Maid of Honor “Ruins” Wedding Because She Refused To Wear Make-up

Every woman may choose if she wants to wear make-up or not. This decision should be devoid of other people's sentiments or personal feelings.

People wear makeup for many reasons, one of which is to boost their self-esteem and confidence. Make-up has several benefits that make it worth the while, but when wearing it doesn't give the woman the needed satisfaction, then what's the need?

u/AITAbestiewedding doesn't like make-up for valid reasons. Jo's best friend was getting married, and she's the maid of honor. Everyone that knows OP knows that she doesn't wear make-up, and Jo was more than cool about her not wearing make-up to her wedding, but Jo's husband wasn't okay with it. Well, that's a first.

Before The Wedding

OP and Jo were excited about the wedding, and they were making the pre-wedding preparations. OP already told Jo that she wasn't wearing make-up to the wedding and she didn't have an issue with it.

She figured there would be no issue since Jo was okay with it. After all, it was the bride's day, so she needed only her approval. The day of the wedding came, and everything was going perfectly.

The bridesmaids were on their make-up, Jo looked perfect, and all was amazing until it was time for the reception. Time to introduce you to the groomzilla.

The Groomzilla

Before now, Jo's husband, Henry, hadn't voiced his reservation about OP's no-make-up lifestyle. And why should he have any reservations? If anyone should, it should be his wife. Imagine OP's surprise when Henry took OP away halfway through the wedding reception and scolded her for not wearing make-up. Oh, the audacity.

The bride, OP's friend, has no issue with her friend's no make-up rule, but somehow, her husband does. Who saw that one coming? Again, shouldn't he be too focused on his wife to notice who wasn't on makeup?

OP thought Jo was behind his attitude, so after the wedding, she texted her to apologize for taking the spotlight on her wedding day. But Jo didn't understand what she was saying, seeing as she genuinely had no issue with it.

Misogynistic or Ignorant?

OP had to explain to Jo why she thought she had ruined her wedding, and Jo didn't like it. It looked like trouble in paradise was already brewing. Apparently, Jo never told Henry to say all that to her and that she still had no problem with not wearing make-up to her wedding.

Jo and Henry got into a huge fight, and she realized she might have made a big mistake. If only she had seen that part of him sooner. Now, Jo is staying with OP while she figures out what to do next.

Here is the annoying part. Henry and his friends have been cyber-stalking OP, talking about how she ruined his wedding and marriage. Again, the audacity. This means he still doesn't believe that what he did was wrong.

Some of OP and Jo's friends feel like OP should have just worn make-up and not made a “political statement” at Jo's wedding. Again, Jo doesn't think this; she is solidly behind OP. So are her mum and bridesmaids. Was it about making a political statement? Some people would just rather not wear make-up, and everyone has a right to their preferences.

OP didn't mean for any of this to happen; she didn't want to wear make-up to the wedding. This doesn't make her feel any less terrible, and now she feels terrible.

Henry Is The Jerk

Obviously, OP is not to blame. No one in the comment section thinks she is. Since when is it a crime not to wear make-up to a wedding? It makes no sense what Henry's problem was.

u/justrelsstuff strongly believes that Henry is very misogynistic:

“Since when was less make-up ‘upstaging' anyway? I highly doubt you took attention away from the bride. Henry is just an arse with misogynistic views on women and make-up.”

u/KeepLkngForIntllgnce expresses shock to see a story about a groomzilla — they exist! They said.

“Wow. That's a first — or at least first in a long time! A groomzilla!??? Whodda think a groom would care even more than the bride about an MOH being barefaced!???”

It won't be easy for OP not to feel guilty about ruining her friend's marriage, but it wasn't her fault. Henry sounds like a jerk and he needs to realize how wrong he was. Thankfully, Jo is understanding and is on OP's side; it would've been more terrible for her if the opposite was the case.

Do you think OP should've kept her mouth shut about what Henry said to her?

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