Man Tricks Wife Into Two-hour ‘Leisurely’ Traffic Commute

Trying to get your point across isn't always easy and methods of execution vary greatly. One man recently ‘taught his wife a lesson' about sitting in traffic.

Redditor @ok-Rest1605 wonders if he took his lesson too far with deceitful pretense.

Here's The Story

OP commutes two hours to and from work every day. He and his wife have no children and his wife does not work outside the home. As soon as he gets home from work, is wife always nags him to do something around the house.

He discloses that in his 9 years of marriage, it's become a constant thorn in his side, and he's asked his wife repeatedly to give him a bit of time to unwind from work when he gets home. She thinks his two-hour commute should be enough time to “unwind” before he gets home.

So, he decided he'd show her just how “relaxing” two hours of commuting can be.

Recently, OP woke his wife saying he had a surprise for her. He discloses that he lied to get her to go along with him. When he got to the freeway, OP told his wife they were going to spend two hours in traffic since she considered that leisure time.

OP admits his wife was furious and they argued for about 20 minutes until she stopped responding. Eventually, she watched stuff on Netflix on her phone before demanding he let her out so she could get an Uber home.

He didn't let her out but says when they got to his office building, she immediately jumped out of the car.  OP says he went to work as usual, and when he finished, his wife was nowhere to be seen and wasn't answering his texts. He called and she finally answered, saying she'd taken an Uber home in the afternoon and then hung up on him.

OP says she hasn't spoken more than a word or two at a time to him since, and now he's wondering if he took things too far.

Reddit Has Opinions

No_Education_4771 thinks OP's wife sounds ‘incredibly entitled.'

“While maybe it was technically kidnapping, I love it! The wife sounds incredibly entitled. Only a person who has never sat in traffic or possibly never held a job would view two hours of sitting in traffic as down time😂 Not sure how well this will play out for OP though.


@notthelizardgenitals agrees that OP's wife needs to ‘pick up the slack.'

“😂 NTA. OP, your wife needs to pick up the slack at home or get a job.”

@20frvrz thinks everyone in this situation sucks.

“What is wrong with both of you? Your wife clearly doesn’t understand your day or appreciate what you do. But since the best idea you had was to trick her into your commute, I’m thinking communication is lacking on both ends. ESH.”

User @Om_Chianti also thinks this an ESH judgment.

“You said everything that I was thinking. I’m reading and thinking, ‘Why are they even together?'

OP, this is bad judgment. Neither of you knows how to communicate. You clearly deserve to take a break after a daily hellish 4-hour commute and working all day, but getting your message across by taking a forced 2-hour drive and then stranding your wife two hours away from home was not the way.

If you want to stay married to your wife I suggest marriage counseling. Good luck, you’re going to need it.”

In The End

Plenty of Redditors think OP could have definitely chosen a different route to prove his point. And they also think the wife needs to grow up.

Some even mentioned ‘kidnapping' when OP wouldn't let his wife out at her first request to get an ‘Uber' ride home. I'd be interested to know what the wife thought of OP's ‘downtime' after her two-hour commute that morning. If she decided it was still a valid point or argued just for the sake of arguing, the whole process was moot.

If, however, it opened up a dialogue between these two that led to some constructive resolutions, then the lesson served its purpose. Would you have done what OP did to teach your SO a lesson?

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