16 Awesome Manhwa Similar To Solo Leveling

If you're craving for a manhwa that'll have you at the edge of your seat, just like Solo Leveling did, then look no further! We've rounded up the top manhwa similar to Solo Leveling in terms of their action, storytelling, and captivating characters.

As a huge fan of the genre myself, I know how thrilling it can be to find a manhwa that truly captures your attention and immerses you in its world. That's why I've put together this list of manhwa that I personally recommend to anyone who loved Solo Leveling and is looking for more of the same.

So if you're ready to dive into a world of adventure, danger, and excitement with an overpowered main character, then Let's begin!

Best Manhwa Similar To Solo Leveling

Our team searched across the fandom, Reddit, and internet to bring you the best manhwa similar to Solo Leveling that deliver the same heart-pumping action and captivating characters.

We carefully considered each series based on their world building, plot progression, and main character traits to provide a similar experience to Solo Leveling.

Without further ado, Let's get started!

16. Tales Of Demons And Gods

Tales Of Demons And Gods manwha
Total ChaptersStatusSimilarityRating
420+ ChaptersOngoing8/108/10

In his previous life, Nie Li, the main character, was a formidable Demon Spiritist who stood at the peak of the martial arts realm.

Tragically, he lost his life battling against the formidable Sage Emperor and the fearsome six-beast deity. But his soul was reborn at 13, the weakest in his class with only Red soul realm talent.

Due to his vast knowledge from his past life, Nie Li has the ability to train at a faster pace than anyone else. What's his objective? To defend the city against beast attacks and eliminate the Sacred family who betrayed it in the past.

So, if you are looking for a manhwa similar to solo leveling? Look no further than Tales Of Demons And Gods.

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15. Survival Story Of The Sword King

manhwa similar to solo leveling, manhwa like solo leveling
Total ChaptersStatusSimilarityRating
160+ ChaptersOngoing7/107.5/10

Aeric Ryu Han-Bin is just your average person who recently completed his mandatory military service. But his life takes an unexpected turn when he finds himself transported to a desolate world filled with monsters and no way of getting back home.

Left to fend for himself, his sole goal is to survive and grow stronger. Unfortunately, the “Guideline” he's been given to survive is filled with errors. Will he have the ability to survive in this world? Only time will tell.

14. Ranker Who Lives A Second Time

Ranker Who Lives A Second Time manhwa
Total ChaptersStatusSimilarityRating
150+ ChaptersOngoing7.1/108.5/10

Yeon-woo is the main protagonist of the story “Ranker Who Lives A Second Time“. He stumbles upon a pocket watch that holds his twin brother's diary, which leads him on a mysterious and thrilling adventure.

The diary reveals his brother's life in the Obelisk, a dangerous world where several universes and dimensions intersect. Yeon-woo learns that his brother had been betrayed while climbing the tower, which motivates him to follow in his brother's footsteps and seek vengeance.

Armed with his brother's diary and determination, Yeon-woo embarks on his own journey to climb the tower and uncover the truth behind his brother's betrayal.

13. Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint
Total ChaptersStatusSimilarityRating
155+ ChaptersOngoing7.5/108/10

Kim Dokja is a solitary person who spends most of his time reading web novels. His favourite, Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse (TWSA), has been ongoing for over a decade.

The story revolves around people who are forced to act out various narratives for the amusement of god-like “Constellations.” After 3,149 chapters, Dokja accepts that the story has come to an end. But before he can close the book, he receives a mysterious message from the author.

Suddenly, his surroundings go dark and fiction becomes reality. Dokja finds that he is the sole omniscient reader of future events, allowing him to finally play the protagonist role that never fit him.

12. Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Hardcore Leveling Warrior
Total ChaptersStatusSimilarityRating
240+ ChaptersOngoing7/107.5/10

Ethan is #1 in Lucid Adventure, the world's biggest game, until he's inexplicably sent back to level 1. He will stop at nothing to regain his place on top, facing new friends, old foes, mysterious forces, and his own dark past along the way.

