How To Make Money Selling Used Panties

The internet has given us many interesting and unique ways to earn money. For example, people are making money by selling their used panties (yes, you read that correctly), and so can you.

Selling your used underwear might be the weirdest side hustle you've ever imagined. Still, the potential profits in this industry are nothing to laugh about. And believe it or not, thousands of people turn their dirty undies into cold cash.

While selling used underwear isn't suited to everyone, don't let your preconceived notions keep you from learning more about the industry.

You don't have to be on sites like OnlyFans or have a large social media presence to make money with your worn underwear, nor do you need to have a specific look or body type.

Selling used undies to panty fetishists could be a perfect side hustle if you need extra money or if you're already in sex work.

A Complete Beginner's Guide To Selling Used Panties

Whether you want to find out if selling used panties is a real thing, you're ready to start looking for some panties buyers, or you're just curious…buckle up because you're about to learn everything you've ever needed to know (or, didn't) about selling your used panties for real money.

Who Buys Used Panties?

Who in the world would want to buy used panties? It may shock you to learn that used underwear is in super high demand right now, with millions of people buying and selling used panties online every day.

Most buyers are men, but some women also want to buy used panties.

Why Do People Buy Used Panties?

Every buyer has their reasons for buying used underwear, but most of them have a used panty fetish. As a result, they are stimulated and experience sexual arousal from used pairs of panties.

The people who buy used panties might be single and lonely. They may seek an intimate connection with another human being, and the used panties satisfy this desire.

Lots of sellers add on extra personal services – for extra money – like phone calls or private messages to create a more personalized service that meets customers' wants.

Who Can Sell Used Underwear?

You have to be over 18 years of age to sell used underwear.

Most used panty sellers are women, but men can still make money selling their used underwear. Many of the online platforms included in this list also sell worn men's underwear.

Why Do People Sell Used Panties?

The primary perk of selling your used panties is that you can make a lot of money, but that doesn't mean there aren't drawbacks.

Pros of Selling Used Panties:

  • Low/no costs associated with selling used underwear – You don't need to spend any money to make your first used underwear sale. You can use underwear you already have. Eventually, you will run out of underwear if you keep selling all your panties. You will need to buy some inventory. You can pick up low-cost lingerie on Amazon.
  • Easy money – You don't need any special skills or qualifications to get started. You only need a computer, camera, internet connection, and panties.
  • Anonymous – You don't need to show your face or reveal your real name to customers to sell panties. You can be discreet and keep your personal details anonymous to protect your privacy.
  • You don't need to commit – Selling used panties is flexible. You can do it whenever you want as it requires little time investment. So if you've got a full-time job or other more demanding side hustles, this is an easy gig to boost your income.

Cons of Selling Used Panties:

  • It's only suited to some – Some people will not be comfortable with other people being aroused by their used underwear. So don't do anything you are not 100% happy with.
  • It may affect your relationship – Consider your partner's feelings if you are married or in a long-term relationship. For example, some people might not be comfortable with their partner sending other people their used underwear.
  • Competitive market – Sure, there is good demand for used panties on the internet, but there are a lot of sellers too. This is partly because the simplicity of this side hustle makes it attractive to new people. If you're worried about the fierce competition, you must focus on making your product stand out.

You can make your used panties memorable by offering quirky add-ons, like videos, photos, messages, and phone calls. In addition, some used panty sellers offer complete specific activities in the panties before they sell them.

Sometimes it's cooking, cleaning, or working out. Other times potential clients want you to do more sexual acts in the panties.

How Much Can You Earn Selling Used Panties Online?

Earning potential for used panty sellers is surprisingly high. There are many online testimonies from sellers who make thousands of dollars every month.

Is it Profitable To Sell Used Panties Online?

Yes, selling used panties is really profitable because of the low costs and the short time commitment required to get in on the action.

Aside from the cost of panties, the only other significant expense to consider is shipping costs, which are relatively low since panties are typically small and lightweight.

Can You Sell Other Used Things (Aside From Panties)?

Absolutely, many people also sell used socks, bras, dresses, skirts, whole outfits, and even shoes! In addition, there is a market for all different types of adult material and fetish items like body fluids, face masks, and feet pics.

