Despite being unable to slay the Sith Lord, they defeated Palpatine in their respective lightsaber fight.

Yoda withdrew. Nonetheless, the novelization of Revenge of the Sith claimed Palpatine put his lightsaber out after realizing he couldn't destroy Yoda just with a lightsaber and had to rely on his long-range Force powers instead.

Can Mace Windu Defeat Yoda?

Mace Windu Star Wars
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Given his erratic yet well-planned offenses, Mace Windu could defeat Yoda, but not using his acquired Vaapad fighting style. Vaapad provided Windu an advantage over dark side practitioners like Palpatine, but Windu had to absorb dark side energy to use it against his adversary.

Yoda was a firm believer in the light side, making Windu's Vaapad fighting technique ineffectual. However, Yoda's ability to withstand Windu's Vaapad technique did not ensure his triumph. 

Ultimately, it would come down to who had better lightsaber skills. Yoda used a measured approach, whereas Windu maintained his composure and made erratic, violent actions.