Marjorie Taylor Greene Wildly Claims $5.1 Billion Went to One School for CRT Education

Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is reportedly positioning herself as Trump's potential Vice Presidential running mate, has found herself in hot water after her latest comments were broadcast across social media.

During a House committee meeting, Greene proclaimed that a single elementary school in Illinois recently received $5.1 billion that was earmarked for critical race theory education. Greene proceeded to describe CRT as, “a racist curriculum used to teach children that somehow their white skin is not equal to black skin and other things.”

Many believe that Greene simply misspoke when she referenced the exact dollar amount and therefore shouldn't be ostracized. Others maintain that she is intentionally giving false information to Congress.

Nevertheless, a politically-charged firestorm has erupted on Twitter, where Greene supporters are in the minority and many have been using this opportunity to attack the Congresswoman.

Greene's Statement Enrages Some Users

Many across Twitter were quick to point out the total inaccuracy of Greene's comments, like user krassenstein does with his “these people are nuts” tweet, a direct reference to Greene and her allies in Congress:

Greene's comments were so inaccurate that it caused this particular user to erupt in a rage while declaring “she is race baiting and lying.”

Other Users Saw the Opportunity for Comedy

Whenever a Congressperson either misspeaks or outright lies — and it remains to be seen if Greene's comments were a simple slip of the tongue — it brings users together across social media for some timely jokes. Twitter user SoggyBottomSoy adds to the discourse with a fun thought experiment about the teachers of the elementary school:

This user is wondering if the elementary school managed to upgrade their public transportation system due to their unexpected influx of cash:

Other users, like nbullsa, reacted in a very tongue-in-cheek manner, jokingly asking for the name of the school that allegedly received $5.1 billion – so they can send their children there:

Responding to an initial tweet criticizing Marjorie Taylor Greene's intelligence, this Twitter user called out her alleged gaffe while proclaiming she shouldn't be representing any Americans whatsoever:

Some Users Simply Feel Bad for Greene

Not every social media user has felt the need to badmouth Greene or make jokes at the Congresswoman's expense. Twitter user tbarnes5511 has gone on the record by saying that Greene is “too stupid to even insult.” Whether or not the user has realized that his comment is actually an insult is unknown:

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