Man’s Genius Fuel Injection Cleaner Hack Will Boost Gas Milage

Gas prices are so outrageous that any tip or hack car enthusiasts conjure up is instantly a hot commodity. But here’s the thing with hacks – not all of them work. But when they do, they’re a joy to behold.

The latest hack going around social media involves using fuel injection cleaner to maximize engine performance, which will increase a vehicle’s gas mileage. But is this hack too good to be true? Can fuel injection cleaners improve engine performance and save people money at the pump?

Why Do Fuel Injectors Matter?

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Proper cleaning is an integral aspect of car maintenance. It applies just as much to a car’s engine as the exterior paint job or the interior upholstery. When it comes to an engine’s fuel injectors, a good cleaning is just as important. Over time, carbon deposits can clog the injectors, prohibiting optimal vehicle performance and can potentially cause engine failure.

Beyond increasing gas milage – keeping the fuel injectors clean is essential to keeping any car in good working condition. Thankfully, one car enthusiast on social media is sharing a genius hack for using fuel injector cleaner for engine cleaning and increasing fuel efficiency. The best part is that this hack is as easy as filling a car up with gas. 

Which Fuel Injection Cleaners To Use?

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There are a variety of fuel injection cleaners available. Which one someone decides to use depends on a combination of what additives and solvents are in the cleaner and what type of fuel system a car has. For example, gas-formulated products do not belong in diesel systems, and diesel products do not belong in gas-formulated systems. If this happens, the car’s fuel system needs draining to prevent damage.

Refrain from mixing up gas and diesel products. It’s best to carefully read the ingredients list of any product before putting it into a vehicle. As an example, products containing corrosive agents can damage some fuel tank pumps. Taking care of a car is like being a good student – do the homework to earn good grades – read ingredient lists and the car’s ownership manual, and it will run smoothly.

Best Way To Use It.

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Using fuel injection cleaner every 1,500 to 5,000 miles is recommended. Adding fuel injection cleaner before filling a tank with gas is recommended for best results. The cleaner is more potent when mixed with gas.

Waiting 20 minutes for the gas and cleaner to mix before driving is also recommended. Regarding hacks, what the man in this TikTok video demonstrated is spot on. 

Source: GymWratGarage on TiKTok