Man’s Disgusting Response to Girlfriend’s Pain Goes Viral

His girlfriend is clumsy and dramatic. He loves her, but that's just how she is. Instead of giving in and giving her attention when she hurts herself, he ignores her. But now she's fighting back and he doesn't understand where he went wrong.

Here's The Story

Maranda, OP's girlfriend, is clumsy and stubs her toes all the time. In his opinion, she “overreacts to pain.” Not that she makes it his problem; he admits that even when she hurts herself, she doesn't ask for help. But if she just watched where she was going, OP feels his girlfriend wouldn't get hurt so often.

Fast forward a few nights and they were headed outside.

According to OP, he had set up a “makeshift” step from a piece of firewood, something that was only supposed to be temporary.

But of course, Maranda stepped on it, which OP says caused the piece of wood to roll. Maranda also fell and sprained her ankle as a result. Since she's so dramatic all the time, he didn't believe she was actually in pain. He refused to help her into the house.

Admittedly, OP says her ankle “looked pretty bad” the next day. But he still feels like he's right about refusing to help her.

But now Maranda has gone to stay with her parents and everyone thinks he's the one who messed up. So of course he asked Reddit what they thought.

Reddit Doesn't Hold Back

Reddit was more than happy to share. User @superjudy1, for instance, is glad OP's girlfriend left.

“YTA,” they wrote. “The good news though is that she realized what you’re all about and left.”

@biscuitboi967 thinks Maranda should send OP a bill in the mail.

“I just hope she also sues him and his homeowners insurance for the dangerous “repair” job he did that caused her injury. GF should head to the ER immediately and get treatment and pain pills and PT and whatever else she may need and then pop that bill in the mail to OP.”

Redditor @trewesterre reminded OP that a broken ankle and a sprained ankle can look ‘very similar.'

“Also, the external symptoms of a broken ankle can be very similar to those of a sprain (depending on the severity and also a bad sprain can be worse than a break).”

They went on to explain that even when they sprained their ankle, limping home alone was hard. “I can't imagine being in that position with someone around who just was refusing to help.”

Redditor @PinkUnicornTARDIS sees a ‘whole lot of men who just don't like women.'

“Honestly, as I get older I have really come to learn that there are a whole lot of men out there who really just don't like women…They want all the labor benefits women bring to a relationship, but they don't actually like them. This dude is a prime example.”

To OP, @PinkUnicornTARDIS said: “She needs to toughen up?! Why? Because she has the exact same body as you and therefore must always react to every situation in the same way you would?!”

In The End

Relationships are tricky, even when you want to be involved in one. Do you think OP really wants a relationship with Maranda? Would you have done what Maranda did?

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