Madonna Announces Date for 40th Anniversary Tour “The Celebration Tour”

Madonna has announced a tour to celebrate 40 years since her breakout single, Holiday.

The Celebration Tour was officially announced in a clip parodying Madonna’s 1991 tour film Truth or Dare. In the video, Amy Schumer, amongst other celebrities, engaged in a game of truth or dare with Madonna. Schumer then “dared” Madonna to embark on a greatest hits tour. “You think people would come to that show?” Madonna asked.

“The answer is – yeah.”

The pop star said, “I am excited to explore as many songs as possible, in hopes to give my fans the show they have been waiting for.” She also announced on her official Twitter page.

The Celebration Tour is set to begin on 15 July in Vancouver, Canada, and on 1 December at Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome.

The tour would see the pop princess perform songs from her entire discography, and fans are losing their minds with anticipation.

@lana_oldmoney can't hold in their excitement.

One fan is worried the tickets are going to get sold out too soon, says “this is clearly is the last tour of her career.”

The ticket sale jokes continue:

Someone takes a dig at the visuals: “Now who is responsible for designing the graphics for Madonna’s tour?”

While some fans are still lamenting over Taylor Swift's tour, too, @Thot_Pocket says, “Madonna announcing she’s going on tour as I’m trying to save up for renaissance tickets…” We cry together, hun.

@Viniceo accuses Madonna of being racist.

“You said WORLD TOUR and really meant Europe and North America. The racism is jumping out.”

@patriotcodywyat is representing for people who are bored of seeing Madonna and Kid Rock trending.

“The time has come for everyone to be together with her, celebrating and celebrating her legacy,” @DjTonyBeat tweets.

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