Guy Bombards Her With Expensive Presents, Wants Them Back When She Won’t Return Affection

She met Bob on a dating app and had a casual hookup. At the time, she made it clear that she wasn't interested in a serious relationship, but Bob ignored that. He started showering her with gifts. Even though she tried to refuse, Bob insisted and kept buying her expensive nights out and a video game she had wanted for a while.

This also included some additional jewelry and earrings she has grown to love. Although she declined the first round of presents, she attempted to decline a few others by claiming they were too much for her and couldn't repay the favor. But because he persisted, she eventually gave in and accepted most of it. Bob even admitted to being into her, but she clarified that she wasn't reciprocating those feelings.

The Problem Began

Things took a turn when Bob started acting obsessed and demanding her attention. She felt uncomfortable and decided to end things with him, but Bob wasn't happy about it. At a play they both attended, he even demanded the earrings he had given her back, claiming that he had spent a lot of money on them and wanted to give them to someone who would return the favor. She refused, stating that he gave them to her and shouldn't ask for them back just because he didn't get what he wanted from their relationship.

Bob got angry and accused her of leading him on and using him for his affection and gifts. OP stood her ground, emphasizing that she never asked for any of the gifts and that she never promised anything to Bob.  At first, she was pretty certain she was right, but after his blow-up, she started questioning a bit more. She’s wondering if she’s TA.

Who’s Wrong?

Despite OP's repeated disinterest in a romantic relationship, Bob likely tried to lovebomb her into one. He completely disregarded her and made it plain that he was trying to use presents to influence her decision. Unlike him, she was forthright from the get-go. He had plenty of chances to back out and declare he wanted more if he wasn't comfortable with a casual relationship. 

Yet, not everyone is siding with OP. Playing devil's advocate, a Redditor claims that the OP was taking advantage of a “fool.” They believe it was improper of her to accept expensive gifts from someone who is strongly attracted to her without intending to return the favor. “Classy, polite people refuse improper gifts,” they claim. “The time to sever ties is then, not after you've profited from the relationship, in the name of “teaching” or whatever you have in mind.”

What do you think? Should OP return the earrings, and was she wrong to accept several gifts from him?

Source: Reddit.

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