If you're a fan of manhwa similar to Solo Leveling, then you shouldn't miss out on this awesome and entertaining manhwa with leveling system. It's a definite must-read for anyone who loves the genre.

11. Dungeon Reset

Dungeon Reset manga like solo leveling
Total ChaptersStatusSimilarityRating
155+ ChaptersOngoing7.8/108/10

Dawoon's life takes an unexpected turn when he is summoned into the Dungeon. As a mere crafter with zero combat abilities, he struggles to survive. However, after stumbling into a trap and surviving a glitched reset, Dawoon learns strange but useful skills.

He must use his newfound abilities to clear the game and return home, accompanied by a bloodthirsty assistant and an adorable ground squirrel.

With the rules no longer applying to him, there are endless possibilities in the tunnels below.

10. Eleceed

manhwa with leveling system. Eleceed manhwa
Total ChaptersStatusSimilarityRating
250+ ChaptersOngoing7.1/108.5/10

Jiwoo, the protagonist of Eleceed, is a young man with lightning quick reflexes and a kind heart. He stumbles upon Kayden, a secret agent stuck in the body of a fat old fluffy cat. Together, they work to fight evil forces, using Kayden's spy skills and Jiwoo's enhanced physical abilities.

But to succeed, they must learn to work together and overcome their differences. This thrilling manga will keep you on the edge of your seat as Jiwoo and Kayden tackle the impossible.

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9. Auto Hunting

Auto Hunting manhwa
Total ChaptersStatusSimilarityRating
90+ ChaptersOngoing7/107.4/10

Oh Yunsung, never imagined he would become a hunter in the world of Auto Hunting, where monsters attack civilization through fractures. One day, while working in his meat restaurant, he discovers that by pushing a button, he can automatically hunt monsters with incredible skill and strength.

Now he's thrust into a dangerous new world where every corner could bring new peril. Despite never seeking the prestigious job of a hunter, he finds himself in the role, fighting to protect humanity.

8. Descent Of The Demon Master

Manhwa like Solo Leveling with OP MC
16 Awesome Manhwa Similar To Solo Leveling 18
Total ChaptersStatusSimilarityRating
140+ ChaptersOngoing8/107.7/10

Jinho Kang was an average teenager until a tragic accident took away his family and ability to walk. Reincarnated in medieval China, he becomes the Crimson Emperor, a powerful demon master.

When his life is cut short, he wakes up back in his previous life with his powers intact. All he wants is a normal life, but monsters exist in the modern world, and only he can stop them.

Descent Of The Demon Master is a thrilling manga that showcases an overpowered protagonist on a mission to protect his loved ones.

7. Unholy Blood

 Unholy Blood manhwa
Total ChaptersStatusSimilarityRating
12 ChaptersCompleted6/107/10

Park Hayan longs for a normal life, but with the rise of vampire attacks over the past decade, her hopes are dwindling. These bloodthirsty creatures are virtually identical to humans, making it impossible to distinguish friend from foe. As the terror spreads, Hayan fears that her world is on the brink of collapse.

After a tragic accident, she decides to confront her past and partners up with Euntae Hwang, a member of the police force.

Their plan to eradicate every vampire begins with Hayan and Euntae, as they join forces to hunt down these bloodthirsty beings in White Blood.

6. Return of the 8th Class Magician

manhwa with op mc and leveling system
Total ChaptersStatusSimilarityRating
81 ChaptersCompleted7/108.5/10

Reiji, the protagonist of “Return of the 8th Class Magician,” desires to go back to his hometown and lead a tranquil life. However, the Emperor, Ragnar, sees Reiji as a threat, stating, “You are a great 8th class magician who is able to overthrow me and the empire at any time.”

Ragnar stabs Reiji's heart with a dagger that has time magic applied to it. Despite this setback, Reiji seeks redemption, declaring, “The redemption I want is to put everything back to its place.”