FAQs for Selling Used Panties

Is it Legal To Sell Used Panties?

In most cases, it is legal to sell used undies. However, it might not be if you live in a very conservative or religious country. If you are in doubt, check out the laws for your local area before you start.

It is legal if you are in US, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, and most of Europe and are at least 18 years old.

Is it Legit To Sell Used Panties Online?

Yes, there are genuine marketplaces dedicated to selling and purchasing used panties.

Is it Safe To Sell Used Panties Online?

You have to consider your safety in anything you do, and selling used undies is no exception.

NEVER share your address with anyone you talk to online.

If you send videos and photos with your used underwear, ensure you never capture anything revealing your location – consider the things in the background, like letters on your fridge or counter, which may reveal any personal information.

If you are going to talk to people on the phone, invest in a second phone that you use exclusively for customers. This allows you to keep your phone number private and your business separate from your personal life.

ALWAYS use a proxy address or no address when selecting the return to sender address on the package. Otherwise, you will reveal your location to a total stranger.

NEVER meet anyone you meet online in person.

Do You Have To Pay Tax When You Sell Used Underwear?

You need to submit your income and expenses from your underwear sales to your local tax authority.

How Much Can You Sell Used Panties for?

How much are worn undies worth anyway? Quite a lot, actually.

According to seller testimony, underwear sells for around $20 to $30 per set of panties.

How To Make Big Money and be Successful Selling Worn Underwear?

You can make a lot more money than $20 with your used panties, but to give yourself the highest possible chances of success, you'll want to offer more than just a pair of panties.

The big players in this game focus on creating a fully customizable experience for their customers by increasing value in simple ways like:

  • Sending a video or photo of you wearing the panties
  • Taking a phone call with the customer while wearing the panties
  • Including a personal handwritten letter to the customer

You can also charge more if you wear the panties longer; you get an estimated $5 to $10 extra for every additional day you wear the panties.

All these personal touches are in keeping with the connection that used panty customers usually want to achieve. This makes your product more appealing, boosts good reviews, and distinguishes you from the rest of the worn underwear sellers.

Top Tips To Increase Your Used Panty Sales

These are the best tips to boost your worn underwear sales.

1. Buy in Bulk

Your profit margins will increase when you lower the cost of panties. Buying panties in bulk is the best option to keep your expenses low. Avoid going to the store to buy one set of underwear for a customer. Instead, buying in bulk online can reduce your costs exponentially.

2. Advertise Your Product

Create social media pages for your used panty business – separate from your primary accounts so you can avoid sharing any personal information. Use social media to connect with your fans and form deeper connections with your customers.

For example, use a range of features to appeal to different buyers. You can share photos, videos, and send messages to intrigue potential buyers. You can also connect with community members and establish potentially lucrative relationships. You can also consider paid advertising on social media (if your budget allows this).

3. Diversify Your Stock

You might just be looking at selling used undies, but the world really is your oyster when it comes to selling worn items online. Look around your closet and bathroom; you've probably got over 100 used items that could be sold online. The more you have to offer, the more likely you are to land those all-important sales.

4. Be Authentic

Let your personality shine through at every opportunity. Show the world why your panties are so much better than all the rest. Be funny, engaging, and loving in everything you put out there; it will certainly be recognized.

Take advantage of every opportunity you have to communicate with potential customers. It would help if you showed people how amazing you are in your product listing, profile picture, bio, social media posts, photos, and videos.

5. Offer More Than Just Used Stuff

Sure, your used underwear is the main reason customers want to buy from you, but this service is available anywhere. There are literally thousands of people just listing their panties on a platform.

To excel in this industry, you need to be open to finding new ways to boost the value of your products. This might mean offering a girlfriend experience (virtual) or being open to talking for extended periods. It may mean sending personalized videos. Some people even send used lollipops! Think outside of the box.

6. Take Amazing Photos

Don't just lay your panties on the bed and take a quick snap with the only thing in the picture being the panties. Try and make it sexy and unique. Good quality images of the panties being worn by the seller are popular. Try and add some personality to your pics.

7. Create Your Own Store

If you have a good way to drive traffic, you may even consider setting up your own online store instead of – or in addition to – being a member on popular platforms like Loyal Fans or Fansly.

