Jemal King – Make Real Estate Real Review, Scam or Legit?

Are you looking for an honest Make Real Estate Real review? Or perhaps you are looking for more information on Jemal King and his Make Real Estate Real course.

Well you have landed on the right blog post.

With the pandemic, every investor had to look for alternative ways to make money.

This also cut across other people in various professions.

When it came to real estate investing, there were a lot of challenges for people that were looking to get in.

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Since a lot of people have slight ideas on investment, we needed to have a way to learn more about investment opportunities including real estate.

The course that was fronted the most was the Make Real Estate Real course.

This prompted me to check it out and see how good it actually is.


What is Make Real Estate Real?

make real estate real

Make Real Estate Real is a training program that teaches you about investing particularly in the real estate sector.

You get to learn on how to finance the deals, and how to find the best deals in the market.


Who created Make Real Estate Real?

Make Real Estate Real is a training course that was created by Jemal King.

jemal king


What do you get when you sign up with Make Real Estate Real?

This program is mainly aimed at streamlining the entire real estate market for you.

When you join this platform, you shall get access to the following:

1. Education.

The course is accredited and certified to bring you good quality information about real estate dealings.

The step-by-step process lasts for 30 days in which you will learn about all types of real estate investing.

It is a complete investment program with valuable insights into the real estate market.


2. Accountability coaching.

This is done by Jemal King and his team of experts.

They conduct bi-weekly calls covering all aspects of investing and financing.

Since all members of the program have different goals, you have the opportunity to get answers to any questions that may be bugging you about finance.

They include joint venture opportunities, personalized investment strategies, access to pre-approved deals plus many more attributes of the stock market.


3. Community of peers.

When you join Make Real Estate Real again, you are joining a community of people with the same goals as you do.

You can actively interact with these people to discuss strategies that will help transform your investment career.

In addition, you can discuss about all sorts of real estate investments with the participation of Jemal King and his team.

You can also interact with the customer support team and get responses to your questions faster.


4. Investment coaching for a lifetime.

Upon purchase of the course, you will receive lifetime support of information regarding real estate.

You shall also have the team at Make Real Estate Real help you create a real estate investment portfolio.

This includes the video modules of the course (70) and a 12-month success coaching by the team.


5. Experts in the field of investment.

The team has a finance expert, a credit specialist, hard money lenders, real estate broker, project managers and attorneys.

All of these people have some input towards making your investment journey as easy as possible.

Finance experts help you to find the best way of putting your money towards valuable investments.

Credit specialist are here to help you improve your credit score and to advice on how best to structure your debt into performing debt.

Hard money lenders are here to help you determine the best way to sort your mortgages so that you are not ripped off.

Real estate brokers are those people that help you find the properties that you can invest your money into.

Project managers help you in the rebuilding process in case you want to improve your real estate before you can sell it off.

Attorneys help you set up a company or corporation that will reduce your liability as you improve your earnings.

All the personnel appointed by Jemal King are here to make it easy for you to make money as you move along your journey to accumulate money and increase your wealth.

There is a way that their services are aimed at deriving the most value to you as opposed to making more money from you.


How does Make Real Estate Real work?

You have to sign up for slots so that you can get access to this course.

As I write this article, you cannot join up and there is an option for registering so that you can be alerted to when the course is open to new students again.

When you are able to sign up as a member, you will learn:

  • How to confidently find, buy & fund a great real estate deal
  • How to determine a “good” investment from a “bad” investment
  • Understanding what price you should really pay
  • How to get the best interest rates
  • How to get started in real investing
  • How to evaluate & profit from rental income properties
  • How to evaluate & profit from the fix & flip investing
  • How to evaluate & profit from the buy and hold method
  • How to make a success of a property joint venture
  • How to set up your company the right way to protect yourself

The benefits can also be construed as lessons for anyone regarding the field of investing.

When you purchase the course, you shall get access to various features that will help you build your portfolio.

The course is structured to give you the best investment advice you can find regarding real estate.

The training modules for the course are structured in the following way:

Step 1: Getting started.

