How to Make Money Editing Videos

Making money editing videos is one of the trending business nowadays

Videos have become the go-to medium for content creation

Whether for commercial, entertainment, or marketing purposes

They have become the most liked and preferred form of content over the internet, especially social media

The video industry is currently flourishing

With an increasing number of people and brands wanting professional assistance to create high-quality video content

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make money editing videos

Video editing is not easy

It is the process of arranging and modification of video content

It is a creative and technical ability that requires the addition of special effects, structuring, and other elements to videos

There are plenty of ways you can make money as a video editor

You can monetize your video editing skills by various means, including both full-time and part-time jobs

So, if you're already skilled at video editing, hang on tight because we've got a list of jobs curated especially for you

In this post, I am going to discsuss how to make money editing videos so let's get started

1- Freelance video editor

Freelancing is most preferred by those in the field of creative work

Freelancing is often termed self-employment

Since there are no formal terms of employment

The best thing about working as a freelance video editor is that you can choose the amount you want to charge a client for a project

Whether it may be per hour or per-project basis

Also, you have the flexibility to choose your work schedule, i.e., workdays and work hours.

The most common work that freelance video editors do is making money editing videos for online content creators

Especially YouTubers and Instagram influencers

To become a freelance editor, you'll need a well-crafted portfolio to present to clients as your sample work

This portfolio should contain your best work

Being a freelance video editor is an excellent way to start your career in video editing

Since you will have numerous opportunities to practice and build expertise

To start, you can either register yourself as a video editor on websites like Fiverr and Upwork

Or work as a freelancer for video editor websites

You can also score gigs on your own through independent clients via references, social media, etc.

The amount you earn as a freelancer depends on the amount of work and hours you are willing to put into the field

But in general, a freelance video editor charges as low as $20/per hour to as high as thousands of dollars per project

2- Become a content creator

The job or role of a content creator is no longer limited to a few individuals

Nowadays, more and more people are opting to become content creators on internet platforms like YouTube and Instagram

There are various ways you can make money as a content creator

Such as sponsorships from brands, affiliate marketing, creating advertisement videos, etc.

If your channel is popular and viewed often, you can make more money

As a video editor, you can create content on various topics or subjects

You can consider vlogging, where you can share snippets of your day-to-day life as a video editor

You can create how-to or learning videos, guiding others with your expertise in video editing

Or you can choose to upload unboxing videos of the gear you use

One of these ideas incorporated in a well-edited video can work the charm, garnering thousands or even millions of views

You can expect to earn between $3 and $5 for 1000 views

It may not seem like much

But if you had 100 videos that received 1000 views each day, you would easily earn $400/per day

Additionally, when you make more videos and become popular as a content creator

You will make a lot through advertisements and sponsorships from various brands

3- Sell video editing courses online for money

If you are an experienced filmmaker

You should think about sharing your expertise with others

There are always folks who want to work in this sector

But don't know where to begin

You can establish your position as a veteran by publishing courses or subject matter videos on your industry niche

People will respect you and come to you for guidance

You could conduct workshops or webinars, guiding and teaching others with your hands-on experience in video editing

Similarly, you can create an online course comprising various modules, instructional videos, and study material

Online courses are more preferred, and you can sell them as many times as you want and keep improving them over time

The course could be a one-time purchase, subscription-based, or pay-per-view

Such an online course can easily make you over $100k/per year if promoted correctly through marketing on suitable platforms

4- Selling stock footage or templates

You may not be aware

But you can generate and sell stock footage and video templates online

Stock footage is a type of short video that you record and sell

It can be about anything

On the other hand, video templates are videos that you edit and sell not as a video that can be watched

But as a project that the buyer can access and edit

Stock footage is usually very basic videos such as someone walking, viewing the sunrise or sunset, driving in traffic, etc.

Templates can be anything, including visual effects, intros, outros, motion graphics, etc.

You can make these at your own pace and decide to sell them individually or as a package

There are numerous stock footage websites and video editor websites where you sell footage and get paid right away

In such circumstances, the revenue will be split equally between you and the website hosting the stock footage

As your fame grows, you can begin selling your footage directly from your website, maximizing your revenues


The first step that you need to ensure is to master the craft of video editing

Make yourself a cunning portfolio and reputation in the industry

As your work gets recognized, you get the attention and the chance to monetize that attention

You should collaborate with other successful editing professionals to learn new skills, diversify your portfolio, and increase your audience reach

The key to generating money from your videos is to persevere in your efforts

You should be willing to go above and beyond to create exceptional content

In the beginning, you may have to make and edit videos for free to establish your internet presence

However, with good planning and work, the world of videos may provide you with a plethora of money-making options

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