Marjorie Taylor Green Elected to Homeland Security Committee, Former Vice Chair “Horrified”

For the first time since she was removed from all of her committee assignments in 2021, Marjorie Taylor Greene has been voted to a U.S. House of Representatives committee on Tuesday afternoon.

As a result of a unanimous vote by her GOP colleagues, Greene has been assigned to the Homeland Security Committee, which has caused many users across social media to flock to Twitter to express their reactions. Greene, an ally of former President Trump, has come under fire by Democrats by allegedly supporting QAnon, 9/11 hoax theories, and other ideals.

Of course, whenever politics trend – especially when it involves big names like Green – Twitter is quick to react and offer their collective opinions.

Some users – like the ex-Vice Chair of the Homeland Security Committee – appear to be horrified over the news, and point to many allegations against Marjorie Taylor Greene as reasons why they feel this way:

Many users are excited about the Congresswoman's committee assignment, seeing this development as an opportunity to close the border:

This Twitter is encouraging everybody ready to draw their own conclusions on how they feel about Marjorie Taylor Greene being assigned to the Homeland Security Committee:

User NoLieWithBTC says that the GOP has learned “absolutely nothing from the midterm elections,” citing the unanimous vote results:

Marjorie Taylor Greene herself outlines her goals for herself in 2023 and beyond with this particular tweet earlier today:

This Twitter user says this is one of many reasons why House Republicans should be regarded as “extreme” by the American public:

The decision to appoint Marjorie Taylor Green to this particular committee is head-scratching, as this Twitter user explains:

Thankfully, there were some Twitter users who managed to find humor in the news. RexHuppke took the opportunity to make a well-timed joke:

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