This is the first section of the course. It gives you the basics of investing in real estate and how to finance your investments. There are three parts which include:

a) The investor mindset masterclass.

This is taught by Jemal King himself. It covers your financial goals and personal goals for investing in property.

This helps you determine the level of risk commensurate to your personal needs.


b) 5 rules of investing masterclass.

Here, you are shown the winning investment strategy used by Jemal King.

You shall also learn about the 5 rules you should follow so you can be successful in real estate investing.


c) Credit repair and leverage financing.

Here, you are introduced to the various ways that you can build your personal and business credit score with the help of a credit specialist.

The masterclass has 12 parts to cover all of these issues.

You also get insights on how to setup your loans so that you get access to credit at the right time and right rate.

The section is taught by Jemal King and a credit specialist known as Terri Couser.


Step 2: Choosing your type of investment.

This is the second section of the course module.

Here, you get to choose the investment that matches up with your goals.

It contains three essential parts that include:

a) Wholesaling masterclass.

In this section, you are introduced to the idea of wholesaling.

This is taught so you can get money that you can use to start your investment journey by raising much needed capital.


b) Fix and flip masterclass.

In this section, you are taught how to generate money from real estate flipping.

Real estate flipping refers to purchasing a real estate property, fixing it up and quickly reselling it for a profit.

This helps you make quick returns on your investment.


c) Buy and hold masterclass.

Here, you are taught the importance of buying and holding properties so that they can work for you.

Throughout this section, you shall explore how to identify the right type of properties and the right tenants.

The section is taught by three experts namely Jemal King, Aaron Quinney and April Troope.


Step 3: Financing your investments.

This section introduces you to the alternative types of raising money taking into consideration the amount of cash you have available.

This is essential towards realizing your investment goals especially if you do not have access to the big chunks of money to enter the real estate market.

The module is split into three sections that include:

1. Hard money financing masterclass.

In this section, you shall learn about your various financing options to help you get access to much needed capital.

This includes hard money lenders, private lenders, partnerships and joint ventures.

The last two options entail pooling together resources by different people so that you can start investing in this business.


2. Conventional financing masterclass.

Here, you learn about how to get access to the best mortgage loans on the market.

By this, you get access to the best interest rates on mortgages through conventional financing options.

This section also introduces you to veteran loans and Federal Housing Authority loans.


3. Contracts and entities financing masterclass.

Here, you cover the essential clauses that you must have in your real estate contracts to ensure that you are not cheated when making real estate deals.

You also learn the best way to setup your entity.

Due to the unique lessons in this section, you have the help of a lawyer and a finance expert to help us through this course.

The trainers include Adrian Zeno, Natasha Robinson and Mark Buford.


Step 4: Adding value and managing your properties.

This is the fourth module of the entire course. Here, we go through the various eccentricities that add value to our properties.

A section on property management is included to help you generate income from your real estate project.

There are three main sections in this module and they include:

1. Renovation masterclass.

Here, you cover the specific details regarding the process of renovations from the perspective of managing contractors and project managers.

This helps you understand what is important about the entire process.

You also cover the aspect of renovating your properties so that you can increase its value and rental returns.


2. Property management masterclass.

Here, we get an expert’s view on how to get the right clients while performing the due diligence required.

The thing is that you are able to find the best clients that will give you good returns on your property with minimal risk of defaulting on payments.


3. Insurance masterclass.

Here, you are introduced to the aspects of business and personal insurance.

This is aimed at protecting your family and properties for generations to come.

This section is covered by Nathan Majors and April Troope with oversight from Jemal King.


Step 5: Protecting your investments.

This is the final section of the training. This module takes you through the best ways to protect your business so you can feel safe while holding your investments.

The module has three sections that include:

1. Financing your properties in the crisis masterclass.

Here, we get to cover the financing options that we have in a lockdown.

This was a necessary addition because of the Covid 19 pandemic.

This gives you the financial muscle to purchase investment properties in the event of a lockdown.


2. Real estate law masterclass.

Here, we get insights on how to protect yourself legally as you draft and consequently sign investment contracts.

