9 Best Male Yandere Manga Recommendations You’ll Love

Hi Otaku! Are you on the lookout for a gripping yandere manga with a male lead? Look no further! We've carefully handpicked a collection of the Best Male Yandere Manga Recommendations just for you.

Male yandere characters are known for their intense love and devotion, which can become dark and possessive. These characters are known for their volatile behavior, from violent outbursts to manipulative tactics, all driven by an unyielding desire to protect or possess their chosen love interest.

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Best Male Yandere Manga Recommendations

We carefully chose each title to provide an exciting and engaging experience with these male yandere manga characters, who will both captivate and terrify you.

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9. Secret Alliance

male yandere manga recommendations
Total ChaptersStatusGenresRating
45 ChaptersCompletedRomance, Yandere8.5/10

Secret Alliance is an enthralling manga focused on a male character with yandere tendencies. Sian, who goes by the name Shanshan when around her friend Hyunee, finds herself trapped in a truly frightening situation. Although she is scared of men, Sian finds herself being pursued by Yuri, the most popular and attractive girl in their school, who bravely declares her love for her.

At first, it may seem like a harmless crush, but it turns out to be something much darker. Yuri's obsessive behavior leads to a dangerous and twisted love that Sian never wanted.

With each page turn, readers are immersed in a suspenseful narrative that explores the dark side of love. Secret Alliance reminds us that even the most beautiful relationships can become nightmares when obsession takes over.

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8. Red Fox

Red fox yandere male manga
Total ChaptersStatusGenresRating
169 ChaptersCompletedFantasy, Drama, Horror9/10

Red Fox is a dark, tragic yandere manga about an evil spirit obsessed with a human woman. Set in the enchanting yet treacherous land of Ibana, readers are drawn into a world where the red fox, a cunning beast in human form, discovers the profound emotion of love.

Through its cruel and haunting pursuit, Red Fox explores the depths of twisted desire and the tragic consequences that unfold when obsession takes hold.

As the story unfolds, a cruel and tragic tale of obsession unfolds, showcasing the relentless pursuit of an evil spirit longing to claim the heart of a human woman.

7. I Lost The Leash Of The Yandere Male Lead

I Lost The Leash Of The Yandere Male Lead
Total ChaptersStatusGenresRating
55+ ChaptersOngoingAction, Psychological, Romance9/10

In this male yandere manga, “I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead,” Serina, a transmigrated villainess, becomes caught up in a captivating and complex tale of love. When a boy is brainwashed to obey her family and fall in love with her, Serina becomes determined to undo the brainwashing.

However, her efforts have unintended consequences as the yandere male lead becomes more obsessed. As the story unfolds, readers are drawn into a thrilling narrative that explores the consequences of tampering with a character's mind and the chilling allure of a male yandere.

6. Failed To Abandon The Villain

Failed To Abandon The Villain
Total ChaptersStatusGenresRating
70+ ChaptersOngoingPsychological, Romance, Fantasy8.7/10

In this manga, a girl's life takes an unexpected turn when her father gifts her a boy slave rescued from the battlefield. She tries to take care of him and treat him respectfully using a bead that keeps him bound to her commands. However, the boy's reaction leaves her both intrigued and disturbed.

He looks at her with a creepy smile and red eyes, showing a disturbing interest. She is puzzled by his disturbing behavior, which leads her to question the true nature of their relationship and her role as his master. The story explores the complicated dynamics of power, love, and madness, captivating readers with its mysterious exploration of their intertwined relationship with the male yandere.

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5. Reminiscence Adonis

Reminiscence Adonis
Total ChaptersStatusGenresRating
230+ ChaptersOngoingAction, Adventure, Romance9/10

In this exciting manga, Ianna and Arhad share a peculiar bond. They both have a strong and overwhelming love for each other, driven by their own self-interest. However, their desires diverge—while Ianna yearns for Arhad's affection, he craves her complete submission.

In a previous life, Ianna's existence ended in a heated battle against Arhad, the emperor of the Kingdom. In an odd turn of events, she discovers that she has been reborn into the very same existence, though the motives behind it remain a mystery.

Now, with a second chance at hand, these two souls, marked by previous sorrows, have the chance to come together again. Will history repeat with the same tragic result? Or Can Ianna change their shared destiny and create a different path for their turbulent love story?

So, if you're looking for a good male yandere manga with a gripping storyline, then I highly recommend checking out Reminiscence Adonis.

4. This Song Only For You

best yandere male manhwa
Total ChaptersStatusGenresRating
150+ ChaptersOngoingDrama, Romance8.5/10

In the manga “This Song Only For You,” a famous rockstar and a shy surgeon with a cold personality (Yandere too, he-he) have their lives connected, forming a deep bond that goes beyond their appearances.

As they deal with the challenges of their relationship, they discover hidden truths and become each other's guide and source of comfort. Their love is so strong that it surpasses any previous experiences they have had. It motivates them to endure difficult times and make selfless sacrifices for each other.

3. Tonari no Seki no Hen na Senpai

Tonari no Seki no Hen na Senpai
Total ChaptersStatusGenresRating
7+ ChaptersOngoingRomance, School life, Comedy9/10

Mebuki Mayumi's life takes an unexpected turn when she finds herself surrounded by attractive men in the sales department.

Among them is her senpai, Asahina Akio, who harbors feelings for her. However, there's a twist—Akio is revealed to be a clingy, stalker-like, and perverted individual. Mayumi's interactions with him provide comedic and unexpected encounters in this entertaining manga.

This manga explores the comedic and sometimes bizarre dynamics between Mayumi and her peculiar senpai, delivering an entertaining mix of humor, romance, and unexpected encounters. You can definitely give it a try, as it is one of the popular male yandere manga out there.

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2. Miniamaru Kareshi

Miniamaru Kareshi male yandere manga
Total ChaptersStatusGenresRating
79 ChaptersCompletedComdedy, Romance, School life9/10

Iroha Aoyagi, a typical 16-year-old girl, finds herself questioning her own experiences of love. She starts to think something is wrong, but her opinion changes when she meets Kusakabe-kun. He is a classmate who knows a lot about romance and has a cynical view of it.

As Iroha forms a connection with Kusakabe-kun, she wonders if she is ready to navigate the complexities of someone with such a unique perspective on love. Will Iroha be able to handle Kusakabe-kun's possessive love, or will she become dangerously obsessed with him? This manga shows the complicated journey of love and the difficult obstacles of being involved with a yandere partner.

1. Metronome

male yandere manga recommendations
Total ChaptersStatusGenresRating
25+ ChaptersOngoingAction, Mystery, Romance9/10

So, the first one in our list of the best male yandere manga is none other than “Metronome.” This captivating series hooks readers from the beginning with its bloodstained protagonist confronting a terrified girl, expressing his love in the most unsettling way imaginable.

As a dark prophecy looms over them, the fate of the girl becomes intertwined with his. With rumors spreading about the girl cursed with the power to strike doom upon anyone who dares to love her, the air is filled with curiosity and fear.

You shouldn't overlook this manga if you're searching for the ultimate yandere manga with a male lead.

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