He Lost His Cool Over a Dog: The Shocking Scene Between a Man and His Pregnant Partner

Pregnancy is a difficult time in a woman's life; she needs as much comfort and help as possible. From mood swings to fatigue to nausea, it's a rollercoaster of emotions for her. She might find herself screaming and crying a million times a day, and no matter how much her partner tries to understand, they may never fully understand what she's going through. So, the least they could do is ensure that they are not putting extra strain on her.

But sometimes, pregnant women are accused of being lazy, especially by people who have never experienced being pregnant before.

In this story, OP's fiancée is five months pregnant, and let's just say instead of being there for her, he added extra strain.

“Selfish Behavior”

His 28-year-old fiancée is currently five months pregnant. Lately, as one of the side effects of being pregnant, she's been feeling fatigued and nauseous. This may be why she didn't want to help him. I mean, it's hard to chase a dog when there's a bun in the oven and you're constantly irritated.

He understands this but can't get over the lack of empathy and bordering selfish behavior, as he described it. Here's why I think men deserve to get pregnant at least once in their lifetime.

His dog, a 6-year-old Heeler/Corgi mix, runs off at least once weekly. Love a dog dedicated to a routine. Usually, his fiancée helps him find her when she runs off, but it's an exercise she doesn't particularly enjoy. He says she never does it without protest.

Speed of Light

At this point, you're probably wondering how the dog manages to always escape. Even OP didn't know, so he had to install cameras. That was when he saw that she was scaling the 8-ft fence —Olympic material right there.

He ended up attaching what he called “spinners” to the top of the fence. He thought this would stop the dog, but he underestimated her.

They were playing outside together, and his phone rang. He went inside for a few seconds to jump on the call. But when he came back, the dog was gone. Poof.

He immediately went in search of her, thinking she couldn't have gotten far, but he couldn't find her anywhere. So, he sought help for his missing dog — and his pregnant fiancée was the only one he could turn to.

We already know things are about to get ugly, don't we?

The Power of Saying No

His fiancée was curled up on the sofa, resting. But he needed her help, so he asked for it. Her response was an instant no.

Even if she wasn't enjoying her beauty rest, she was tired of chasing the dog. She told him there and then she was tired of chasing the dog and wasn't dealing with it anymore. First, OP knew she didn't enjoy chasing the dog around. Still, he kept asking, so didn't he see this coming someday?

He insisted that he had been watching the dog, stepped away for a few seconds, and she was gone. She didn't care for his explanation. She said it wasn't her problem, and she would no longer be exhausting herself to look for the dog.

He can't say it was unexpected. Although she grumbled in the past, she never said no. Some people need to get used to hearing no, and others should get more accustomed to saying it. Just because she had never outrightly refused, he kept on expecting her to run after his dog, even when he knew she didn't like it.

Rage Storm

He came back after an hour to ask again, and she repeated, “I said no! I am so tired of chasing that dog around multiple times a week when I'm already exhausted and throwing up constantly.”

In a fit of panic and rage, he started yelling at her. Yelling at someone you love is never the way to go. 90% of people, including me, hate being yelled at. He called her the B word among the awful things he said to her, adding that she lacked empathy. He told her he was “thoroughly disappointed with his decision to be with someone so heartless.”

People say many things they don't mean when they are angry — or maybe things they do mean but have never had the courage to say. That's why you probably should take a few minutes to cool off when you feel yourself seething with rage.

When the anger cooled off, he returned to apologize, but she told him the three words that weren't “I love you.” She said, “Go f–k yourself.” Now, she won't talk to him.

OP is doing some self-reflection. Everyone is on his side except his sister, who called him a prick because it's not his pregnant fiance's responsibility to “chase around his f—–g mutt.”

He's unsure what to believe, so he's asking the good people on social media.

In The End

Everyone agrees that OP is the jerk in this story. They think he could have trained the dog better, it wasn't an emergency, and he could find smarter ways to secure it inside the premises.

“Your carelessness will cause your dog to run away. It's selfish to expect your pregnant fiancée to check on your dog at least once a week because you're too lazy to actually take care of it. Do not leave it unattended. You already know what will happen if you leave her alone, so please stop,” u/tribbles commented, sharing the sentiment of nearly everyone else.

One asked, “If you can't take care of a dog, how are you going to take care of a baby?” That's a bone-chilling question OP needs to ponder.

I really think he was wrong for acting the way that he did. Even though he apologized, his fiancée has a right to stay mad for feeling how he made her feel. Hearing her partner, the person she probably loves the most, call her the B word is something that wouldn't be easy to forgive.

If you were in her shoes, would you easily forget it? And what if you were OP, what would you do better?

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