10 Budget-Friendly Ways to Make Your Home Look Fancy

Nowadays, we tend to spend more time at home because of the current pandemic. This explains why people are into home decorating lately to achieve a cozy vibe.

And while coziness is undoubtedly essential, your homes' aesthetics are as important as well. Now maybe an excellent time to consider adding upgrades to elevate your space's interiors.

The good news is, you don't have to hire a decorator or spend a fortune so that you can make your home look fancy.

Here are the eight budget-friendly ways for you to accomplish that:

1. Use Lighting Pieces

An easy and budget-friendly way to make your space look more sophisticated is to utilize lighting pieces.

You can use pieces that have an interesting shape, design, and finish detail. If you can, for attention-grabbing lighting that will help make a statement. You can also arrange it in various bulb sizes and heights to create a more dramatic effect that will eliminate any unflattering shadows.

You can also use LED lightbulbs instead of traditional lighting. That's because they're more cost and energy-efficient. This also helps you eliminate the effort of frequently changing lightbulbs.

2. Choose Neutral Colors

Another great way to make your space pop up is to use neutrals. Are you thinking of painting your space? Go for a more neutral shade. Want to change your couch? Why not go with a fabric that's more neutral-hued?

You can also start by revisiting some older pieces in your home. Does the color of your cabinets contradict the entire color scheme of your kitchen?

Why not grab some paint, and opt to paint it in a more neutral shade, such as gray?

Similarly, you can apply this same concept to the more outdated pieces of your space. You can try painting wood and other unattractive furniture with chalk paint that's easy to use, in a neutral shade of either gray or white.

3. Hang Floor-Length Curtains

Adding in floor-length curtains to the mix instantly adds that luxe factor to your space. You need to go with just one rule- don't purchase curtains that are too short.

Why? It's because they will look cheap and look like you just bought it from a store. That's why you must measure your windows first before buying your curtains. You can also make your curtains.

Choose something sheer, lightweight, cotton fabric, and take it to your tailor.

4. Use Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

Walls that are boldly patterned help create a more upscale feel. The good news is that it doesn't have to be that expensive.

Peel-and-stick wallpapers allow you to stay on budget because it's less pricey than the more conventional variety.

Not to mention, it's easy to apply! You can try this at a small space, like your laundry room, powder room, and entryway, to add in some touch of style while still keeping the costs low.

5. Consider Minimalism

Purchasing a couple of pieces is undoubtedly cheaper than buying more. Fortunately, if you're on a tight budget, minimalism is a trend that's been going on lately.

Although it's nice that you have a bench, buffet table, chairs, chandelier, rug, and art all squeezed in the dining room, all you need is a table and a place to sit.

The result? That only you'll create a dreamy minimalist feel in your dining room, you'll also get to save as well.

6. Add Throw Pillows

Adding pillows in your space can serve two purposes- first, as long as you pick it right, you can ramp up the elegance factor in your room.

Second, they provide you and your guests with extra comfort as they add in a cozy, layered feeling. Ideally, you pick pillows that are quite big enough to rest on and soft.

Skip the standard 12 to 18 inches for throw pillows. Instead, pick something larger, like a 24-inch stuffed in a 22-inch pillow cover.

More oversized pillows usually create a more plush, elegant appearance in your space.

7. Hang TV on the wall

Today, we live in a highly modern age wherein we're fortunate enough to get TV sets that are lighter, thinner, and relatively cheaper. You might splurge on one during a Black Friday sale.

Moreover, there's something about a space wherein it features a wall-mounted TV because it creates an impression. Usually, it will draw the eyes upward, making your room and even a TV set a lot bigger.

8. Choose Affordable Furniture

You might think that investing in a costly couch isn't in your budget.

If you want an elegant piece of furniture in your home, you can go to estate sales, second-hand stores, and even consignment shops. Chances are, you'd come across quality pieces at a more affordable price.

Similarly, you may also want your furniture to be reupholstered to match your space. By getting your previous furniture reupholstered, you still get a high-end designer look at a more affordable price.

9. Add Some Plants

Finally, designing your space wouldn't be complete if you don't add in the right plants or greenery in your space's interior and exterior. You might pick an it-plant like a fiddle leaf fig for your living room.

In the same way, if you think that's way out of your budget, you also have the option of growing your own.

It's also vital that you pick plants that won't die on you. You might opt for easy to grow plants like pothos, sansevierias, or aloe plants.

Chances are, these plants don't cost that much, and they're also guaranteed to live a long life as long as they receive the right care.

10. Do Some Housekeeping

Having a clean, uncluttered home can do wonders in making it look elegant. Do a weekly dusting and vacuuming to make your space spotlessly clean.

Doing so gets rid of the spots and stains in your area rugs so that they won't look shabby. Cleaning your windows regularly lets in more natural light as well.

At Cleaning Exec Maid Service NYC, we always tell our clients that regular cleaning helps avoid clutter in their homes. This allows them to feel better in their surroundings and let various elements in their space stand out.

Making a statement in your home doesn't have to be complicated. By following the simple tips and tricks mentioned above, you'll make your home look fancy even with just a limited budget!

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