While it will be more work upfront, the best thing about having your own dedicated website is you have full control of everything. You decide how much or how little of your own information you share and you set your own prices without having to pay a commission to any platform. Lastly, you're not subject to anyone else's rules.

6 Places To Sell Your Used Panties Online in 2023

Check out these best sites to make money selling your used panties online.

1. Sofia Gray

The best website to sell your used undies is Sofia Gray. Customers flock to Sofia Gray to find sexy sellers with worn lingerie for sale.

Joining Sofia Gray is really quick – it takes only a few minutes to set up your user profile and you're ready to sell. When you join Sofia Gray, you make your own storefront. You include a selection of your worn products for customers to order from you. Get 10% off your listing fees when you use code WOG10.

2. Etsy

This one might shock you; it's not the kind of website that you would think sells used panties, but they certainly do, and people are making some serious money.

Etsy sells anything handmade, bespoke, vintage, or personalized, and used panties are definitely personalized!

Take a minute to search for used panties on Etsy, and you will find people charging over $20 for their used panties.

The first step is to create your own Etsy store – a simple task.

Don't use your actual name anywhere in your store or listings, however, if you're in the United States, you'll need to share your real name and home address when setting up your account for tax purposes.

Unlike some of the other sites on this list, Etsy does charge sellers a fee of $0.20 per listing.

3. Snifffr

Snifffr is a used panty-dedicated platform; therefore, everyone using Snifffr is selling or buying used panties or other items. Snifffr is where you can create your own personal used panty store; buyers can connect, chat and buy from you.

Men can sell their used undies with Snifffr too. Snifffr is excellent because there is no commission from the platform; if you sell your panties for $30, you get paid $30!

4. PantyDeal

PantyDeal describes itself as the number one marketplace for used panties. They have over 1.5 million panty customers. Like Snifffr, PantyDeal is totally free to sell. This includes free sign-up and no transaction fees.

However, you will need to privately arrange the transfer of money between you and your customers when you sell on PantyDeal.

5. OnlyFans 

Of course, the adult-only website, OnlyFans is where you can sell your used panties online.

It's a great option if you are comfortable showing your face and going the extra mile in your interactions with your customers. However, even though most people on OnlyFans show their faces in their photos and videos, it is still possible to use a fictitious name and stay anonymous.

6. Naughty Connection

Naughty Connection is relatively new to the industry.

One big downside of Naughty connection is the payment method. At the time of writing, they pay sellers via check, which might be unappealing to many. The good news is that if this isn't suitable for your needs, they can make special payments via Cash App if you request it via email.

If you live in the US, you will need to fill out a W9 tax form before selling your dirty panties. A great bonus of selling with Naughty Connection is they handle returns. They let sellers use their post office box as a return address to protect your privacy.

When you sell your used panties with the Naughty Connection, they deduct a 15% commission.

How To Make a Steady Income Selling Used Panties

Dalma, who runs the Panty Selling School, agreed to give a detailed breakdown of the business side of selling used panties online. She shares her experience in her own words:

My name's Dalma*, and I'm a global pantypreneur.

What is a pantypreneur?

It's my tongue-in-cheek definition of a woman who sells her used underwear online. And yes, globally. I've sold my worn items to far-flung places like the Philippines, New Zealand, and the Faroe Islands.

This is my job. Not only do I love what I do, but I'm also fortunate enough to make great money from it.

Make Money Online Selling Panties

I first got into selling my underwear online in December 2018. Like most sellers, I got into this work while looking for a side hustle to earn me some extra money.

I researched as much as possible online and came across the Side Hustle Nation podcast. So after an episode about people buying and flipping garage sale purchases, I listened to the episode about starting side businesses walking dogs—all kinds of weird and wonderful ways to make money online.

While reading the Side Hustle Nation blog one day, they mentioned a site called PantyDeal. At first, I thought this must be a joke. But my curiosity got the better of me, and I promptly went online to take a look.

I'm the kind of person who's game for anything (mostly) once, so I threw caution to the wind and signed myself up. “How hard can it be to sell your panties?” I figured.

It's fair to say I was utterly naïve and even ignorant of panty selling and the fetish world in general. I didn't even know what men (and some women) actually did with the panties! Of course, I am as vanilla as they come, but I was about to get my education!

