Man Buys Car for His Girlfriend’s Estranged Sister, Earns a Free Ticket to His Relationship Crashing

Going behind your partner's back to do something you know they won't be happy about when they find out is cruel. All that does is make them lose trust in you.

This story’s protagonist, we’ll call him OP, either doesn't know this or doesn’t care. Because how does he justify buying a car for his girlfriend's estranged sister?

Yep, you heard right. He bought a car for his girlfriend's younger sister.

Like you, I smell something fishy, but let’s get into the story.

Sister Wants To Reconnect

OP's girlfriend had a huge fallout with her sister four years ago. Although he doesn't know the specifics, he knows about the fallout, which is enough detail for him to keep his distance.

Well, you’d be surprised.

A while ago, her sister reached out to him to ask him to make his girlfriend (her sister) meet up with her because she wanted to reconnect. However, OP's girlfriend didn't want to have anything to do with her sister. Who knows what she must have done to drive them so far apart?

Well, someone wasn’t backing down.

Estranged Sister Gets New Car

A few weeks ago, the same sister sent OP a message again asking to borrow two grand from him so she could get a new car.

Why she had steady access to him or dared to keep reaching out to him is the same question I have.

The estranged sister said she would pay back monthly, but he said he couldn't lend her the money. He didn’t give her the money because he didn’t know if she wanted to buy a car or just wanted the money for something else. But he didn’t think that maybe his girlfriend wouldn’t have wanted him to do it.


He told her that if she found a car, then he'd go with her and pay for it. So, true to his words, she found a car, and he paid for it. All without his girlfriend knowing.

I hear a storm coming.

This is the same sister his girlfriend had a massive fallout with a few years ago and has blatantly refused to reconnect.

At least, we can leave out the possibility that he was attracted to the sister because this was the first time he had met her in person. But last I checked, purchasing a car wasn’t like getting a new pair of shoes.

Well, his reason was that he felt sorry for his girlfriend's sister because he could tell that she genuinely wanted to reconnect with her sister.

His Money, Not Hers

The sister didn't tell him specifics of the fallout. However, she did say to him that it had to do with his girlfriend's old boyfriend and an accusation of the sister doing something she claimed she didn't do.

At this point, he should have realized what he had done — set the wheels in motion for history to repeat itself. Even though he didn’t do anything, what’s to stop his girlfriend from having those thoughts again?

Later, OP decided to tell his girlfriend what he did; as expected, she was furious. She was against everything he did, adding that he had betrayed her trust by doing what he did behind her back.

He still doesn’t think he did anything wrong, especially since he spent his money, not hers.

Tsk tsk.

Creepy Dude

People online are not holding back with their opinions on this story. Instead, they think OP is stupid and wrong, especially for involving himself in a relationship that had nothing to do with him.

One hit the nail on the head, telling OP what he did was “creepy, inappropriate, and weird.”

Boundaries, dude, you need a refresher. You, as a 27-year-old man, should not be going behind your girlfriend's back and contacting her estranged teen sister, let alone buying her a car. Creepy, inappropriate and downright weird as hell. YTA.”

Another person, like me, doesn’t understand how OP doesn’t understand that what he did was wrong.

“YTA. I could write a paragraph on why, but the fact you don't think you did anything wrong makes me think it would be a waste of typing. I will say you did betray her trust and with your current attitude, the relationship is probably going to end.

Someone else said, “YTA. The white knight is strong within you. You betrayed your girlfriend’s trust.

You helped someone you barely know, knowing it would hurt the person I assume you love. Why would you betray your girlfriend's trust? Do you think your girlfriend could possibly see you as a life partner after this?

You only did the right thing by initially telling your girlfriend that her sister was reaching out. You should have immediately blocked her sister's number after that.”

Verdict: OP Pronounced Guilty

Aside from all this, OP doesn’t know a thing about scams. It was wrong of him to buy a car for someone he had only spoken to on the phone, but as he said, it’s his money.

Well, the consensus is that he’s wrong. He broke his girlfriend's trust, trying to be a saint at the expense of his relationship.

Who does that?

What would you do if you were OP or his girlfriend?

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