Woman Skips Out on Vomit Cleanup Bill, but What Happened Next Is Insane

An act of kindness can sometimes have unexpected consequences. When they are detrimental to the person being kind, it is only natural for them to seek balance. This was the case for Reddit user u/StroganofmyBoeuf, who found themselves in a difficult situation after offering a ride home to a group of friends after a wild night of drinking.

Offering a ride home to a group of friends after a wild night of drinking turned out not to be the right move for OP.

The Party

Over the weekend, there was a party at OP's frat. Young men and women came together to have fun and a few laughs; as expected, there was a lot of drinking at the party. OP was told not to drink while on his mood stabilizers, so he steered clear of all alcohol the entire night.

He had started a conversation with a girl who had been planning to get quite drunk that night. Towards the end of the night, she seemed to have achieved her goal, drunk and having difficulty staying upright or even talking properly. OP decided to get her home safely. Considering he had not been drinking, he was in the best position to drive her and her friends home.

He offered them a ride, and they accepted the 15-minute drive from him. However, a few minutes into the drive, one girl stated that she was feeling ill, the effects of all the alcohol in her system. OP pulled over, so she could get out of the vehicle and try to get it out of her system.

The girl refused, saying she was scared to be alone on the roadside alone at night. OP tried to convince her that she would be fine and they wouldn't leave her, but she was adamant about staying in the vehicle where she felt safer. Eventually, OP managed to convince her friends to move around in the backseat, so she would find a space by the window, giving her freedom to throw up outside the car.

Five minutes back into the drive, the girl puked in the vehicle. She hadn't even tried to use the window, leaving all of it splattered inside the car. OP got them home and walked the girls upstairs to their apartment. Once settled, he got the girls' social media handles, so he could contact her so she would pay for the car to be cleaned.


Once he was done, OP did his best to clean the car and took it to a carwash the next day. He reached out to the girl, telling her how much he had spent cleaning the vehicle in the hopes that he would get some compensation, but the girl did not respond to his messages. After a while, OP realized that she had blocked him on every account, leaving him with no other way of reaching her.

But OP could still recall where she lived, so he headed down to her place, asking for her. The first time he arrived, someone else answered the door, saying that the girl wasn't home. OP visited three more times until he eventually ran into her as she left home, confronting her.

The girl proceeded to call him a psycho. OP responded, telling her she would have to pay to get his car clean, as she was the one who messed it up. It quickly spiraled into a large argument, drawing a crowd. OP felt she was painting him as the bad guy and promptly left the scene.

Now, he's curious if he was right or wrong to show up at her home.

Everyone's To Blame…

The popular opinion on this post is that everyone is to blame. While most agree that the woman should pay for what she did, others believe that OP should not be harassing her.

u/LN107_SR5 thinks OP is TA:

“YTA. Take legal action if you're chasing money, showing up repeatedly will get you arrested or beaten to a pulp. You're the one that offered a ride to drunk girls, surprised it's only one and only vomit tbh.”

BackgroundAnxiety524 also thinks everyone is TA:

“ESH – she was drunk and irresponsible, but you should have taken her to small claims court instead of stalking her and making her feel physically threatened.”

OP may have been left with no choice, but do you think it was okay for him to repeatedly show up at her home? How would you have handled the situation?

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