Very quickly, I felt overwhelmed and completely out of my depth. I was bombarded with advert after advert from women baring all and selling everything! Seriously, anything you can imagine is for sale. Toenail clippings. Used bathwater. Used toothbrushes. (And that's me toning it down.) I later coined the phrase: ‘If you can excrete it, you can sell it.' And that's true.

So, there I was, completely new and ready to start making money. Unfortunately, most new sellers are under the impression (and panty-selling platforms are primarily to blame for this!). All you need to do is sign up for premium membership, post your wares and wait for the orders (and the money) to come rolling in.

Unfortunately, that is far from reality.

Like selling anything online, you need a good inventory of quality items, a good understanding of sales psychology, how to market your wares, an ability to handle rejection, and build rapport and connection with your consumer and know how to close sales.

More specifically, in this industry, you need all of the above plus the ability to develop a thick skin, to handle rejection, and to compare yourself to other sellers, and to have an open mind to what you're likely to encounter in “adult entertainment.”

This can be a cut-throat industry, and as a new seller, you are thrown in at the deep end and left to make plenty of mistakes before you start to ‘make it' as a seller. However, there are certain rites of passage that every new seller will encounter.

Selling Underwear Online

First of all, there's the competition. There are a lot of sellers out there. Some might even say that the market is saturated. Panty selling platforms have to make sure that they are bringing in enough demand for the supply. Platforms like PantyDeal, Sofia Gray, and Snifffr make money from the sellers paying premium membership to join.

That's their business model. But, of course, to make it work, they must ensure that there are enough buyers; otherwise, there's a real supply-demand problem.

But for sites like PantyDeal, there is always an influx of new sellers who are sold on some unrealistic expectation that making money selling your underwear is a fast track to making easy money online.

Secondly, some guys are out to scam sellers (and buyers). Unfortunately, a lot of sellers naively offer products or services upfront without payment and learn the hard way that you can't trust the “I'll pay later.” Most sellers will find that they'll fall foul of a scammer at least once on their panty-selling journey. These guys are professionals, and they will be around longer than any of the rest of us.

Thirdly, the truth is that not everyone is cut out to sell online. Like any seller, you're going to knock on a lot of doors, and not every door will open. Out of the ones who do, not every person will buy. Many sellers will complain about being ghosted at payment or time-wasters. In my opinion, this is just the reality of selling to consumers online.

You might be ignored, or worse, you might receive some nasty messages from guys who like trolling or being abusive. This can be a reason why a lot of sellers will quit the industry. And rightly so; nobody wants to put up with that in the workplace. As a result, the turnover rate for panty sellers is very high.

Finally, it's increasingly difficult to accept payments online as a seller. It's against PayPal's terms and conditions to use its service for “sex-work related items.” This is the case for most online payment systems. Sellers have to rely on certain apps or platforms that will take a cut of their earnings – anything up to 25%. This is an unfortunate reality for sellers. Many have had their PayPal accounts shut down, and the money disappears forever.

Irrespective of the challenges that arise as an online pantypreneur, I, and many like me, have forged quite a respectable income from it.

It's been a little over one year since I started selling, and my income has been over $15,000. And that's fairly modest. Some sellers earn double or even triple that figure!

There are certainly many buyers out there who are keen to purchase from sellers across the world, and the ever-increasing number of panty-selling websites makes it easy for us to connect with prospective buyers. Moreover, it seems new platforms are being released every month.

Where To Sell Used Panties

Generally, a good platform will be successful if it honors the sellers' needs, provides excellent functionality, and is recommended by other sellers as a good community. Scented Pansy is an excellent example of a website that has blog posts written by sellers for sellers.

Sell Panties and Make Money With Sofia Gray

Part of my own success I can attribute to my previous understanding and experience of selling online. Coupled with that, as an older seller (I'm 40), I can relate and engage with older males, who seem to make up most of my buyers. I have a natural flair and ability to disrupt and market myself, and it's stood me in good stead in the industry.

I noticed that lacking fairly early on in my own selling journey was a sense of community amongst sellers. So with that in mind, I created my own group for sellers' Sellers Before Fellas' to provide a space for us to talk to each other, ask questions, and get support.

