12 Smart Ways to Make Money From Your Hobbies

I always had the dream of making money from hobbies

It all started since I was a child, back in 1983, I was 10 years old, I did not think about selling lemonade for cash like all other kids

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I dreamed about getting to know something unique and try to make money out of it

make money from hobbies
Little girls selling natural lemonade to woman at stand in park

At that time, I had my own Kodak camera the one that uses 35 mm film, I remember I had to pay money to get my Pictures printed

I thought what If I can print my own films at home, since I had a home projector

I asked my dad being a pharmacist to help me, he was able to get all the chemicals required for the developing process101 Best Ways to Save Money Like Crazy in 30 days

He was able to prepare the chemicals for the black and white only but the color one so my project was outdated

I couldn’t make any money out of it but I was so happy with the task itself more than making money

Few years later when eBay started in 1995

I was fascinated with the internet and I believed it will be a great source of making money for those who put their effort into it

I jumped into eBay and I thought what if I can find a drop shipping site to sell some of its products on eBay and keep a small profit

This time I succeeded by selling 2 leather bags

That’s why in this post, I will show you how to make money from hobbies

Whatever it is something you own or a hobby you are passionate about

Let me start my list below of what you can do with your belongings

Sell your passion on eBay

One of my relatives, he has a hobby of collecting precious coins and antiques

He is not a computer savvy but he has passion about the Egyptian, Greek and Roman empires knowing their histories very well and knowing how to evaluate the right price for any piece antique

I remember I helped him multiple times to setup few things on his computer, he showed me his eBay account and he manages to list some of his antiques on eBay

I witnessed myself he is making really good money which really impresses me

He only has a deep passion about antiques and he travels almost 3 times a year from Toronto to attend New York auctions in Manhattan to collect his antiques

This is a real example of turning your hobby into a profitable business

Think about your talent, if you can sell your paintings, post stamps or any other skills or talents

I also made a post earlier on how to make 200 dollars in one day where I talk about all different things you can work as a part time job

Sell your crafts on Etsy

Etsy is well known place to make money from hobbies especially for users enjoying selling crafts but can also be used for selling paintings and handmade jewelries

In fact, I see that those who sell crafts or paintings on eBay own an Etsy stores, they use their listings on eBay to get buyers to know their Etsy stores

Sell your own skills

If you know how to fix plumbing, install home theater or patio

You can use something called Amazon services to find local customers in your area

Also you can advertise for yourself on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist

Make money from your own car

With Uber and Lyft you can turn you car into a part time taxi

The good thing about it is that you only work when you feel you need to

Also I came recently with a website called Turo where you can rent if you are not driving it or if you have an extra car and make money out of it

You can rent it while you are on vacation

Sell your recipe on Facebook Marketplace

If you are into cooking, I mean tasty recipes when you are planning to cook it for yourself you can make extra to sell on Facebook Marketplace

making money from hobbies by selling recipes on facabook marketplace

You can build a list of recurring customers who can message you asking for dishes they bought before from you

You can set your own terms like orders should be placed 5 days before – no same day pickup

Sell your old stuff on Kijiji or Craiglist

What you don't use and planning to get rid of can be very useful for someone else

I remember I had to sell my baby car seat, stroller and baby monitor on Facebook Marketplace

You can use Kijiji or Craiglist beside Facebook Marketplace as long as you list your used items in your local area for easy pickup

Expect a price negotiations so don't initially list your items in a low price

You can also search for stuff to buy as used to save money buying them as new

Believe it or not there are now so many websites and mobile apps where you can exchange clothes or buy them as used

I created earlier 100+ Free Stuff to get online I recommend you to check it

List your home on AirBnb when you are away

I know not everyone has an extra space to rent on AirBnb

Also most homes don't have separate entrance for their finished basement

Again, most of us feel uncomfortable to rent a room with a stranger

I know there are people who rent their homes while they are on vacation or on a long term assignment out of the province, state or country

Sell your photos online

If you enjoy taking pictures as amateur or professional photographer

You can make money from hobbies especially photography by selling your photos online to many places like

Getty Images




Be a nanny or baby sit

Most women stay at home for one year to take care of their new born baby

If you like being around kids

Why don’t you this time to take care of other kids and still make money

Your best best would be to use Facebook Market place for kids in your neighborhood

Make money by lending others

We all know that interest rates through bank saving accounts is not that much

That’s why peer to peer lending came into place with lending club

Sell your own courses

If you know something then I would suggest to formulate it into a course to sell

All you have to do is to get a screen casting application like Loom or whatever

You can sell your course online on Skillshare and Udemy

Make money teaching any language

Are you fluent in English, French, Spanish, Italian or any highly demanded languages

There are so many sites that connect you with students who want to learn a foreign language

For example you can teach English online to students using TeckAway and VIPKID

And in the end, find where is your passion and follow it

Nobody can steal your dream

Only you who can get discouraged with challenges and abandon what you love because of some naysayers around you making fun of what you doing

I hope I covered some idea on how to make money from hobbies

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