This helps you understand how to structure them in a way that reduces backlash on you.


3. Protecting your assets.

Here, we cover a crucial part of any investment – Taxation.

We learn about the relevant taxes anyone involved in real estate should expect.

You also get insights into the best tax planning practices without becoming too aggressive and avoiding evasion.

The section is taught by Jemal King, Mark Buford and Damon Stewart.

This marks the end of the training that is offered in this course.

Keep in mind that all training is done online and no physicals are conducted.


How many experts should you expert to help you as you take the course?

Due to the unique requirements of this course, you should expect help from 11 experts headed by Jemal King.

They include:

  • Jemal King
  • Damon Stewart
  • Nathan Majors
  • Darrell Mitchell
  • Adrian Zeno
  • Natasha Robinson
  • Mark Buford.
  • Aaron Quinney
  • April Troope
  • Terri Couser.
  • Perdure Carter


How much does Make Real Estate Real cost?

Make Real Estate Real costs around $997 for the entire course.

This is a lifetime payment. However, these prices are subject to change.

Plus, the course is currently sold out so you have to wait for another opening to get a full idea on how much you have to pay and how to pay.


Who is Make Real Estate Real for?

This course is for anyone looking to create more wealth by investing in the real estate market.

It can benefit you if you are looking for another option of reigning in money without quitting your 9am – 5 pm job.

Some of the trainers on this platform are still having their jobs while using this as another source of income.

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It also suits veterans as you get to cover a section on how to get access to veteran loans.

The course has no geographical limits. So even when you are outside America, you can use what you have learned to setup a company in America so that you can use it to generate income from real estate investments.

The good thing is that you do not have to apply for a license since you are taught how to use these real estate professionals to suit your best interests.

You can watch an overview of the Make Real Estate Real course by Jemal King below.


Pros of Make Real Estate Real

Some of the benefits of the course include:

1. Team of experts at your disposal.

You have a credit specialist, finance specialist, project manager and legal personnel at your disposal.

This should help you as you set up your real estate investments as all of the most important areas are covered by the team teaching the course.


2. Support 24/7.

When you have answers you need about something that you did not understand, you have the full time of support of the technical team.

The responses may be late if you ask about something that needs expertise.

However, you do not spend more than 48 hours without getting a response from the platform.


3. Access to a community of investors.

When you pay for the course, you automatically become part of the Make Real Estate Real family.

This helps you interact with other investors so you can get a general idea on how to keep making returns.

The community often gets contributions from Jemal King and his coaches so you are up to date with the best deals anywhere.


4. Good for beginners.

If you want to get insights into real estate investing, then this course is for you.

It is structured in a way that it can benefit newbies into this line of investment.



Cons of Make Real Estate Real

1. The course is too expensive.

At $997, this course is priced highly. Besides, the value you get from the course is available online for free.


2. Highly risky model.

The real estate model is subject to market risk fluctuations.

The model was greatly undermined by the 2009 housing crisis which can happen again.

It is largely feasible if you diversify your investments.


3. High startup capital required.

Even when you are told that you require a low starting amount, the course still tries to get you more money by getting you access to mortgages.

In reality, you need a lot of money if you are to startup such an investment.



Conclusion: Make Real Estate Real Review – Is it Legit?

I do not suggest or even recommend this as a viable course. The value is not there for me as most of these things can be learnt from various free courses on the internet.

There are many limitations including startup capital that make it hard for you to start out in this market.

The money charged for the course does not ensure that you get the services you need all the time. Since the program is highly risky and could lead to many losses, I do not advocate for it especially in a time when the market prices are volatile.

Real estate is not an investment that can reign in income as quickly as you may think.

It needs you to find a large amount of money that you can dump into these projects as you expect money from rent or sales in the future.

In case you take out loans, you may need to wait a little bit longer to earn some money as you will inevitably have to first pay off the loan.

So I hope you found this Make Real Estate Real review helpful.

Now I would like to hear from you.

What are your thoughts on Make Real Estate Real course by Jemal King?

Let me know in the comment section below.

Also don’t forget to share this review of Make Real Estate Real with your friends and family.