These are so pivotal for success, in my opinion. It can feel very lonely when you first start and having someone to hold your hand through those early days can make or break your experience.

Not long after that, I created some free training pieces for new sellers to answer the kinds of questions I had had when I started. I quickly discovered that I had a lot to say on the matter; there was just so much I wanted to share. And for that reason, I began The Panty Selling Podcast, which you can find on iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube.

A podcast's natural progression was a website and further pieces of training, which I developed to help sellers succeed. And finally, I wrote my book ‘How I Made $15,000 in One Year Selling My Used Panties'.

Nobody is as surprised as I am by everything that has sprung up from deciding to start making money on the side selling my used underwear. It's still very surreal. I know that I'll continue to sell while I'm enjoying it. Don't get me wrong; I've considered quitting a hundred times or more. But some days, it's so effortless to make money doing what I'm naturally doing anyway. I only wish I'd discovered it ten years ago!

It goes without saying that I have not shared what I do for income with my own friends and family. My husband, of course, knows what I do, and he is very supportive. A couple of my closest friends know about it and think it's funny. But the nature of this work is still very taboo and looked down upon, so I'm not sharing it with the world at large. I protect my real identity as much as possible. However, a real-life friend ended up discovering me on one of the selling sites. That was awkward.

Start Selling Panties With Sofia Gray

How To Make Money Selling Panties

Overall, I'd say if you think this is something you'd like to try out for yourself, then be prepared to hit the ground running. Most of the community is very helpful and friendly, but you will be essentially your own boss and find your way in what can be a rollercoaster ride. If you have preconceived ideas or judgments, then be prepared to have your eyes open and question certain beliefs or assumptions about buyers and sellers alike.

Ultimately, this can be a very lucrative income, depending on the level of time and energy you're prepared to put into it.

If you want to find out more about my journey and how you can make a success out of it, I highly recommend you read my book, and feel free to reach out to me on my website if you're looking for further support or resources at

*Dalma is not my real name

Sellers Discuss Their Experiences

Intrigued by this unique side hustle? You're not alone – many people don't quite know what to make of it and, understandably question its legitimacy.

PantyDeal put us in touch with three of their top sellers, and we did our best to round up a few questions to help you determine whether or not selling used panties is for you.

Testimonials From Real Panty Sellers


I'm a southern belle with manners and a nice butt! Hehe. 5'9 and I love to cook, clean, dance, and drink wine! So come to me for your GFE needs, darlin'! Hobbies: Painting, traveling, walking my dogs, dancing around!

How did you get started?

I heard about girls selling panties through some webcam sites to make extra money, so I searched on selling panties and was led straight to PD!

How long have you been selling panties?

About four months now.

Do you worry about privacy?

I used to, but I take many safety precautions and ended up loving the attention!

Is it just panties, or do you sell other items?

I'll sell almost any clothing item requested! Some people have asked for bedsheets, bras, yoga pants, shoes, socks…as long as it's not something I'm attached to, I don't mind! I also sell videos and custom photosets.

How much do items sell for?

I usually sell panties for $25, bras for $35, socks for $10-15. I sell pre-made videos for $8-10, and custom ones start at $30. Pictures are 2 for $5 with a minimum of $10.

How many items do you sell in a month?

It always varies! Sometimes one item, sometimes 15!

Are sales consistent or seasonal?

I haven't figured that one out yet! I think that around Christmas time was the busiest, though!

What advice do you have for some who wants to sell panties?

NEVER do anything you're not comfortable with to make money. Keep your values, and don't be afraid to say no! Also, know your worth. Everyone's prices are different; don't lower your prices to compete!

Who would be a good fit for selling panties?

Anyone who has the right attitude and knows how to be their own boss! And who has a sexy side, of course!

Who wouldn't be a good fit?

Someone who doesn't know how to handle multiple emails daily is not good with customer service or has a bad attitude.

What would you say to someone who might find selling parties to make extra money weird?

It is a fun way to make money, and the weirdness is what I embrace! I LOVE how different it is, and it's part of what adds to my uniqueness! It's sexy, it's silly, and it's totally fun.