5. Legend Of The Northern Blade

Legend Of The Northern Blade manhwa
Total ChaptersStatusSimilarityRating
155+ ChaptersOngoing7.5/108/10

As the son of the fourth-generation Northern Heavenly Sect leader, Moowon bears the immense burden of his father's ultimate sacrifice. The group that was committed to safeguarding the planet from the wicked Silent Night has now disbanded, leaving Moowon to carry the mantle all by himself to uphold his family's heritage.

Moowon has the opportunity to escape to the mountains during the Silent Night attack after living a dull life.

He undergoes intensive training to become proficient in the fighting styles passed down by his predecessors. When Moowon's beloved family member vanishes without explanation, he goes back to the mainland with a mission: to avenge his father's death and defeat the villains who caused chaos in the world.

4. Weak Hero

Weak Hero manhwa
Total ChaptersStatusSimilarityRating
245+ ChaptersOngoing8/108/10

Gray Yeon, a scrawny freshman who stands no taller than 157 cm, decides to take a stand against a bully twice his size, changing the culture at Eunjang High School.

With a display of immense courage, Gray overpowers the bully and gains the admiration of his fellow students.

As a result of this feat, Gray is given the nickname “Eunjang's White Mamba.” But, Gray doesn't stop there.

He fights against larger and stronger bullies from other high schools in the town, using his resourcefulness and unique insight to make sure that the same thing doesn't happen again.

3. God Of Blackfield

God Of Blackfield manhwa
Total ChaptersStatusSimilarityRating
150+ ChaptersOngoing7/108.5/10

The main protagonist of the series, Kang Chan, was once a ruthless warrior known for his deadly prowess in battle, leaving nothing but destruction and death in his wake. But his life was suddenly cut short when he got killed in the midst of a chaotic battle.

He was given a second chance at life three years later, only to be reincarnated as a weak and powerless high schooler, forced to face an entirely new set of challenges such as bullies, corrupt business dealings, and even girls.

Will he be able to exact his revenge and reclaim his former glory, or will the high school battlefield prove to be his toughest opponent yet? You should read God Of Blackfield, if you are looking for manhwa similar to Solo Leveling with OP MC.

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2. The Breaker

Manhwa similar to solo leveling with op mc
Total ChaptersStatusSimilarityRating
72 ChaptersCompleted7/109/10

Meet Chun-Woo, the unconventional English teacher who is about to shake things up.

One day, while in class, Shioon witnesses Chun-Woo's impressive fighting skills and begs him to become his disciple.

Chun-Woo agrees to teach him, but only if he is determined and willing to put his life on the line. As it turns out, Chun-Woo's powers and background are much more than meets the eye.

Shioon's great entrance into the Murim, the hidden martial arts world, will teach him the best.

1. The Beginning After The End

manhwa similar to solo leveling, manhwa like solo leveling
Total ChaptersStatusSimilarityRating
175+ ChaptersOngoing8/109.5/10

King Grey, the main character of the series, is a powerful leader who is exceptionally strong, wealthy, and respected in a universe where martial skill is the most important quality. Despite his incredible power, King Grey is lonely and yearns for more in life.

However, his wishes are granted when he is suddenly reincarnated into a new world filled with magic and monsters. King Grey must now correct the mistakes of his past and use his power to protect the peace and prosperity of this new world.

Will he be able to succeed in his mission and find the true meaning of happiness? Here's a official manhwa trailer that you can watch:

To Wrap Things Up

That's all!

I hope our list helps you find your next thrilling adventure manhwa similar to Solo Leveling.

Our team worked tirelessly to select only the best of the best, taking into account everything from world-building, storyline, plot progression to character development. We're confident that these manhwa will provide you with countless hours of entertainment and leave you on the edge of your seat.

We welcome and value any suggestions and feedback. Please feel free to share your recommendations for manhwa like Solo Leveling in the comment section below. We're eager to hear about your favorites! Thanks for reading.