Max Tops Survey List as Streamer with the Most Overall Satisfaction


Warner Bros. Discovery's Max streaming service rated highest in overall customer satisfaction according to Whip Media’s 2023 Streaming Satisfaction Report. Max, previously known as HBO Max, also topped the 2022 Streaming Satisfaction Report.

Variety reports that even though Max topped the Whip Media survey two years in a row, Max dropped from 94% in 2022 to 88% in 2023. Hulu came in second place on the 2023 survey, followed by Disney+. According to Variety, “Netflix, which ranked second overall in 2021 on Whip Media’s survey, dropped to fourth place in 2022 — and this year, it continued to fall in overall satisfaction, ranking in sixth place in 2023. While Netflix ranks first for both user experience and suggesting programming to subscribers, it comes in dead last in perceived value. Netflix remains the most indispensable service (the percentage of respondents saying they would keep the service if they could only have one subscription) but by an increasingly thinner margin. In 2023, 27% picked Netflix as the one service they would keep, compared with 41% in 2021.”

Users Are Most Satisfied with Max Even Though the Streaming Service Cancels More Shows Than Any Other

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Launched as HBO Max in 2020, Max is owned by Warner Bros. Discovery and known for original, now-canceled series such as Raised by Wolves, Gossip Girl, Love Life, and Minx. Current Max series renewed by the streamer include And Just Like That… (pictured, top) and Peacemaker (pictured, above). 

According to Variety, the companies Variety Intelligence Platform (VIP+) and Luminate collaborated on an extensive report titled “The Show Must Go Off” to determine which linear or streaming programmer canceled the most series. The report covers all canceled shows between 2020 and August 8, 2023. The data shows that the major streamers (Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Max, Apple TV+, Peacock, and Paramount+) have a combined cancellation rate of 12.2%, while linear TV ranks 10.8%. However, the cancellation rate for Max is 26.9%–higher than cable, broadcast, or any other streamer.

Max purged a considerable amount of content — including HBO shows such as Westworld — since Warner Bros. and Discovery merged in 2022. WBD CEO David Zaslav canceled expensive series such as Westworld to reduce the company's sizable debt.

Variety reports additional findings in Whip Media's 2023 Streaming Satisfaction Report:

  • Max also leads in satisfaction among subscription-streaming services for the quality of original content, variety of original content, and the perceived value of the service.
  • Prime Video and Hulu are tied at 88% as the services respondents ranked most likely to keep.
  • Peacock and Apple TV+ lead the largest year-over-year gains in platform value, each gaining five points.
  • Paramount+’s film offering particularly resonated with subscribers concerning both the quality and variety of movies, which increased nine points and six points, respectively.
  • Overall, AppleTV+ and Peacock saw gains year-over-year in every survey category, including satisfaction, quality, and variety of original series, quality and variety of library, quality and variety of movies, user experience, program recommendations, platform value, likelihood to keep, and indispensability.

Author: Robert DeSalvo

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