My name is Missy, aka Petiteblondemilf, your Utah Fetish Goddess. I've been in the adult industry since 2008. I love what I do! My curiosity turned panty selling into a fetish Empire Hobbies: Learning, living, Reiki, Yoga, hiking, camping, any water sport, and can saddle break a horse. Nights out with my girls. Being adored. Building an empire.

How did you get started?

I was online looking for quick ways to make money when I saw Sell Panties. At first, I had to giggle; I look over at my sleeping husband and think to myself, he will never go for this one! But, within my first 72 hours of being a member of PantyDeal, I sold my first panty!

How long have you been selling panties

June 20th, 2017, was the day I joined PantyDeal.

Do you worry about privacy?

There are times that I worry about privacy. I've had my own share of scares, people threatening me, and have taken extra precautions to stay safe. For example, having different emails, using fake names, shipping with a fake sender's address. But I don't see it being any different than being anywhere else on the internet.

Is it just panties, or do you sell other items?

It STARTED with panties, which led to lots of other items! Used shoes, socks, pantyhose, leggings, spit, and even bathroom items. Custom Fetish clips are a huge request.

How much do items sell for?

I advertise a 1-day panty worn for $25. +$ ten each day wore after that. However, I rarely get an order that is under $50. Once I offer chat, pictures, and a possible clip, sales almost always jump. Custom clips sell for $5/min. Most other used items start at $75. Like Lingerie and socks are worn for a week. Girlfriend experience $150 for the week.

How many items do you sell in a Month?

I average 15 to 25 items a month.

Are sales consistent or seasonal?

Sales are consistent across the year but do slow down towards the Christmas Holiday.

What advice do you have for some who wants to sell panties?

Have fun! Be yourself! Don't undercut your worth! Don't do anything you are not comfortable with. Be open-minded and non-judgmental. I see many new sellers showing nudes or offering $10 panties. The cost of the panty alone is $10. Once you add in shipping, compensation for your time of wearing, interacting, sending pictures, and possible editing, you feel worn out, and it doesn't become fun anymore.

Who would be a good fit for selling panties?

I've seen students, nurses, moms, young and old sell and do great! Someone open-minded, fun, and enjoys sexual satisfaction/talk. Really, anyone is looking to make money from home.

Who wouldn't be a good fit?

Someone shy, not confident, or willing to talk to strangers

What would you say to someone who might find selling parties weird?

This is a very COMMON response to my fetish career. My response is always to each their own. I have fun. I bring light into people's darkness. The idea of a stranger having an intimate item of me is very flattering to me. Being wanted and adored makes me smile.

Name: Miss_lillyxxx

YouTube Interview

How did you get started?

After webcamming for some time, a customer asked to buy my used panties; intrigued, I searched Google “selling used panties,” and that's how I discovered PantyDeal!

How long have you been selling panties online? Do you worry about privacy?

I have for about two and a half years now; privacy is always something you want to keep to an extent…I may show my face but take extra precautions to make sure personal info is left unknown.

Is it just panties, or do you sell other items? How much do items sell for?

I sell panties, custom videos, and Kik sessions the most. Although I do price my items on the higher side of most PantyDeal sellers, I have recognized my worth after so much time, and the buyers see it as well and will pay it. Panties, for example, start at 25, but the added days are 10.00 each!

How many items do you sell in a month?

Every month is different; physical items about 10, but I also do a handful of Kik sessions and custom videos.

Are sales consistent or seasonal?

Consistent except November and December. You need to have a rainy-day fund for those months.

What advice do you have for some who wants to make extra money selling panties?

This isn't as easy as it seems, so be ready to work hard. First, make sure you have all your accounts, including pay apps, under an alias, and be careful using PayPal.

Who would be a good fit for selling panties?

Anyone with an open mind and a little bit kinky! As long as you have good intentions and are willing to put in the effort, I highly recommend selling your panties.

Who wouldn't be a good fit?

Judgmental people and anyone who lacks a positive, upbeat personality.

What would you say to someone who might find selling panties online weird?

Cool, well, you're entitled to your opinion, but that does not affect my outlook on it (:

Thank you to the sellers for discussing an alternative way to make money online and sharing their personal experiences.

If you're inspired by their success stories and looking to create a new income stream, selling used panties might make you some serious money. Make a plan, take action, and start cashing in!

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